Dict: strongs - will


H14 @ אבה 'âbâh aw-baw' A primitive root; to breathe {after} that is (figuratively) to be acquiescent: - {consent} rest {content} {will} be willing.

H165 @ אהי 'ĕhîy e-hee' Apparently an orthographical variation for H346; where. (Used in ). I will be is often the rendering of the same Hebrew form from H1961: - I will be ( ) [which is often the rendering of the same Hebrew form from H1961].

H2654 @ חפץ châphêts khaw-fates' A primitive root; properly to incline to; by implication (literally but rarely) to bend; figuratively to be pleased {with} desire: - X any at {all} ({have} take) {delight} {desire} {favour} {like} {move} be (well) {pleased} have {pleasure} {will} would.

H2655 @ חפץ châphêts khaw-fates' From H2654; pleased with: - delight {in} {desire} {favour} {please} have {pleasure} whosoever {would} {willing} wish.

H2656 @ חפץ chêphets khay'-fets From H2654; pleasure; hence (abstractly) desire; concretely a valuable thing; hence (by extension) a matter (as something in mind): - {acceptable} delight ({-some}) {desire} things {desired} {matter} pleasant ({-ure}) {purpose} willingly.

H2974 @ יאל yâ'al yaw-al' A primitive root (probably rather the same as H2973 through the idea of mental weakness); properly to {yield} especially assent; hence (positively) to undertake as an act of volition: - {assay} {begin} be {content} {please} take {upon} X {willingly} would.

H3045 @ ידע yâda‛ yaw-dah' A primitive root; to know (properly to ascertain by seeing); used in a great variety of {senses} {figuratively} {literally} euphemistically and inferentially (including {observation} care6 recognition; and causatively {instruction} designation6 {punishment} etc.): - {acknowledge} acquaintance (-ted {with}) {advise} {answer} {appoint} {assuredly} be {aware} [un-] {awares} can {[-not]} {certainly} for a {certainty} {comprehend} {consider} X could {they} {cunning} {declare} be {diligent} ({can} cause to) {discern} {discover} endued {with} familiar {friend} {famous} {feel} can {have} be [ig-] {norant} {instruct} {kinsfolk} {kinsman} (cause {to} {let} make) {know} (come to {give} {have} take) {knowledge} have {[knowledge]} ({be} {make} make to {be} make self) {known} + be {learned} + lie by {man} {mark} {perceive} privy {to} X {prognosticator} {regard} have {respect} {skilful} {shew} can (man of) {skill} be {sure} of a {surety} {teach} (can) {tell} {understand} have {[understanding]} X will {be} {wist} {wit} wot.

H3070 @ יהוה יראה yehôvâh yir'eh yeh-ho-vaw' yir-eh' From H3068 and H7200; Jehovah will see (to it); {Jehovah-Jireh} a symbolical name for Mt. Moriah: - Jehovah-jireh.

H3078 @ יהויכין yehôyâkîyn yeh-ho-yaw-keen' From H3068 and H3559; Jehovah will establish; {Jehojakin} a Jewish king: - Jehoiachin. Compare H3112.

H3079 @ יהויקים yehôyâqîym yeh-ho-yaw-keem' From H3068 abbreviated and H6965; Jehovah will raise; {Jehojakim} a Jewish king: - Jehoiakim. Compare H3113.

H3080 @ יהויריב yehôyârîyb yeh-ho-yaw-reeb' From H3068 and H7378; Jehovah will contend; {Jehojarib} the name of two Israelites: - Jehoiarib. Compare H3114.

H3142 @ יוּשׁב חסד yûshab chesed yoo-shab' kheh'-sed From H7725 and H2617; kindness will be returned; {Jushab-Chesed} an Israelites: - Jushab-heshed.

H3143 @ יושׁביה yôshibyâh yo-shib-yaw' From H3427 and H3050; Jehovah will cause to dwell; {Joshibjah} an Israelite: - Josibiah.

H3151 @ יזיז yâzîyz yaw-zeez' From the same as H2123; he will make prominent; {Jaziz} an Israelite: - Jaziz.

