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kjv@Matthew:1:1-17 @ @ RandyP comments: The bloodline of Jesus is of course important to scholars in confirming the qualifications of Jesus determined by existing prophecy. In the gospels we have two bloodlines written in case we were to misinterpret or loose the one. Both are valid to authenticate Jesus, Mary's perhaps slightly more as it is actual blood Jesus would have.

kjv@Matthew:1:1-17 @ @ RandyP comments: The human ancestry of Jesus is not as dry a reading as one might expect. It flies by in 16 quick verses, but, the personal histories of these individual lives cover an amazing 42 generations. You can imagine someone someday reading over your descendent's genealogy and skipping over your name as dry and inconsequential. What is important here is the lives, the lifetimes, passions and interests and occurrences, successes and set backs, wishes and desires, health and sickness, riches and poverty, sin and righteousness, freedom and captivity. Much like our lives, these people had the hope that despite everything that this life or at least the lives of our offspring was leading to something good. In these peoples case it lead from a promise to a patriarch to a fulfillment of that promise the living Messiah.

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