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- NATURAL kjv@Genesis:1:11-12 kjv@Genesis:1:27-29 .
See under the respective headings of various fruit-producing trees


- Care for kjv@Deuteronomy:20:19-20


Fruits @ The produce of corn, &:c kjv@Deuteronomy:22:9 kjv@Psalms:107:37
The produce of trees kjv@Genesis:1:29 kjv@Ecclesiastes:2:5
Called the
Fruit of the ground kjv@Genesis:4:3 kjv@Jeremiah:7:20
Fruit of the earth kjv@Isaiah:4:2
Increase of the land kjv@Psalms:85:12
Given by God kjv@Acts:14:17
Preserved to us by God kjv@Malachi:3:11
A fruitful land kjv@Psalms:107:31
Rain from heaven kjv@Psalms:104:13 kjv@James:5:18
Influence of the sun and moon kjv@Deuteronomy:33:14
Produced in their due seasons kjv@Matthew:21:41
First of, devoted to God kjv@Deuteronomy:26:2
Divided into
Hasty or precocious kjv@Isaiah:28:4
Summer fruits kjv@2Samuel:16:1
New and old kjv@Songs:7:13
Goodly kjv@Jeremiah:11:16
Pleasant kjv@Songs:4:16
Precious kjv@Deuteronomy:33:14
Evil or bad kjv@Matthew:7:17
To be waited for with patience kjv@James:5:7
Often sent as presents kjv@Genesis:43:11
Often destroyed
In God's anger kjv@Jeremiah:7:20
By blight kjv@Joel:1:12
By locusts, &:c kjv@Deuteronomy:28:38 kjv@Deuteronomy:28:39 kjv@Joel:1:4
By enemies kjv@Ezekiel:25:4
By drought kjv@Haggai:1:10
Of effects of repentance kjv@Matthew:3:8
Of works of the Spirit kjv@Galatians:5:22 kjv@Galatians:5:23 kjv@Ephesians:5:9
Of doctrines of Christ kjv@Songs:2:3
Of good works kjv@Matthew:7:17 kjv@Matthew:7:18 kjv@Philippians:4:17
Of a holy conversation kjv@Proverbs:12:14 kjv@Proverbs:18:20
Of praise kjv@Hebrews:13:15
Of the example, &:c of the godly kjv@Proverbs:11:30
Of effects of industry kjv@Proverbs:31:16 kjv@Proverbs:31:31
Of the reward of saints kjv@Isaiah:3:10
Of the reward of the wicked kjv@Jeremiah:17:9 kjv@Jeremiah:17:10
Of converts to the church kjv@Psalms:72:16 kjv@John:4:36
(Bad,) of the conduct and conversation of evil men kjv@Matthew:12:33


kjv@STRING:Abib <HITCHCOCK>@ green fruit; ears of corn - HITCHCOCK-A

kjv@STRING:Apphia <HITCHCOCK>@ productive; fruitful - HITCHCOCK-A

kjv@STRING:Armageddon <HITCHCOCK>@ hill of fruits; mountain of Megiddo - HITCHCOCK-A

kjv@STRING:Becher <HITCHCOCK>@ first begotten; first fruits - HITCHCOCK-B

kjv@STRING:Bechorath <HITCHCOCK>@ first fruits - HITCHCOCK-B

kjv@STRING:Bethsaida <HITCHCOCK>@ house of fruits, or of food, or of snares - HITCHCOCK-B

kjv@STRING:Bichri <HITCHCOCK>@ first-born; first fruits - HITCHCOCK-B

kjv@STRING:Carpus <HITCHCOCK>@ fruit; fruitful - HITCHCOCK-C

kjv@STRING:Ephraim <HITCHCOCK>@ fruitful; increasing - HITCHCOCK-E

kjv@STRING:Euphrates <HITCHCOCK>@ that makes fruitful - HITCHCOCK-E

kjv@STRING:Magdiel <HITCHCOCK>@ declaring God; chosen fruit of God - HITCHCOCK-M

kjv@STRING:Megiddo <HITCHCOCK>@ his precious fruit; declaring a message - HITCHCOCK-M

kjv@STRING:Nebuzar-adan <HITCHCOCK>@ fruits or prophecies of judgment - HITCHCOCK-N

kjv@STRING:Ophir <HITCHCOCK>@ fruitful region - HITCHCOCK-O

kjv@STRING:Parosh <HITCHCOCK>@ a flea; the fruit of a moth - HITCHCOCK-P

kjv@STRING:Pharpar <HITCHCOCK>@ that produces fruit - HITCHCOCK-P

kjv@STRING:Phurah <HITCHCOCK>@ that bears fruit, or grows - HITCHCOCK-P

kjv@STRING:Poratha <HITCHCOCK>@ fruitful - HITCHCOCK-P


H3 <STRHEB>@ אב 'êb abe From the same as H24; a green plant: - {greenness} fruit.

H4 <STRHEB>@ אב 'êb abe (Chaldee); corresponding to H3: - fruit.

H1061 <STRHEB>@ בּכּוּר bikkûr bik-koor' From H1069; the first fruits of the crop: - first fruit (-ripe {[figuratively}) hasty fruit.

H1063 <STRHEB>@ בּכּוּרה bikkûrâh bik-koo-raw' Feminine of H1061; the early fig: - firstripe (fruit).

H1069 <STRHEB>@ בּכר bâkar baw-kar' A primitive root; properly to burst the {womb} that {is} (causatively) bear or make early fruit (of woman or tree); also (as denominatively from H1061) to give the birthright: - make {firstborn} be {firstling} bring forth first child (new fruit).

H1121 <STRHEB>@ בּן bên bane From H1129; a son (as a builder of the family {name}) in the widest sense (of literal and figurative {relationship} including {grandson} subject6 {nation} quality or {condition} {etc.} (like {H1} {H251} etc.): - + {afflicted} {age} [Ahoh-] [Ammon-] [Hachmon-] {[Lev-]ite} [anoint-]ed {one} appointed {to} (+) {arrow} [Assyr-] [Babylon-] [Egypt-] {[Grec-]ian} one {born} {bough} {branch} {breed} + (young) {bullock} + (young) {calf} X came up {in} {child} {colt} X {common} X {corn} {daughter} X of {first} + {firstborn} {foal} + very {fruitful} + {postage} X {in} + {kid} + {lamb} (+) {man} {meet} + {mighty} + {nephew} {old} (+) {people} + {rebel} + {robber} X servant {born} X {soldier} {son} + {spark} + {steward} + {stranger} X {surely} them {of} + tumultuous {one} + {valiant[-est]} {whelp} {worthy} young ({one}) youth.

H1238 <STRHEB>@ בּקק bâqaq baw-kah' A primitive root; to pour {out} that {is} to {empty} figuratively to depopulate; by analogy to spread out (as a fruitful vine): - (make) empty ({out}) {fail} X {utterly} make void.

H2173 <STRHEB>@ זמרה zimrâh zim-raw' From H2168; pruned (that {is} choice) fruit: - best fruit.

H2233 <STRHEB>@ זרע zerazeh'-rah From H2232; seed; figuratively {fruit} plant6 sowing {time} posterity: - X {carnally} {child} {fruitful} seed ({-time}) sowing-time.

H2463 <STRHEB>@ חלבּון chelbôn khel-bone' From H2459; fruitful; {Chelbon} a place in Syria: - Helbon.

H2981 <STRHEB>@ יבוּל yebûl yeb-ool' From H2986; {produce} that {is} a crop or (figuratively) wealth: - {fruit} increase.

H3206 <STRHEB>@ ילד yeled yeh'-led From H3205; something {born} that {is} a lad or offspring: - {boy} {child} {fruit} {son} young man (one).