H3152 @ יזליאה yizlîy'âh yiz-lee-aw' Perhaps from an unused root (meaning to draw up); he will draw out; {Jizliah} an Israelite: - Jezliah.

H3156 @ יזרחיה yizrachyâh yiz-rakh-yaw' From H2224 and H3050; Jah will shine; {Jizrachjah} the name of two Israelites: - {Izrahiah} Jezrahiah.

H3157 @ יזרעאל yizre‛ê'l yiz-reh-ale' From H2232 and H410; God will sow; {Jizreel} the name of two places in Palestine and of two Israelites: - Jezreel.

H3167 @ יחזיה yachzeyâh yakh-zeh-yaw' From H2371 and H3050; Jah will behold; {Jachzejah} an Israelite: - Jahaziah.

H3168 @ יחזקאל yechezqê'l yekh-ez-kale' From H2388 and H410; God will strengthen; {Jechezkel} the name of two Israelites: - {Ezekiel} Jehezekel.

H3171 @ יחואל יחיאלo yechîy'êl yechav'êl {yekh-ee-ale'} yekh-av-ale' From H2421 and H410; God will live; Jechiel (or {Jechavel}) the name of eight Israelites: - Jehiel.

H3174 @ יחיּה yechîyâh yekh-ee-yaw' From H2421 and H3050; Jah will live; {Jechijah} an Israelite: - Jehiah.

H3183 @ יחצאל yachtse'êl yakh-tseh-ale' From H2673 and H410; God will allot; {Jachtseel} an Israelite: - Jahzeel. Compare H3185.

H3199 @ יכין yâkîyn yaw-keen' From H3559; he (or it) will establish; {Jakin} the name of three Israelites and of a temple pillar: - Jachin.

H3203 @ יכיליה יכליהוּ יכליהo yekolyâh yekolyâhû yekîyleyâh {yek-ol-yaw'(-hoo}) yek-ee-leh-yaw' From H3201 and H3050; Jah will enable; Jekoljah or {Jekiljah} an Israelitess: - {Jecholiah} Jecoliah.

H3204 @ יכוניה יכניהוּ יכניהo yekonyâh yekonyâhû yekôneyâh {yek-on-yaw'(-hoo}) yek-o-neh-yaw' From H3559 and H3050; Jah will establish; {Jekonjah} a Jewish king: - Jeconiah. Compare H3659.

H3230 @ ימלך yamlêk yam-lake' From H4427; he will make king; {Jamlek} an Israelite: - Jamlech.

H3234 @ ימנע yimnâ‛ yim-naw' From H4513; he will restrain; {Jimna} an Israelite: - Imna.

H3253 @ יסמכיהוּ yismakyâhû yis-mak-yaw-hoo' From H5564 and H3050; Jah will sustain; {Jismakjah} an Israelite: - Ismachiah.

H3299 @ יעשׂוּ ya‛ăώû yah-as-oo' From H6213; they will do; {Jaasu} an Israelite: - Jaasau.

H3301 @ יפדּיה yiphdeyâh yif-deh-yaw' From H6299 and H3050; Jah will liberate; {Jiphdejah} an Israelite: - Iphedeiah.

H3310 @ יפלט yaphlêţ yaf-late' From H6403; he will deliver; {Japhlet} an Israelite: - Japhlet.

H3312 @ יפנּה yephûnneh yef-oon-neh' From H6437; he will be prepared; {Jephunneh} the name of two Israelites: - Jephunneh.

H3316 @ יפתּח yiphtâch yif-tawkh' From H6605; he will open; {Jiphtach} an Israelite; also a place in Palestine: - {Jephthah} Jiphtah.

H3317 @ יפתּח־אל yiphtach-'êl yif-tach-ale' From H6605 and H410; God will open; {Jiphtach-el} a place in Palestine: - Jiphthah-el.

H3328 @ יצחר yitschar yits-khar' From the same as H6713; he will shine; {Jitschar} an Israelite: - and Zehoar [from the margin].

