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strkjv@Isaiah:27:10 @ Yet the defenced city shall be desolate, and the habitation forsaken, and left like a wilderness: there shall the calf feed, and there shall he lie down, and consume the branches thereof.

strkjv@Isaiah:27:10 @ 1 the defenced strkjv@Isaiah:5:9-10; strkjv@Isaiah:6:11-12; strkjv@Isaiah:17:9; strkjv@Isaiah:25:2; strkjv@Isaiah:64:10; strkjv@Jeremiah:26:6 strkjv@Jeremiah:26:18 strkjv@Lamentations:1:4; strkjv@Lamentations:2:5-9; strkjv@Lamentations:5:18; strkjv@Ezekiel:36:4; strkjv@Micah:3:12; strkjv@Luke:19:43-44; strkjv@Luke:21:20-24

strkjv@Isaiah:27:10 @ 2 there shall the strkjv@Isaiah:7:25; strkjv@Isaiah:17:2; strkjv@Isaiah:32:13-14

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