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kjv@Acts:22:25 @ And as they bound him with thongs, Paul said unto the centurion that stood by, Is it lawful for you to scourge a man that is a Roman, and uncondemned?

kjv@Acts:22:26 @ When the centurion heard that, he went and told the chief captain, saying, Take heed what thou doest: for this man is a Roman.

kjv@Acts:22:27 @ Then the chief captain came, and said unto him, Tell me, art thou a Roman? He said, Yea.

kjv@Acts:22:28 @ And the chief captain answered, With a great sum obtained I this freedom. And Paul said, But I was free born.

kjv@Acts:22:29 @ Then straightway they departed from him which should have examined him: and the chief captain also was afraid, after he knew that he was a Roman, and because he had bound him.

kjv@Acts:22:30 @ On the morrow, because he would have known the certainty wherefore he was accused of the Jews, he loosed him from his bands, and commanded the chief priests and all their council to appear, and brought Paul down, and set him before them.

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