ShepherPupLinux - Field Wise Bible Edition

ShepherdPupLinux - Field Wise Bible Edition

I. ShepherdPup Linux

07/24/2011 - Current ShepherdPupLinux with the pBiblx2.0.7 update, new themes new functionality.

See PbiblxRecentFeatures for latest features and bug fixes.

shepherdpup-07-24-2011.isoBeta - Current 138meg ShepherdPup built on Wary Pup 5.1.2md5sum

II. Field Wise System

12/17/2013 - Next stable upgrade 2.0.11b BAREBONES is available for final testing.

pbiblx2bare12172013.tar.gzLatest upgrade (2.0.7) CGI pacakage including PCARR resources.
pbiblx-admin_01-12-11.tar.gz (soon to be updated)Current GTKDialog graphical admin tool. to be updated)ShepherdPup startup and JWM desktop mods.

Read generic linux tar.gz install instructions here!


III. Misc


An effort is being made not only to document pBiblx2 features but provide inspiration for public usage.

Some of this effort is being done via the PCARR Wiki-Help, you are encouraged to help write content.

There is also a supplimental effort focusing on pBiblx2 in combination with other system building blocks to produce custom tailored apps. The first in this series is in regard to public projection (lyrics/verses/etc..). This supplimental manual is a work in progress and is available either as NoteCase .ncd or resultant html.

Bible Translations:

Puppy Linux users and most Linux Users can use the gtkdialog 'pBiblx2 Admin' from the menu or CGI directory for greater ease. This GUI will display and download translations and even update the resource lists for you automatically!

For other users, you'll have to hand code the entries in ./pbiblx-forms/*.lists or the shell script ./pbiblx-forms/ once you've downloaded a tar.gz translation (For Now).

Here is the current translation download list: Other Translations

pBiblx2 Indexes:

User contributed Indexes

06/20/2010 End Time Bible Prophecy ENDTIMEPROPHECY.txt

06/12/2010 Topical Bible Law adapted from sources at - BIBLELAWTOPICAL.txt

CSS2 Themes:

06/07/2010 New Theme (brighter - developed on my Pupee NetBook for powersave mode) - MaroonBlueWhite.tar.gz

Older Shep/pBiblx Versions: