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kjv@Luke:14:25-35 @ @ RandyP comments: Again, there seems to be contradiction here between loving all and hating father and mother. As we've seen before, there is something more that the Spirit wants us to search out. The truth of His teaching here must first come in the form of a kjv@Proverbs:1:7 kjv@Proverbs:1:22-23 approach. Clear the heart, clear the mind, honestly seek the Lord, you'll be shown the answer. How different might it be from we first considered?

kjv@1Kings:1-2 @ @ RandyP comments: The life and reign of David now comes to an end. It is not all that we will learn about him however, David penned a great many of the Psalms and had an influence in Solomon's collection of Proverbs. There we will hear his inner thoughts from his perspective and find why he is called a man after God's heart. David had many great strengths and a few serious faults. He is portrayed in both as being human. Judging him is like judging ourselves in some respects but, we too easily forget that he also was under the pressures of being king. The history of Israel/Judah is overwhelmed with unrighteous kings. David like no other stands out as good.

kjv@Proverbs:3 @ @ RandyP comments: In many of the proverbs I notice that the child or the son is receiving the teaching and lives it forth through a process of correction and refinement. There is a personal reward continuously in that. The reward from others seems sometimes to come later as a man, sometimes much later. So often our youth are looking for the reward of others here and now to make their personal reward; correction is not part of the equation at all.

kjv@Proverbs:3 @ @ RandyP comments: The way of the Lord often is instruction and correction and persistent study and work. The way evil/lust quiet enticing. A young man's resistance can be warn down if not fully guarded. This is true in both a carnal and a spiritual sense.

kjv@Proverbs:7 @ @ RandyP comments: The wise son and Israel are taught in the same breath. There is a practical street sense to this and a loftier spiritual sense nationally. Spiritual warfare can produce the same enticing fascinations. Because of the nature of the content addressed here it may be better understood this wise son must be at least an adolescent.

kjv@Proverbs:7 @ @ RandyP comments: The good man character is also used by Jesus a couple parables kjv@Matthew:20:11 kjv@Matthew:24:43

kjv@Proverbs:8:13 @ @ RandyP comments: If the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom/knowledge/instruction here then is wisdom beginning to talk as to what fear is.

kjv@Proverbs:8 @ @ RandyP comments: I sense the suggestion that before creation the plan was all laid out, Jesus was to be our redeemer. Wisdom became all that which moved that plan forward, the establishment of the covenant, the law, Israel, the prophecies, the conviction of the Holly Spirit. Wisdom was there when all these essential things were framed, it is there evident in all creation revealing even the Godhead so that we are without excuse kjv@Romans:1:20. Wisdom is the purpose and direction and establishments leading all men back to their savior.

kjv@Proverbs:1 @ @ RandyP comments: Proverbs typically are short perhaps single verses of two stark contrasts. Here an interesting contrast is developed over the entire chapter. A gang of evil enticing roughions and a docile uncommitted society of simple minded fools. One is obviously setting a trap for themselves, the other secretly trapped in the cruel rewards of their simplicity. Which is worse?

kjv@Proverbs:2 @ @ RandyP comments: Chapter marks are a more recent development added to the Bible for purposes of easier reference. Sometimes they get in the way of the more fluid reading that the writer intended. It is interesting way to read these proverbs to remove these chapter partitions and read larger chunks of instruction. kjv@CONCORD:Proverbs:1-8

kjv@Proverbs:9 @ @ RandyP comments: Two woman are portrayed, wisdom and a noisy clamorous fool. Wisdom is an invitation to a feast already prepared, foolishness is an invitation to secret taboos and pleasures. Both pursue the same type man, the simple.

kjv@Proverbs:9 @ @ RandyP comments: Simple mindedness can be thought of as open mindedness; it can be both good and bad. An open mind can lead to the acceptance of the possibility of wisdom all ready being prepared beforehand there for the taking, for the shedding of and separation from foolishness. It can also lead to nothing more than an attitude permitting oneself to scorn the notion of true wisdom and an investigation into stolen and secret sensual pleasures. One way leads to life the other to hell. Ones focus should not be on having an open mind just for the sake of having an open mind and being able to self justify any and everything, one should have an open mind for the sake of seeking absolute truth for it will catch up with us sooner than later. Perhaps having a clear mind should be a better objective.

kjv@Proverbs:10:24 @ @ RandyP comments: Interesting that the comparison here is between fear and desire. The wicked do not desire the inevitable and they fear that it will inevitably come. What do they have to fear? The judgment of their misplaced desires. The righteous desire the inevitable and their desire is inevitably granted. What is it they desire? Judgment leading to fuller communion with God.

kjv@Proverbs:11:21 @ @ RandyP comments: It is not that the righteous will not go through trials, it is that they will be delivered through/by them. NT writers consider these trial and tribulations as a edifying process of refinement.

kjv@Proverbs:11 @ @ RandyP comments: Several of these proverbs in this section are dealing with the rewards of pursuing righteousness, many rewards here in this life. So often we view the wealthy as having received their wealth by ill means without knowing the slightest thing about how they achieved/maintain it. To wrap all rich men/women into the same corrupt bundle is to ignore what God is saying about what He wants to do.

kjv@Proverbs:12:13 @ @ RandyP comments: Again it doesn't say that he wont see trouble, it says that he will come out of. Trouble here is associated with transgression. It could be that he will come out of his own transgressions by willingly repenting or it could be that the wicked man's transgression will cause him trouble that he will emerge from safely.

kjv@Proverbs:12:17 @ @ RandyP comments: Speaking truth is associated with being a trust worthy witness; a witness that sheweth forth righteousness. Whose righteousness? God's

kjv@Proverbs:12 @ @ RandyP comments: Like all scripture the proverbs take some digging into. Meaning may not be immediately obvious especially when two proverbs take the same point from two different directions. In a sense many of these appear as generalities when taken individually. But if taken as spring boards toward a greater reverence/fear of the Lord, the sum brings true wisdom/understanding; somethings that the casual reader will not spend time to consider.

kjv@Proverbs:13:1 @ @ RandyP comments: Instruction often comes in the form of rebuke/reproof. Being willing to listen to it is the key to being wise. The rebuke/reproof has to wise of course otherwise it is mean cruel for it's own sake. Parents for instance need to be as wise or wiser than their own fatherly instruction, which many times means being wise enough to listen to our Father's rebuke as well.

kjv@Proverbs:13:12 @ @ RandyP comments: If our hope is in something that has no possibility of coming forth or is not in the will of God or is not pursued in a manner pleasing to God or we never diligently pursued it the heart will remain sick. One must be honest about what is deferring the hope. Who, what, when, where, how, to what extent and to whose glory seem to be the appropriate questions.

kjv@Proverbs:14:4 @ @ RandyP comments: Perhaps we should examine ourselves and ask what is my strong oxen and how do I take better care of it. Is it my education? Is it my field knowledge? Is it my professional acquaintances and associations? Is it my car? My tools? My skill? My courage?

kjv@Proverbs:14:6 @ @ RandyP comments: There are some that pride themselves in their scientific and analytical technique but, that gets them nowhere further toward an answer if they are still are at the core scoffers/scorners at heart. They can talk circles around most of us lesser educated but, really what do their words actually say that this simple proverb does not?

kjv@Proverbs:15:14 @ @ RandyP comments: What does it mean to have understanding? It means to know to seek after knowledge. If we purse an issue thinking that we know everything about it from the start, this is not understanding. If we pursue thinking that simply by the strength of our own determination exerting force we will bend the issue to our favor, this is not understanding. Seeking knowledge means first seeking the fear of the Lord, humbling ourselves and our cause to His presence, listening for direction and knowing that it may well include correction and faithful obedience, this is understanding.

kjv@Proverbs:15:18 @ @ RandyP comments: tsk@Proverbs:15:18 has some interesting links to some Bible characters known for their ability to appease strife.

kjv@Proverbs:15:20 @ @ RandyP comments: A father would be most pleased if a son would deeply respect and have a warm open connection to his mom. It wouldn't matter as much to the father about the son's relationship with him; that would just be the cream on the cake. Should the son not have this connection to his mom neither father nor mom would be pleased especially the father.

kjv@Proverbs:15:22 @ @ RandyP comments: The problem is that few of us have ever taken the effort of developing and maintaining a circle of wise counselors. It is a purposeful and extensive investment long before an issue ever arises. Knowing who to trust, who most sees things as they really are, having previous experience with them in smaller issues. Men seem to hold off seeking counsel until times where a circle of counsel cannot be mustered soon enough. Women tend to seek the wrong counsel, counsel that will tell you whatever they think you want to hear instead of counsel that is honest and fearless enough to tell you where you are wrong.

kjv@Proverbs:15 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@Proverbs:15:33 seems best to summarize all the individual proverbs we've now read best. Everything comes down to this - humility before honor, reverence is the allowance to become tutored by.