H3343 @ יקבצאל yeqabtse'êl yek-ab-tseh-ale' From H6908 and H410; God will gather; {Jekabtseel} a place in Palestine: - Jekabzeel. Compare H6909.

H3355 @ יקטן yoqţân yok-tawn' From H6994; he will be made little; {Joktan} an Arabian patriarch: - Joktan.

H3356 @ יקים yâqîym yaw-keem' From H6965; he will raise; {Jakim} the name of two Israelites: - Jakim. Compare H3079.

H3359 @ יקמיה yeqamyâh yek-am-yaw' From H6965 and H3050; Jah will rise; {Jekamjah} the name of two Israelites: - Jekamiah. Compare H3079.

H3360 @ יקמעם yeqam‛âm yek-am'-awm From H6965 and H5971; (the) people will rise; {Jekamam} an Israelite: - Jekameam. Compare {H3079} H3361.

H3361 @ יקמעם yoqme‛âm yok-meh-awm' From H6965 and H5971; (the) people will be raised; {Jokmeam} a place in Palestine: - Jokmeam. Compare {H3360} H3362.

H3362 @ יקנעם yoqne‛âm yok-neh-awm' From H6969 and H5971; (the) people will be lamented; {Jokneam} a place in Palestine: - Jokneam.

H3377 @ ירב yârêb yaw-rabe' From H7378; he will contend; {Jareb} a symbolical name for Assyria: - Jareb. Compare H3402.

H3378 @ ירבּעל yerûbba‛al yer-oob-bah'-al From H7378 and H1168; Baal will contend; {Jerubbaal} a symbolical name of Gideon: - Jerubbaal.

H3379 @ ירבעם yârob‛âm yaw-rob-awm' From H7378 and H5971; (the) people will contend; {Jarobam} the name of two Israelite kings: - Jeroboam.

H3380 @ ירבּשׁת yerûbbesheth yer-oob-beh'-sheth From H7378 and H1322; shame (that {is} the idol) will contend; {Jerubbesheth} a symbolical name for Gideon: - Jerubbesheth.

H3396 @ ירחמאל yerachme'êl yer-akh-meh-ale' From H7355 and H410; God will compassionate; {Jerachmeel} the name of three Israelites: - Jerahmeel.

H3401 @ יריב yârîyb yaw-rebe' From H7378; literally he will contend; properly adjectively contentious; used as {noun} an adversary: - that contend ({-eth}) that strive.

H3404 @ יריּהוּ יריּה yerîyâh yerîyâhû {yer-ee-yaw'} yer-ee-yaw'-hoo From H3384 and H3050; Jah will throw; {Jerijah} an Israelite: - {Jeriah} Jerijah.

H3414 @ ירמיהוּ ירמיה yirmeyâh yirmeyâhû {yir-meh-yaw'} yir-meh-yaw'-hoo From H7311 and H3050; Jah will rise; {Jirmejah} the name of eight or nine Israelites: - Jeremiah.

H3416 @ ירפּאל yirpe'êl yir-peh-ale' From H7495 and H410; God will heal; {Jirpeel} a place in Palestine: - Irpeel.

H3421 @ ירקעם yorqe‛âm yor-keh-awm' From H7324 and H5971; people will be poured forth; {Jorkeam} a place in Palestine: - Jorkeam.

H3426 @ ישׁ yêsh yaysh Perhaps from an unused root meaning to stand {out} or exist; entity; used adverbially or as a copula for the substantive verb (H1961); there is or are (or any other form of the verb to {be} as may suit the connection): - (there) {are} ({he} {it} {shall} {there} there {may} there {shall} there should) {be} thou {do} {had} {hast} (which) {hath} ({I} {shalt} that) {have} ({he} {it} there) {is} {substance} it (there) {was} (there) {were} ye {will} thou {wilt} wouldest.

H3431 @ ישׁבּח yishbach yish-bakh' From H7623; he will praise; {Jishbach} an Israelite: - Ishbah.

