Dear Friend,

You have been gifted the gift of God's Word. Available anywhere, anytime, no matter what computer you are on.

The pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System (Cloud Edition)

It is now your's today to make the most out. No installation. No configuration. No Strings. No excuses.

You've been looking for spiritual answers, here's a place to explore them on your own or with others at your own pace.

The pBiblx2 Cloud Desktop - An outstanding study suite with nearly 160 international translations, reference overlays, maps, audio, search filters, indexes, topical tags, and a integrated note taking wiki.

Bible By Storyline - Your favorite Bible stories indexed and easy to find.

MyApps - Automated devotionals calendars journals rssfeeds and more.

Books of the Bible - The books of the bible with introductory notes and pictures.

Thompson's Chain Reference - A classic topical study aid, indexed.

Torrey's Topical Textbook - An excellent topical study resource linked.

The Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge - A bible in itself with numerous cross references linked in each verse.

Naves Topical Bible - Thousands of Topics with each reference linked.

Strong's Greek Hebrew Lexicon - Greek and Hebrew word meanings with linked references.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - A long trusted bible dictionary like no other.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Bible names by their meanings

pBiblx2 Home Page - The Home page of our pBiblx2 and ShepherdPupLinux community.

pBiblx2 Home Index - A guided tour of finding your way through the many pBiblx2 resources.

Real Life Real People Real God testimonies - A communal wiki of testimonies and contributing user profiles.

Practical Christian Application and Resource - A communal wiki exploring ways daily to practice and apply our faith.

pBiblx2 My Pad - A personal note and jot taking wiki integrated with all Pbiblx2 resources.

pBiblx2 Bible Notes - A communal note taking wiki with topical discussion boards. Book studies, chapter studies, topical, doctrinal etc... you name it, it is happening here.

pBiblx2 Help - Numerous pBiblx2 Help files including help evangelizing to others using pBiblx2

Random Screen Presentations - Every 30 seconds a new slide. Makes a great desktop companion.

Quote of the Day Another great desktop companion (even at work).

Christian Web links - A myriad of other Christian links, radio, news, pod-casts, art, directories... it goes on and on.

With hundreds of additional study aids on board... What better reason would you need just to dig into the treasures of God's Word today!