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strkjv@Jeremiah:32:7 @ Behold, Hanameel the son of Shallum thine uncle shall come unto thee, saying, Buy thee my field that is in Anathoth: for the right of redemption is thine to buy it.

strkjv@Jeremiah:32:7 @ 1 Behold strkjv@1Kings:14:5; strkjv@Mark:11:2-6; strkjv@Mark:14:13-16

strkjv@Jeremiah:32:7 @ 2 Anathoth strkjv@Jeremiah:1:1; strkjv@Jeremiah:11:21; strkjv@Joshua:21:18-19

strkjv@Jeremiah:32:7 @ 3 for strkjv@1:25:23 strkjv@Leviticus:25:34,49; strkjv@Numbers:35:2; strkjv@Ruth:4:4-9

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