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strkjv@2Chronicles:30:16 @ And they stood in their place after their manner, according to the law of Moses the man of God: the priests sprinkled the blood, which they received of the hand of the Levites.

strkjv@2Chronicles:30:16 @ 1 they stood strkjv@1:35:10 strkjv@2Chronicles:35:15

strkjv@2Chronicles:30:16 @ 2 after their manner strkjv@2Kings:11:14

strkjv@2Chronicles:30:16 @ 3 Moses strkjv@Deuteronomy:33:1

strkjv@2Chronicles:30:16 @ 4 the priests strkjv@2Chronicles:35:10-11; strkjv@Leviticus:1:5; strkjv@Hebrews:11:28

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