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strkjv@Mark:15:21 @ And they compel one Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to bear his cross.

strkjv@Mark:15:21 @ 1 they compel strkjv@Matthew:27:32; strkjv@Luke:23:26

strkjv@Mark:15:21 @ 2 a Cyrenian strkjv@Acts:2:10; strkjv@Acts:6:9; strkjv@Acts:11:20; strkjv@Acts:13:1

strkjv@Mark:15:21 @ 3 and Rufus strkjv@Romans:16:13

strkjv@Mark:15:21 @ 4 to bear strkjv@Luke:14:27; strkjv@John:15:18-20

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