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strkjv@Acts:2:22 @ Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:

strkjv@Acts:2:22 @ 1 men strkjv@Acts:3:12; strkjv@Acts:5:35; strkjv@Acts:13:16; strkjv@Acts:21:28; strkjv@Isaiah:41:14

strkjv@Acts:2:22 @ 2 Jesus strkjv@Acts:4:10; strkjv@Acts:6:14; strkjv@Acts:22:8; strkjv@Acts:24:5; strkjv@Acts:26:9; strkjv@Matthew:2:23; strkjv@John:1:45; strkjv@John:19:19

strkjv@Acts:2:22 @ 3 a man strkjv@Acts:10:37; strkjv@Acts:26:26; strkjv@Matthew:11:2-6; strkjv@Luke:7:20-23; strkjv@Luke:24:18; strkjv@John:3:2; strkjv@John:5:36; strkjv@John:6:14 strkjv@John:6:27 strkjv@John:7:31; strkjv@John:10:37; strkjv@John:11:47; strkjv@John:12:17; strkjv@John:14:10-11; strkjv@John:15:24; strkjv@Hebrews:2:4

strkjv@Acts:2:22 @ 4 which strkjv@Acts:14:27; strkjv@Matthew:9:8; strkjv@Matthew:12:28; strkjv@Luke:11:20; strkjv@John:5:17-20; strkjv@John:9:33; strkjv@John:11:40-42; strkjv@John:14:10-11

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