kjv@Proverbs:16:9 @ @ RandyP comments: If the preparations of the heart are the Lord's kjv@Proverbs:16:1, if his goings forth are from the Lord and his way cannot be understood outside of the Lord kjv@Proverbs:20:24 and if it is only the counsel of the Lord that will stand kjv@Proverbs:19:21, what do we have other than to choose which of His steps to take? In light of kjv@Romans:1:18-24 God prepared hearts to follow after Him, He gave them a choice, as much as He prepared they still chose contrary, their steps now are directed (that choice leads to these steps) yet His counsel must stand - they are condemned for transgressing the preparation laid into their hearts.

kjv@Proverbs:17 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@STRING:Proverbs:17+AND+fool Look at how many times a fool is mentioned in this chapter. kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+fool makes for an interesting study as is kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+righteous

kjv@Proverbs:18 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+lips kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+tongue kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+mouth kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+word

kjv@Proverbs:19 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+of+the+LORD

kjv@Proverbs:21 @ @ RandyP comments: I have typically viewed these proverbs as being directed toward individuals for personal consideration and use. But then I see the wicked, the workers of iniquity, plural, collective. How is it that we are to overcome their masses individually if we the upright are not affiliated collectively like they? For us to do justice/judgement large scale, mercy/charity, be prosperous but not greedy, be generous and not selfish, doesn't their have to be a strong element of collaboration and community?

kjv@Proverbs:22:7 @ @ RandyP comments: This is not to say that it shouldn't be this way. The majority of the poor are poor for the reasons explained here in the proverbs. They do not rule themselves so how should it be expected to rule well over others. The borrower rightfully owes the lender all that he has agreed to return else he would be a thief. It could be said that much of our nation's problem is not that we are overly compassionate but, that we are ruled by the poor and by debt that we have no intention of paying back. Debt and severe covetness have become our vision of entitlement and we blame the rich and the lender for our deepening woes.

kjv@Proverbs:22:16 @ @ RandyP comments: A government driven false economy develops around the service of the poor. Money that should be flowing to the truly needy is sucked up by the service providers and delivery mechanisms installed. It is not so much the rich who desires to increase his riches that oppresses, but the workers and providers who see the service of poor as their employment career and retirement. The government sees the system as a means of inflating their employment numbers. Where are the poor left? Better off? Oppressed?

kjv@Proverbs:22:17 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@Proverbs:22:17-21 changes meter for a moment. Note that it spans these several verses all at once.

kjv@Proverbs:22:26 @ @ RandyP comments: How about the politician who strikes hands and puts the American people and their future generations as sureties for debt?

kjv@Proverbs:23 @ @ RandyP comments: Dainties...deceitful meat...desirous. Not everything is as it seems. Not everything is as it is presented. People put the best spin on things. People have their way of making even the worst look the best. Their is a price that they have had to pay; no need paying it alongside with them or for them.

kjv@Proverbs:25 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+false+witness kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+honey kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+woman kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+spirit

kjv@Proverbs:26:4-5 @ @ RandyP comments: The application of reproof appears to be situational or conditional. For instance, if you snap back at him in like manner you are as big a fool as he. If you rebuff him at his conceit without a conceit of your own you may show where he is unwise.

kjv@Proverbs:26:25 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@Proverbs:6:16-19 ?

kjv@Proverbs:26 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+conceit

kjv@Proverbs:29 @ @ RandyP comments: kjv@STRING:Proverbs+AND+abomination

kjv@Proverbs:30:4 @ @ RandyP comments: I would be curious to know who he meant as son if he didn't mean Immanuel. David also had a sense of God's son in this era as well kjv@Psalms:2:7.

kjv@Proverbs:31 @ @ RandyP comments: The virtuous wife parable is not so much as list of what she is doing as it is the attitude in which she is doing it and who she is doing it for. It is the attitude of being a tangible blessing to all. Caution must be given not to extend oneself to the harm of the marriage, that in all things she honors and exalts her husband.

kjv@Isaiah:32 @ @ RandyP comments: An interesting new character type is identified here - women at ease. I don't recall this type elsewhere such as the Proverbs where so many traits are profiled. I can imagine though where this trait would be dangerous being disconnected from the urgent religious and political matters at hand, disinterested in the catastrophic events happen all around, disassociating them selves from the poor/needy/oppressed/struggling/upright, attentive only perhaps to their own social rank and cultural standing. There is the sin of calling evil good and good evil but this almost the sin of not calling it anything at all.