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strkjv@Numbers:36:13 @ These are the commandments and the judgments, which the LORD commanded by the hand of Moses unto the children of Israel in the plains of Moab by Jordan near Jericho.

strkjv@Numbers:36:13 @ 1 the commandments strkjv@Leviticus:7:37-38; strkjv@Leviticus:11:46; strkjv@Leviticus:13:59; strkjv@Leviticus:14:54-57; strkjv@Leviticus:15:32-33; strkjv@Leviticus:27:34

strkjv@Numbers:36:13 @ 2 in the plains of Moab strkjv@Numbers:26:3; strkjv@Numbers:33:50; strkjv@Numbers:35:1

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