H3434 @ ישׁבעם yâshob‛âm yaw-shob-awm' From H7725 and H5971; people will return; {Jashobam} the name of two or three Israelites: - Jashobeam.

H3435 @ ישׁבּק yishbâq yish-bawk' From an unused root corresponding to H7662; he will leave; {Jishbak} a son of Abraham: - Ishbak.

H3437 @ ישׁיב ישׁוּב yâshûb yâshîyb {yaw-shoob'} yaw-sheeb' From H7725; he will return; {Jashub} the name of two Israelites: - Jashub.

H3438 @ ישׁוה yishvâh yish-vaw' From H7737; he will level; {Jishvah} an Israelite: - {Ishvah} Isvah.

H3439 @ ישׁוחיה yeshôchâyâh yesh-o-khaw-yaw' From the same as H3445 and H3050; Jah will empty; {Jeshochajah} an Israelite: - Jeshoaiah.

H3442 @ ישׁוּע yêshûa‛ yah-shoo'-ah For H3091; he will save; {Jeshua} the name of two {Israelites} also of a place in Palestine: - Jeshua.

H3446 @ ישׂחק yiώchâq yis-khawk' From H7831; he will laugh; {Jischak} the heir of Abraham: - Isaac. Compare H3327.

H3449 @ ישּׁיּהוּ ישּׁיּה yishshîyâh yishshîyâhû {yish-shee-yaw'} yish-shee-yaw'-hoo From H5383 and H3050; Jah will lend; {Jishshijah} the name of five Israelites: - {Ishiah} {Isshiah} {Ishijah} Jesiah.

H3450 @ ישׂימאל yeώîymi'êl yes-eem-aw-ale' From H7760 and H410; God will place; {Jesimael} an Israelite: - Jesimiel.

H3458 @ ישׁמעאל yishmâ‛ê'l yish-maw-ale' From H8085 and H410; God will hear; {Jishmael} the name of Abraham´ s oldest {son} and of five Israelites: - Ishmael.

H3460 @ ישׁמעיהוּ ישׁמעיה yishma‛yâh yishma‛yâhû {yish-mah-yaw'} yish-mah-yaw'-hoo From H8085 and H3050; Jah will hear; {Jishmajah} the name of two Israelites: - Ishmaiah.

H3472 @ ישׁפּה yishpâh yish-paw' Perhaps from H8192; he will scratch; {Jishpah} an Israelite: - Ispah.

H3473 @ ישׁפּן yishpân yish-pawn' Probably from the same as H8227; he will hide; {Jishpan} an Israelite: - Ishpan.

H3478 @ ישׂראל yiώrâ'êl yis-raw-ale' From H8280 and H410; he will rule as God; {Jisrael} a symbolical name of Jacob; also (typically) of his posterity: - Israel.

H3485 @ ישּׂשׂכר yiώώâώkâr yis-saw-kawr' From H5375 and H7939; he will bring a reward; {Jissaskar} a son of Jacob: - Issachar.

H3494 @ יתלה yithlâh yith-law' Probably from H8518; it will {hang} that {is} high; {Jithlah} a place in Palestine: - Jethlah.

H3820 @ לב lêb labe A form of H3824; the heart; also used (figuratively) very widely for the {feelings} the will and even the intellect; likewise for the centre of anything: - + care {for} {comfortably} {consent} X {considered} courag {[-eous]} friend {[-ly]} ({[broken-]} {[hard-]} {[merry-]} {[stiff-]} {[stout-]} double) heart ({[-ed]}) X {heed} X {I} {kindly} {midst} mind ({-ed}) X regard ({[-ed)]} X {themselves} X {unawares} {understanding} X {well} {willingly} wisdom.

H3986 @ מאן mâ'ên maw-ane' From H3985; unwilling: - refuse.

H383 @ איתי 'îythay ee-thah'ee (Chaldee); corresponding to H3426; properly entity; used only as a particle of {affirmation} there is: - art {thou} {can} do {ye} have it {be} there is ({are}) X we will not.

H455 @ אליחבּא 'elyachbâ' el-yakh-baw' From H410 and H2244; God will hide; {Eljachba} an Israelite: - Eliahbah.

