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kjv@Deuteronomy:1-2 @ @ RandyP comments: Israel was not the first nor the last to go into another's land and possess it. Here we are re-familiarized with our old acquaintances the children of Esau and the children of Lot. Giants had been little problem for them.

kjv@Deuteronomy:1-2 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - A brief summary of the past forty years of Israel from God's perspective shows how different the reprobate mind see's things than from God. No doubt as they heard this rehash, they had concocted an entirely different storyline. The same would be true I'm sure in our modern lives as well.

kjv@Deuteronomy:3:11 @ @ RandyP comments: There seems to be quite an emphasis in the past couple chapters on giants being removed by the children of Esau and then children of Lot and now by children of Israel. God's hand is always at work in ways larger and all encompassing than we see from within our smaller circle of personal needs and situations.

kjv@Deuteronomy:3:24 @ @ RandyP comments: A view worth keeping placed in the center of our minds eye.

kjv@Deuteronomy:3-4 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - How easily Israel forgets the voice from the fire on the mount, the shapeless form, the cloud by day, the flame by night, the bringing out, the moving about, the enemies they had already miraculously defeated, things that they had all heard and seen and been apart of to focus strictly on themselves and their self serving gods. Self is often too strong for just reason.

kjv@Deuteronomy:8-9 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - If the forty wilderness years were designed to show and prove Israel's heart for God, what did it prove? Rebellious/Stiff-necked/Everyday. That it was not because of their righteousness, but because of God's promise. How differently they must have thought.

kjv@Deuteronomy:10:16 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - The heart here is pictured as having a foreskin needing to be circumcised. This appears then to be it's natural state. Circumcision appears to be the symbolic token of the covenant.

kjv@Deuteronomy:11-12 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - Two book ends, what is right in ones own eye, what is good and right in God's eye. Two people, the former being chased out because of their idolatry, a a rebellious/stiff-necked people who were not a people now partakers in a promise made long ago. All that they have to do is love and obey. Can they? Why?

kjv@Deuteronomy:13:3 @ @ RandyP comments: Loving the Lord God is described here as a singular devotion to one specific singular God. All paths do not lead to God, they lead to adulterated idolatry which the one God will in no way tolerate. This idolatry seems to be the norm and a nearly irresistible force that must be combated individually and collectively daily.

kjv@Deuteronomy:13 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - Many academics critics would see this as a harsh immoral passage. Muslims and others who see Judeo-Christian religions as soft and emasculated, say that this and other passages are where we've defiled God's name. Would God have said this to Israel had he not intended their compliance at that time? Having not followed through on this, history would record Israel as constantly being pulled away and apart just as promised. Our minds today still seek to rationalize this out. Tolerance versus its effect on the course of events, obedience and it's effect on public perception.

kjv@Deuteronomy:22 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - While these punishments for sexual immorality seem harsh, it should be noticed that never once were the punishments so harsh so as to to a stop to the sin. People will sin no matter the penalty.

kjv@Deuteronomy:21:9 @ @ RandyP comments: This is a concept not considered now days: the guilt of innocent blood and it's effect upon all the nation.

kjv@Deuteronomy:21:19 @ @ RandyP comments: Makes one wonder how many parents would actually follow through on this knowing the punishment. What level of rebellion would constitute this penalty.

kjv@kjv@Deuteronomy:24:1 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - Jesus would later declare that this divorce was given by Moses because of the hardness of our hearts. If this code than how many others for the same reason.

kjv@kjv@Deuteronomy:24:4 @ @ RandyP comments: Divorce - Taking her back to be his wife after she had divorced her most recent was not allowed.

kjv@kjv@Deuteronomy:24:4 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - Causing the land inherited to sin? The land has also been mentioned spewing the sinful canannites out.

kjv@kjv@Deuteronomy:25:2 @ @ RandyP comments: The judge could not just judge and then be gone, he had to remain to witness the punishment.

kjv@kjv@Deuteronomy:26 @ @ RandyP comments: Remnants of the greatness of Egypt are still visible and academically curious today. One must not lose sight however that for all her greatness as a world empire, she was built upon the backs and innocent blood of peoples in bondage to her, an odd greatness given to a certain few. In Israel, God sought a greater nation, a people keenly concerned about from where it came and who had delivered it out with a strong miraculous hand.

kjv@kjv@Deuteronomy:27 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - This section of "cursed be" makes it pretty clear the type of morality sought from Israel. The fact that they were so frequently cursed should show us the true nature of our reprobate mind, the nature to somehow justify and allow that which is clearly set out as sinful bringing about curse as if to tempt and test God's own patience and resolve.

kjv@kjv@Deuteronomy:28 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - The choice was theirs as a nation, blessing or curse, but, He knew the choice that was to be made beforehand; the answer here is always the same product of the reprobate mind, the mind will of course find a way to reduce and justify this to something other than what it is. It was clearly stated that they were to be an example to all the nations good or bad; so what would the national mind choose?

kjv@Deuteronomy:29-30 @ @ RandyP comments: Reprobate Mind - Two very clear cut choices given here. Every reason past present and future to choose the one, every blessing and reward. The difference between them are simply the choice of which God to serve. Which choice do you think that they collectively chose and why? Was it because this God is too hard? Unjust? unrewarding? unpredictable and rash?