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Ideas about using pBiblx2 for evangelism. Brainstorm possible uses to see if further enhancements are possible.

Anybody can hand out a CD or business card, most people will except, very few will inquire latter.
The trick is to engage, to use one simple non-threatening expression to lead to another, to build upon the previous.
Jesus said that we'd be known by our love one to another... try then to exhibit and promote just that!
1. Using pBiblx as a possible vehicle of introduction by handing out the CD or server Link:
    Tie to a fellowship effort - private, house, study or campus group
  • post schedules, outreach projects, future outlines and previous notes online
  • when inviting acquaintances to fellowship point to server link via card or sticky note

    Promote/follow up open air evangelical event
  • hand out cards tracts posters with server link or CD in advance.
  • greet beforehand saying 'having public talk' if interested/no time here's info and a web site if curious.
  • follow up event with a similar public offering

    Campus group server
  • localize, issue and event driven
  • enlist content contributors
  • pass out cards in dorms, posters on bulletins, CD's in commons

    Convention, bazaar/flea markets, campus commons, business counter top
  • Use CD or Web address as give away.
  • provide terminals others can experiment with, draw out conversation
  • overhead presentations

  • Hotel or library kiosk - leave Website in browser.
  • Leave CD's or cards close by

2. Using pBiblx as a possible vehicle of follow up by handing out the CD or server Link:
    Alter Calls
  • Present CD or card as personal gift and Church's pBiblx2 server address link in starter packet.
  • Use specific pBiblx2 verse or topic links as footer in emails.

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