Comments: devotion - Matthew:1:1-17

January1 @ @ RandyP comments: mFaithOfJesus geneva@Matthew:1:1-17 - 42 generations. A span of some 1950 years. Peoples lives and peoples future hope in God. It is a long time preparing mankind for the Savior's entry. There has been nearly a constant steady movement towards this moment when Son becomes incarnate flesh. Things are about to take a sudden turn. The taskmaster, the Law is about to be fulfilled and the Law of Grace about to superceed it. What do we find as the faith our Lord possesses in this geneology?. 1. His faith in the Father's plan, His judgment, His timing. 2. A faith in the Holy Spirit's abilities once the Son comes into this flesh and a faith in the same when He departs. 3. A faith in His own complete submission. 4. A faith backwards to include salvation to those this life has passed, a faith present into the salvation of those with whom He will be here with for 3+ years, a faith future toward the salvation of thise who will believe based on these present men's testimony. It is a large faith that we hope to look more deeply into as this journal continues.

January1 @ @ RandyP comments: mFaithOfJesus kjv@Matthew:1:1-17 - Our search begins today with the patience of God. You see the generations from Abraham whom the promise was made kjv@Genesis:12:2-3 to Mary's Joseph who received it? Further back even in kjv@Genesis:3:15 a prophecy is made that there will be a savior. In these names we likely see the impatience of man as well. It is a checkered path from there to here and here to where we are at largely because we see not the time span as God's patience but His absence. What could possibly be happening in the span that is worth the patience of either party? In the case of Israel it is the process of lifting them into the noticeable awareness and irritation of all the other nations. The establishment of Israel a nation that was not and the amplifying blessing/curse of the double measure was to make the peoples notice, the laws and sacred articles and Israel's continuous mishandling of them to prove to all their own sins, the up and down to show of God's mercy/longsuffering/righteousness. That now being irrefutably shown it was time for the promised one and here He is. We can look at the time from Jesus on as the time we have been aware of the time and process before yet remain of the mind that the length of delay equates to God's hiding or tolerance when in fact it equals opportunity for the last few to believe. In the times to come it will not be said by any that God did not give us the time, that He rushed, that He was impatient. It will be said what fools are we to think that God is anything other than righteous, that if He has given time than that time is for our soul's sake and for His name and plan's sake. we are told of the perfecting work of patience. It is time for that patience to work it's work on us. The faith of our Lord is in the totality of the time presented and the righteousness of the Father in allowing for it. He was there with HIM in before the beginning, He will be there with HIM beyond whatever end. Whatever time we have between that is a time of patiently keeping His commandment and faith; it having it's sanctifying way upon us.

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