H475 @ אלישׁיב 'elyâshîyb el-yaw-sheeb' From H410 and H7725; God will restore; {Eljashib} the name of six Israelites: - Eliashib.

H5068 @ נדב nâdab naw-dab' A primitive root; to impel; hence to volunteer (as a {soldier}) to present spontaneously: - offer {freely} be ({give} {make} offer self) willing (-ly).

H5069 @ נדב nedab ned-ab' (Chaldee); corresponding to H5068; be (or give) liberal (liberally): - (be minded of . . . own) freewill ({offering}) offer freely (willingly).

H5071 @ נדבה nedâbâh ned-aw-baw' From H5068; properly (abstractly) {spontaneity} or (adjectively) spontaneous; also (concretely) a spontaneous or (by {inference} in plural) abundant gift: - free (-will) {offering} {freely} {plentiful} voluntary ({-ily} {offering}) willing ({-ly} offering).

H5081 @ נדיב nâdîyb naw-deeb' From H5068; properly {voluntary} that {is} generous; {hence} magnanimous; as {noun} a grandee (sometimes a tyrant): - {free} liberal ({things}) {noble} {prince} willing ([hearted]).

H5315 @ נפשׁ nephesh neh'-fesh From H5314; properly a breathing {creature} that {is} animal or (abstractly) vitality; used very widely in a {literal} accommodated or figurative sense (bodily or mental): - {any} {appetite} {beast} {body} {breath} {creature} X dead ({-ly}) {desire} X [dis-] {contented} X {fish} {ghost} + {greedy} {he} heart ({-y}) ({hath} X jeopardy of) life (X in {jeopardy}) {lust} {man} {me} {mind} {mortality} {one} {own} {person} {pleasure} ({her-} {him-} {my-} thy-) {self} them (your) {-selves} + {slay} {soul} + {tablet} {they} {thing} (X she) {will} X would have it.

H5414 @ נתן nâthan naw-than' A primitive root; to {give} used with great latitude of application ({put} {make} etc.): - {add} {apply} {appoint} {ascribe} {assign} X {avenge} X be ({[healed]}) {bestow} bring ({forth} {hither}) {cast} {cause} {charge} {come} commit {consider} {count} + {cry} deliver ({up}) {direct} distribute {do} X {doubtless} X without {fail} {fasten} {frame} X {get} give ({forth} {over} {up}) {grant} hang ({up}) X {have} X {indeed} lay (unto {charge} {up}) (give) {leave} {lend} let ({out}) + {lie} lift {up} {make} + O {that} {occupy} {offer} {ordain} {pay} {perform} {place} {pour} {print} X {pull} put ({forth}) {recompense} {render} {requite} {restore} send ({out}) set ({forth}) {shew} shoot forth (up). + {sing} + {slander} {strike} [sub-] {mit} {suffer} X {surely} X {take} {thrust} {trade} {turn} {utter} + {weep} X {willingly} + {withdraw} + would (to) {God} yield.

H5536 @ סל sal sal From H5549; properly a willow twig (as {pendulous}) that {is} an osier; but only as woven into a basket: - basket.

H6155 @ ערב ‛ârâb aw-rawb' From H6148; a willow (from the use of osiers as wattles): - willow.

H6634 @ צבא tsebâ' tseb-aw' (Chaldee); corresponding to H6633 in the figuratively sense of summoning one´ s wishes; to please: - {will} would.

H6640 @ צבוּ tsebû tseb-oo' From H6634; properly will; concretely an affair (as a matter of determination): - purpose.

H6851 @ צפצפה tsaphtsâphâh tsaf-tsaw-faw' From H6687; a willow (as growing in overflowed places): - willow tree.

H7470 @ רעוּת re‛ûth reh-ooth' (Chaldee); corresponding to H7469; desire: - {pleasure} will.

H7522 @ רצן רצון râtsôn râtsôn {raw-tsone'} raw-tsone' From H7521; delight: - (be) acceptable ({-ance} {-ed}) {delight} {desire} {favour} (good) {pleasure} ({own} {self} voluntary) {will} as . . . (what) would.

