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strkjv@1John:2:16 @ For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

strkjv@1John:2:16 @ 1 the lust of the flesh strkjv@Numbers:11:4 strkjv@Numbers:11:34 strkjv@Psalms:78:18 strkjv@Psalms:78:30 strkjv@Proverbs:6:25; strkjv@Matthew:5:28; strkjv@Romans:13:14; strkjv@1Corinthians:10:6; strkjv@Galatians:5:17 strkjv@Galatians:5:24 strkjv@Ephesians:2:3; strkjv@Titus:2:12; strkjv@Titus:3:3; strkjv@1Peter:1:14; strkjv@1Peter:2:11; strkjv@1Peter:4:2-3; strkjv@1Peter:4:2-3; strkjv@2Peter:2:10 strkjv@2Peter:2:18 ju strkjv@Deuteronomy:1:16-18

strkjv@1John:2:16 @ 2 and the lust strkjv@Genesis:3:6; strkjv@Genesis:6:2; strkjv@Joshua:7:21; strkjv@Job:31:1; strkjv@Psalms:119:36-37; strkjv@Ecclesiastes:5:10-11; strkjv@Matthew:4:8; strkjv@Luke:4:5

strkjv@1John:2:16 @ 3 and the pride strkjv@Esther:1:3-7; strkjv@Psalms:73:6; strkjv@Daniel:4:30; strkjv@Revelation:18:11-17

strkjv@1John:2:16 @ 4 is not strkjv@James:3:15

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