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strkjv@John:18:28 @ Then led they Jesus from Caiaphas unto the hall of judgment: and it was early; and they themselves went not into the judgment hall, lest they should be defiled; but that they might eat the passover.

strkjv@John:18:28 @ 1 led strkjv@Matthew:27:1-2-10; strkjv@Mark:15:1-5; strkjv@Luke:23:1-5; strkjv@Acts:3:13

strkjv@John:18:28 @ 2 unto strkjv@John:18:33; strkjv@John:19:9; strkjv@Matthew:27:27; strkjv@Mark:15:16

strkjv@John:18:28 @ 3 early strkjv@Proverbs:1:16; strkjv@Proverbs:4:16; strkjv@Micah:2:1; strkjv@Luke:22:66

strkjv@John:18:28 @ 4 and they strkjv@Psalms:35:16; strkjv@Isaiah:1:10-15; strkjv@Jeremiah:7:8-11; strkjv@Amos:5:21-23; strkjv@Micah:3:10-12; strkjv@Matthew:23:23-28; strkjv@Matthew:27:6; strkjv@Acts:10:28; strkjv@Acts:11:3

strkjv@John:18:28 @ 5 eat strkjv@John:18:39; strkjv@John:19:14; strkjv@Deuteronomy:16:2; strkjv@2Chronicles:30:21-24; strkjv@2Chronicles:35:8-14 strkjv@2Chronicles:35:17-18 strkjv@Ezekiel:45:21

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