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kjv@Malachi:1:11 @ @ RandyP comments: The Lord's name is currently great amongst the Gentiles and growing. For the Jewish friends that don't believe in Christ Jesus, how else did you suppose God was going to do this?

kjv@Malachi:1 @ @ RandyP comments: After this many years and this much history, it can still come back to the Lords consideration of Jacob and Esau. Something about Esau He hated and his descendants alike. Jacob He loved even though it has been a constant struggle. The descendants argue with the Lord at almost every turn when He says that they are doing this or that. Then there are the gentiles who the Lord wants to look on Him honorably, but, the religious inconsistencies of His chosen alter that perception. If Esau be this way and Jacob be another why does the Lord even continue with them? I believe the answer would be the same no matter who He choose, it is a matter of the truest nature of sin, the spirit of man is at complete enmity with God in all cases. In fact, the best results obtainable may be from Jacob's seed. Remember that is not from these people that the Lord will be praised it is from the actions of Lord upon these people, His incarnation and redemptive plan. The gentiles may be the first to see and bring Him honor, but, the lines of the two brothers will someday wonder what it is that the gentiles see and begin to wonder and look into it themselves.

kjv@Malachi:1 @ @ RandyP comments: The love and hate of the Lord for the two brothers and their seed may have nothing to do with their personalities or what they might be able to do, but, who He has chosen to be incarnate amongst. His love for Jacob certainly has not been any easier of a road for Him. His greater love is for all people, He seeks all of their hearts, He has died for all of them - Jacob, Esau, and Gentile alike. His particular love for either of these two has more to do with the division of pathway He chose to pursue His greater plan.

kjv@Malachi:2:5-7 @ @ RandyP comments: Levi should be the model for all priests. The elements highlighted here should be the measure and the goal of all His pastors.

kjv@Malachi:2 @ @ RandyP comments: One can almost sense what religion has become to them; an alter to shed their tears upon. I suppose that tears are well and fine but, what about the wholesomeness of their offering? If all one does is cry and complain and petition and yet goes about their lives in the same sinful way, making dirty offerings with dirty hearts and hands, what good is this religion? The two parts make one whole. It is not just emoting your fears about what concerns come against you, it is how the strength of the Lord is always sufficient. It is not just this sacrifice you made or that offering you gave, it is about the sacrifice that He made and you wholehearted submission and faithfulness to living in it. One without the other is a means of dealing treacherously with self and master. When religion is only a crying alter, the alter becomes more and more a place where everyones evil is declared as good. This treacherous form of religion wearies the Lord. The fear is best placed in His judgment and not just His pity.

kjv@Malachi:3 @ @ RandyP comments: Throughout this book we have been shown how religion gets twisted. The Lord says that that they are doing this, but they say how are we doing that. Their own self perception and self justification has over stepped the bounds of how God sees it. No doubt they want to be religious, but, not in the manner the Lord wants them to be. One way perhaps to demonstrate this is in our tithes. God says that 'you are robbing me'. We say 'you are God, what do you need with money'. Clearly the principal is not the money, it is in to whom the money belongs. It is a simple test of ownership and a test of willing obedience. In this and so many other areas we have justified our way passed the actual principal.

kjv@Malachi:4:5-6 @ @ RandyP comments: Interesting what it says Elijah does in his return, turns the hearts of fathers to their children, and the children back to their fathers. Where did their hearts go that it requires turning back? Think of the context of this book; is it not a false and self justified religion? Before the great and dreadful day of the Lord; is that not today?