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strkjv@Deuteronomy:10:5 @ And I turned myself and came down from the mount, and put the tables in the ark which I had made; and there they be, as the LORD commanded me.

strkjv@Deuteronomy:10:5 @ 1 I turned strkjv@Deuteronomy:9:15; strkjv@Exodus:32:15; strkjv@Exodus:34:29

strkjv@Deuteronomy:10:5 @ 2 put the strkjv@Deuteronomy:10:2; strkjv@Exodus:25:16; strkjv@Exodus:40:20

strkjv@Deuteronomy:10:5 @ 3 there they strkjv@Joshua:4:9; strkjv@1Kings:8:8-9

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