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kjv@1Kings:5 @ @ RandyP comments: On thing to consider is the depth and width of the peace that existed for Israel at this time to conduct the building of the temple in this way. To commit this many men and resources to this one project that otherwise would be fighting wars or protecting borders. Compare this effort to the second temple in Ezra and Nehemiah time.

kjv@Ezra:1-2 @ @ RandyP comments: It is amazing that the God of much despised Judah Yahweh is recognized and honored by a foreign king like this at this time. The accounts of the prophet Daniel would have transpired by now.God has been working behind the scenes to make this happen. It is by God's promise, His mercy, His longsuffering, and for the sake of His name that we see this activity.

kjv@Ezra:3-4 @ @ RandyP comments: In the back of our minds, we want to think that is God is behind something we will know by how easy it goes. We stay in a job for instance because it is the path of least resistance. We ask for direction in prayer and then look for all the open doors and if there is no open door we assume that it is because God doesn't want us there. In this passage there was an open door, but don't expect that there will be no resistance; there will be much more resistance. What is being done is being done for God. He will make a way and He will make sure to teach us trust and obedience in the process.

kjv@Ezekiel:22:30 @ @ RandyP comments: God had His prophets at this time. He had also we find out searched for a leader to make up a hedge but found none. Later He would find Ezra and Nehemiah but, this may illustrate to us a important difference in temperance or skill set or anointing between a prophet and a leader, that it is rare for one man to be both. Moses and David both prophesied (mostly Messianic) though not in the sense of a Elijah or Issiah, Ezekiel or Jeremiah. I can not think of a prophet that was made to rule.

kjv@Daniel:9 @ @ RandyP comments: The math if we understand one day to be one year correctly is exact, 490 years from the year of this vision to Christ's baptism, 434 from Ezra's rebuilding of the temple. Christ the Messiah is in Jerusalem but is cut off (not for himself but for our sins) and then shortly (AD70) the city and temple are destroyed. There is an unrevealed number of years of desolation (current) followed by a confirmation (or tribulation) of seven years. I am told that many Jews of the time by this prophecy expected the Messiah on this same schedule and by some Jews expectation even today He is nearly 2000 years late. When the veil is lifted they will understand their confusion as to Jesus (1 Messiah appearing twice lamb and ruler instead of 2 at once).

kjv@Haggai:1 @ @ RandyP comments: The consideration of time frame is important dict:easton Haggai . The time is of Ezra and Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the Temple has stalled out two decades. The people have tried to resume their lives outside of captivity but it is as if despite their energetic effort things are falling short or they are loosing ground. The Lord has wanted to bless them but the His hand has been held back because of the lack of progress on the Temple project. What had been dedicated to the Temple is being used in their own roof tops. Spiritual matters should always come first and goods and time dedicated should remain clearly purposed. Without such perspective we can work twice as hard for half the return.