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strkjv@Isaiah:43:4 @ Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life.

strkjv@Isaiah:43:4 @ 1 precious strkjv@Exodus:19:5-6; strkjv@Deuteronomy:7:6-8; strkjv@Deuteronomy:14:2; strkjv@Deuteronomy:26:18; strkjv@Deuteronomy:32:9-14; strkjv@Psalms:135:4; strkjv@Malachi:3:17; strkjv@Titus:2:14; strkjv@1Peter:2:9

strkjv@Isaiah:43:4 @ 2 thou hast been strkjv@Genesis:12:2; strkjv@Psalms:112:9; strkjv@John:5:44; strkjv@1Peter:1:7

strkjv@Isaiah:43:4 @ 3 I Have strkjv@Jeremiah:31:3; strkjv@Hosea:11:1; strkjv@Malachi:1:2; strkjv@John:16:27; strkjv@John:17:23 strkjv@John:17:26 strkjv@Revelation:3:9

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