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nkjv@Exodus:21:7 @ "And if a man sells his daughter to be a female slave, she shall not go out as the male slaves do.

nkjv@Exodus:21:8 @ If she does not please her master, who has betrothed her to himself, then he shall let her be redeemed. He shall have no right to sell her to a foreign people, since he has dealt deceitfully with her.

nkjv@Exodus:21:9 @ And if he has betrothed her to his son, he shall deal with her according to the custom of daughters.

nkjv@Exodus:21:10 @ If he takes another wife, he shall not diminish her food, her clothing, and her marriage rights.

nkjv@Exodus:21:11 @ And if he does not do these three for her, then she shall go out free, without paying money.

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