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strkjv@2Chronicles:18:21 @ And he said, I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the LORD said, Thou shalt entice him, and thou shalt also prevail: go out, and do even so.

strkjv@2Chronicles:18:21 @ 1 a lying spirit strkjv@2Chronicles:18:22; strkjv@Genesis:3:4-5; strkjv@1Kings:22:21-22; strkjv@John:8:44; strkjv@1John:4:6; strkjv@Revelation:12:9; strkjv@Revelation:13:14; strkjv@Revelation:20:8

strkjv@2Chronicles:18:21 @ 2 Thou shalt strkjv@2Chronicles:18:19; strkjv@Judges:9:23; strkjv@Job:1:12; strkjv@Job:2:6; strkjv@Psalms:109:17

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