H7610 @ שׁאר ישׁוּב she'âr yâshûb sheh-awr' yaw-shoob' From H7605 and H7725; a remnant will return; {Shear-Jashub} the symbolical name of one of Isaiah´ s sons: - Shear-jashub.

G1012 @ βουλή boulē boo-lay' From G1014; volition that is (objectively) advice or (by implication) purpose: - + advise counsel will.

G1013 @ βούλημα boulēma boo'-lay-mah From G1014; a resolve: - purpose will.

G1014 @ βούλομαι boulomai boo'-lom-ahee Middle voice of a primary verb; to will that is (reflexively) be willing: - be disposed minded intend list (be of own) will (-ing). Compare G2309.

G1096 @ γίνομαι ginomai ghin'-om-ahee A prolonged and middle form of a primary verb; to cause to be (gen -erate) that is (reflexively) to become (come into being) used with great latitude (literally figuratively intensively etc.): - arise be assembled be (come -fall -have self) be brought (to pass) (be) come (to pass) continue be divided be done draw be ended fall be finished follow be found be fulfilled + God forbid grow happen have be kept be made be married be ordained to be partake pass be performed be published require seem be showed X soon as it was sound be taken be turned use wax will would be wrought.

G1106 @ γνώμη gnōmē gno'-may From G1097; cognition that is (subjectively) opinion or (objectively) resolve (counsel consent etc.): - advice + agree judgment mind purpose will.

G1242 @ διαθήκη diathēkē dee-ath-ay'-kay From G1303; properly a disposition that is (specifically) a contract (especially a devisory will): - covenant testament.

G1479 @ ἐθελοθρησκεία ethelothrēskeia eth-el-oth-race-ki'-ah From G2309 and G2356; voluntary (arbitrary and unwarranted) piety that is sanctimony: - will worship.

G1595 @ ἑκούσιον hekousion hek-oo'-see-on Neuter of a derivative from G1635; voluntariness: - willingly.

G1596 @ ἑκουσίως hekousiōs hek-oo-see'-oce Adverb from the same as G1595; voluntarily: - wilfully willingly.

G1635 @ ἑκών hekōn hek-own' Of uncertain affinity; voluntary: - willingly.

G1692 @ ἐμέω emeō em-eh'-o Of uncertain affinity; to vomit: - (will) spue.

G1718 @ ἐμφανίζω emphanizō em-fan-id'-zo From G1717; to exhibit (in person) or disclose (by words): - appear declare (plainly) inform (will) manifest shew signify.

G2071 @ ἔσομαι esomai es'-om-ahee Future tense of G1510; will be: - shall (should) be (have) (shall) come (to pass) X may have X fall what would follow X live long X sojourn.

G2103 @ Εὔβουλος Euboulos yoo'-boo-los From G2095 and G1014; good willer; Eubulus a Christian: - Eubulus.

G2106 @ εὐδοκέω eudokeō yoo-dok-eh'-o From G2095 and G1380; to think well of that is approve (an act); specifically to approbate (a person or thing): - think good (be well) please (-d) be the good (have take) pleasure be willing.

G2107 @ εὐδοκία eudokia yoo-dok-ee'-ah From a presumed compound of G2095 and the base of G1380; satisfaction that is (subjectively) delight or (objectively) kindness wish purpose: - desire good pleasure (will) X seem good.

G2133 @ εὔνοια eunoia yoo'-noy-ah From the same as G2132; kindness; euphemistically conjugal duty: - benevolence good will.

G2172 @ εὔχομαι euchomai yoo'-khom-ahee Middle voice of a primary verb; to wish; by implication to pray to God: - pray will wish.

G2212 @ ζητέω zēteō dzay-teh'-o Of uncertain affinity; to seek (literally or figuratively); specifically (by Hebraism) to worship (God) or (in a bad sense) to plot (against life): - be (go) about desire endeavour enquire (for) require (X will) seek (after for means). Compare G4441.

