Dict: strongs - G2844


G2841 @ κοινωνέω koinōneō koy-no-neh'-o From G2844; to share with others (objectively or subjectively): - communicate distribute be partaker.

G2842 @ κοινωνία koinōnia koy-nohn-ee'-ah From G2844; partnership that is (literally) participation or (social) intercourse or (pecuniary) benefaction: - (to) communicate (-ation) communion (contri-) distribution fellowship.

G2843 @ κοινωνικός koinōnikos koy-no-nee-kos' From G2844; communicative that is (pecuniarily) liberal: - willing to communicate.

G2844 @ κοινωνός koinōnos koy-no-nos' From G2839; a sharer that is associate: - companion X fellowship partaker partner.

G4791 @ συγκοινωνός sugkoinōnos soong-koy-no-nos' From G4862 and G2844; a co-participant: - companion partake (-r -r with).