Dict: naves - Abraham


- Also called ABRAM
- Son of Terah kjv@Genesis:11:26-27
- Marries Sarah kjv@Genesis:11:29
- Lives in Ur, but removes to Haran kjv@Genesis:11:31; kjv@Nehemiah:9:7; kjv@Acts:7:4
- And Canaan kjv@Genesis:12:4-5 kjv@Genesis:12:6; kjv@Acts:7:4
- Divine call of kjv@Genesis:12:1-3; kjv@Joshua:24:3; kjv@Nehemiah:9:7; kjv@Isaiah:51:2; kjv@Acts:7:2-3; kjv@Hebrews:11:8
- Canaan given to kjv@Genesis:12:1 kjv@Genesis:12:7 kjv@Genesis:15:7-21; kjv@Ezekiel:33:24
- Lives in Bethel kjv@Genesis:12:8
- Sojourns in Egypt kjv@Genesis:12:10-20; kjv@Genesis:26:1
- Deferring to Lot, chooses Hebron kjv@Genesis:13; Genesis:14:13; kjv@Genesis:35:27
- Lives in Gerar kjv@Genesis:20; Genesis:21:22-34
- Defeats Chedorlaomer kjv@Genesis:14:5-24; kjv@Hebrews:7:1
- Is blessed by Melchizedek kjv@Genesis:14:18-20; kjv@Hebrews:7:1-10
- God's covenant with kjv@Genesis:15; Hebrews:17:1-22; kjv@Micah:7:20; kjv@Luke:1:73; kjv@Romans:4:13; kjv@Romans:15:8; kjv@Hebrews:6:13-14; kjv@Galatians:3:6-18 kjv@Galatians:3:29 kjv@Galatians:4:22-31
- Called ABRAHAM kjv@Genesis:17:5; kjv@Nehemiah:9:7
- Circumcision of kjv@Genesis:17:10-14 kjv@Genesis:17:23-27
- Angels appear to kjv@Genesis:18:1-16; kjv@Genesis:22:11 kjv@Genesis:22:15 kjv@Genesis:24:7
- His questions about the destruction of the righteous and wicked in Sodom kjv@Genesis:18:23-32
- Witnesses the destruction of Sodom kjv@Genesis:19:27-28
- Ishmael born to kjv@Genesis:16:3 kjv@Genesis:16:15
- Lives in Gerar; deceives Abimelech concerning Sarah, his wife Genesis:20
- Isaac born to kjv@Genesis:21:2-3; kjv@Galatians:4:22-30
- Sends Hagar and Ishmael away kjv@Genesis:21:10-14; kjv@Galatians:4:22-30
- Trial of his faith in the offering of Isaac kjv@Genesis:22:1-19; kjv@Hebrews:11:17; kjv@James:2:21
- Sarah, his wife, dies kjv@Genesis:23:1-2
- He purchases a place for her burial, and buries her in a cave kjv@Genesis:23:3-20
- Marries Keturah kjv@Genesis:25:1
- Provides a wife for Isaac Genesis:24
- Children of kjv@Genesis:16:15; kjv@Genesis:21:2-3; kjv@Genesis:25:1-4; kjv@1Chronicles:1:32-34
- Testament of kjv@Genesis:25:5-6
- Wealth of kjv@Genesis:13:2; kjv@Genesis:24:35; kjv@Isaiah:51:2
- Age of, at different periods kjv@Genesis:12:4; kjv@Genesis:16:16; kjv@Genesis:21:5; kjv@Genesis:25:7
- Death kjv@Genesis:15:15; kjv@Genesis:25:8-10
- In Paradise kjv@Matthew:8:11; kjv@Luke:13:28; kjv@Luke:16:22-31
- Friend of God kjv@Isaiah:41:8; kjv@2Chronicles:20:7; kjv@James:2:23
- Piety of kjv@Genesis:12:7-8; kjv@Genesis:13:4 kjv@Genesis:13:18 kjv@Genesis:18:19; kjv@Genesis:20:7; kjv@Genesis:21:33; kjv@Genesis:22:3-13; kjv@Genesis:26:5; kjv@Nehemiah:9:7-8; kjv@Romans:4:16-18; kjv@2Chronicles:20:7; kjv@Isaiah:41:8; kjv@James:2:23
- A prophet kjv@Genesis:20:7
- Faith of kjv@Genesis:15:6; kjv@Romans:4:1-22; kjv@Galatians:3:6-9; kjv@Hebrews:11:8-10 kjv@Hebrews:11:17-19 kjv@James:2:21-24
- Unselfishness of kjv@Genesis:13:9; kjv@Genesis:21:25-30
- Independence of, in character kjv@Genesis:14:23; kjv@Genesis:23:6-16
- Ancestors of, idolatrous kjv@Joshua:24:2
- How regarded by his descendants kjv@Matthew:3:9; kjv@Luke:13:16 kjv@Luke:13:28 kjv@Luke:19:9; kjv@John:8:33-40