G2307 @ θέλημα thelēma thel'-ay-mah From the prolonged form of G2309; a determination (properly the thing) that is (actively) choice (specifically purpose decree; abstractly volition) or (passively) inclination: - desire pleasure will.

G2308 @ θέλησις thelēsis thel'-ay-sis From G2309; determination (properly the act) that is option: - will.

G2309 @ θέλω ἐθέλω thelō ethelō thel'-o eth-el'-o Either the first or the second form may be used. In certain tenses θελέω theleō thel-eh'-o (and ἐθέλέω etheleō eth-el-eh'-o) are used which are otherwise obsolete; apparently strengthened from the alternate form of G138; to determine (as an active voice option from subjective impulse; whereas G1014 properly denotes rather a passive voice acquiescence in objective considerations) that is choose or prefer (literally or figuratively); by implication to wish that is be inclined to (sometimes adverbially gladly); impersonally for the future tense to be about to; by Hebraism to delight in: - desire be disposed (forward) intend list love mean please have rather (be) will (have -ling -ling [ly]).

G2431 @ ἱλαρός hilaros hil-ar-os' From the same as G2436; propitious or merry (hilarious) that is prompt or willing: - cheerful.

G2843 @ κοινωνικός koinōnikos koy-no-nee-kos' From G2844; communicative that is (pecuniarily) liberal: - willing to communicate.

G210 @ ἄκων akōn ak'-ohn From G1 (as a negative particle) and G1635; unwilling: - against the will.

G3195 @ μέλλω mellō mel'-lo A strengthened form of G3199 (through the idea of expectation); to intend that is be about to be do or suffer something (of persons or things especially events; in the sense of purpose duty6 necessity probability6 possibility or hesitation): - about after that be (almost) (that which is things + which was for) to come intend was to (be) mean mind be at the point (be) ready + return shall (begin) (which that) should (after afterwards hereafter) tarry which was for will would be yet.

G3563 @ νοῦς nous nooce Probably from the base of G1097; the intellect that is mind (divine or human; in thought feeling or will); by implication meaning: - mind understanding. Compare G5590.

G4012 @ περί peri per-ee' From the base of G4008; properly through (all over) that is around; figuratively with respect to; used in various applications of place cause or time (with the genitive case denoting the subject or occasion or superlative point; with the accusative case the locality circuit6 matter circumstance or general period): - (there-) about above against at on behalf of X and his company which concern (as) concerning for X how it will go with ([there- where-]) of on over pertaining (to) for sake X (e-) state (as) touching [where-] by (in) with. In compounds it retains substantially the same meaning of circuit (around) excess (beyond) or completeness (through).

G4288 @ προθυμία prothumia proth-oo-mee'-ah From G4289; predisposition that is alacrity: - forwardness of mind readiness (of mind) ready (willing) mind.

G4289 @ πρόθυμος prothumos proth'-oo-mos From G4253 and G2372; forward in spirit that is predisposed; neuter (as noun) alacrity: - ready willing.

G4290 @ προθύμως prothumōs proth-oo'-moce Adverb from G4289; with alacrity: - willingly.

G5355 @ φθόνος phthonos fthon'-os Probably akin to the base of G5351; ill will (as detraction) that is jealousy (spite): - envy.

G5368 @ φιλέω phileō fil-eh'-o From G5384; to be a friend to (fond of [an individual or an object]) that is have affection for (denoting personal attachment as a matter of sentiment or feeling; while G25 is wider embracing especially the judgment and the deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle duty and propriety: the two thus stand related very much as G2309 and G1014 or as G2372 and G3563 respectively; the former being chiefly of the heart and the latter of the head); specifically to kiss (as a mark of tenderness): - kiss love.

G829 @ αὐθάδης authadēs ow-thad'-ace From G846 and the base of G2237; self pleasing that is arrogant: - self-willed.

G830 @ αὐθαίρετος authairetos ow-thah'ee-ret-os From G846 and the same as G140; self chosen that is (by implication) voluntary: - of own accord willing of self.