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August31 @ @ RandyP comments: mFaithOfJesus kjv@Luke:12:13-21 RICH TOWARD GOD - To be rich with God is advisable no matter one's situation. Both problems identified here began with a material abundance; a family inheritance and a bringing forth of plenty. Covetousness often denotes fraudulence. In the case of the younger brother he is legally allowed one third; Jesus is not going to be manipulated into crossing over the law. In the case of the hoarder we are left to assume that something about his plenty is at the expense of others or people in his hire. Being rich does not preclude the rich man from an eternal spiritual abundance, the method and mindset that he allows himself to become his pathway does. This notion we are all guilty of in various forms. The soul can easily become servant to the possessions (accumulation, storage, usage, security) and not God nor what God is trying to do toward our sanctification. kjv@Colossians:3:5 associates covetousness with a specific form of idolatry right along with some other destructive sins of desire. Prosperity is often tied culturally with a blessing from above, a sign that one is doing something right and rewarded. Prosperity is indeed from God, however, we observe in scripture that it can in some cases be at the expense any future reward in heaven when the heart becomes insulated by these things from God. What then is required of the soul? That should be the first and most obvious question. It is not covetousness to prepare for the future, it is covetous to put it between you and God, have it steal your/others relationship with Him today. It is not covetousness to store away for a rainy day, it is to have the notion consume everything you do and say. Healthier it is to say that whether in plenty or in little that each thing is God's, from Him and for His glory. Be faithful in the smaller things, He will trust you in larger things. Seek first His kingdom and righteousness and these things will be added. Lay not treasures for yourself here on earth where moth and rust destroys. That fact that Jesus tells us all to take heed is a sign of His hope. The faith of our Lord trusts that it is within our power by His light that we can take heed and beware to overcome this tendency within all of us. It is all in our relationship to Him.

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