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kjv@Ephesians:1:3-6 @ @ RandyP comments: We know at the very least that this predestination means that anybody/all that were going to be received into the eternal life to come was going to have to come to it through the adoption of Christ. Whether this means I or you specifically were chosen/singled out beforehand is not suggested by the language here but, may be quiet possible. The later may but a debatable point, not the former. Let us start off by what we know.

kjv@Ephesians:1:11-12 @ @ RandyP comments: If this were to mean singled out beforehand, it could just as well mean that those specifically who first believed (early church, disciples) were singled out and not necessarily the rest of us who believed because of their testimony. Jesus for instance chose Peter at the shoreline and may have chosen him before even creation. This is not to disregard the predestination of all but to confirm at least this much.

kjv@Ephesians:1 @ @ RandyP comments: An interesting unity of thought between Paul here and Peter's 'like precious faith' kjv@2Peter:1

kjv@Ephesians:2 @ @ RandyP comments: I sense that Paul is describing the larger body of believers; us, all, ye, we, both, together, strangers, foreigners, household, temple. The Holy Spirit inhabits a body of believers. He may work on/in us individually but, always for the benefit of the body. We often reverse this foundational truth, blaming/accusing the body, separating ourselves from it, criticizing/judging what is the work and dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

kjv@Ephesians:3:9 @ @ RandyP comments: Jesus cannot be just another man. He was there with the Father before creation. The Father created it by Him.

kjv@Ephesians:3 @ @ RandyP comments: Unsearchable riches, mysteries, things abundantly above all that we ask or think; this is our Lord and His Father. You ask me what kind of things. How could I know if they are unsearchable mysteries? You would say then they don't exist. Do things only exist that you can comprehend? Are they only believable if they can be comprehended? In a sense I can know the unknowable things by the things that can be known. In another, I don't really even know fully the things that I do know. All this does not mean that things are unbelievable, they are simply unknowable. Anything beyond that requires revelation.

kjv@Ephesians:4 @ @ RandyP comments: We see the importance of the body of believers to our own personal growth process; it can not be escaped. Much of our development is in the striving for the unity of the Spirit, a most difficult but yet essential task. The bonds of peace, the unity of faith, the whole body fitly joined together, these are the works of the Holy Spirit and the directions given our pastors teachers and evangelists. When we give ourselves over to Christ this is what we give ourselves over to. Anything other is of our old corrupt selves.

kjv@Ephesians:5 @ @ RandyP comments: There are those who follow after the darkness of this world in it's many components. There is us who have been called out of darkness into the light, to be light, light that manifests. Ways listed to do this include separating ourselves from that darkness, not partaking in their darkness, walking circumspectly, speaking joyfully to one another in psalms and songs etc, giving proper structure and definition to marriages. Walk in love as did Christ.

kjv@Ephesians:6:1-9 @ @ RandyP comments: Do as unto the Lord, unto Christ, knowing that your master.... no matter what profession/station of life.

kjv@Ephesians:6 @ @ RandyP comments: The amour of the Lord is not occasional attire; it is not 'Parade Dress'. Each item points to spiritual necessity not option. Spiritual warfare does not stop on those days that we wish not to play. These are the days which we need it most.