H3581 <STRHEB>@ כּוח כּח kôach kôach {ko'-akh} ko'-akh From an unused root meaning to be firm; {vigor} literally ({force} in a good or a bad sense) or figuratively ({capacity} means6 produce); also (from its hardiness) a large lizard: - {ability} {able} {chameleon} {force} {fruits} {might} power ({-ful}) {strength} {substance} wealth.

H3759 <STRHEB>@ כּרמל karmel kar-mel' From H3754; a planted field ({garden} {orchard} vineyard or park); by implication garden produce: - full (green) ears (of {corn}) fruitful field ({place}) plentiful (field).

H3760 <STRHEB>@ כּרמל karmel kar-mel' The same as H3759; {Karmel} the name of a hill and of a town in Palestine: - {Carmel} fruitful (plentiful) {field} (place).

H3899 <STRHEB>@ לחם lechem lekh'-em From H3898; food (for man or {beast}) especially {bread} or grain (for making it): - ([shew-]) {bread} X {eat} {food} {fruit} {loaf} {meat} victuals. See also H1036.

H3978 <STRHEB>@ מאכל makâl mah-ak-awl' From H398; an eatable (including {provender} flesh and fruit): - {food} {fruit} ([bake-]) meat ({-s}) victual.

H4022 <STRHEB>@ מגד meged meh'-ghed From an unused root properly meaning to be eminent; properly a distinguished thing; hence something {valuable} as a product or fruit: - {pleasant} precious fruit (thing).

H4395 <STRHEB>@ מלאה melê'âh mel-ay-aw' Feminine of H4392; something {fulfilled} that {is} abundance (of produce): - (first of ripe) {fruit} fulness.

H5011 <STRHEB>@ נב nôb nobe The same as H5108; fruit; {Nob} a place in Palestine: - Nob.

H5022 <STRHEB>@ נבות nâbôth naw-both' Feminine plural from the same as H5011; fruits; {Naboth} an Israelite: - Naboth.

H5032 <STRHEB>@ נבית נביות nebâyôth nebâyôth {neb-aw-yoth'} neb-aw-yoth' Feminine plural from H5107; fruitfulnesses; {Nebajoth} a son of {Ishmael} and the country settled by him: - {Nebaioth} Nebajoth.

H5107 <STRHEB>@ נוּב nûb noob A primitive root; to {germinate} that {is} (figuratively) to (causatively make) flourish; also (of {words}) to utter: - bring forth ({fruit}) make {cheerful} increase.

H5108 <STRHEB>@ ניב נובo nôb nêyb {nobe} nabe From H5107; {produce} literally or figuratively: - fruit.

H5109 <STRHEB>@ נוביo nôbay no-bah'ee From H5108; fruitful; {Nobai} an Israelite: - Nebai [from the margin].

H6024 <STRHEB>@ ענב ‛ănâb an-awb' From the same as H6025; fruit; {Anab} a place in Palestine: - Anab.

H6025 <STRHEB>@ ענב ‛ênâb ay-nawb' From an unused root probably meaning to bear fruit; a grape: - (ripe) {grape} wine.

H6036 <STRHEB>@ ענוּב ‛ânûb aw-noob' Passive participle from the same as H6025; borne (as fruit); {Anub} an Israelite: - Anub.

H6500 <STRHEB>@ פּרא pârâ' paw-raw' A primitive root; to bear fruit: - be fruitful.

H6509 <STRHEB>@ פּרה pârâh paw-raw' A primitive root; to bear fruit (literally or figuratively): - {bear} bring forth ({fruit}) ({be} cause to {be} make) {fruitful} {grow} increase.

H6529 <STRHEB>@ פּרי perîy per-ee' From H6509; fruit (literally or figuratively): - {bough} ([first-]) fruit ({[-ful]}) reward.

H625 <STRHEB>@ אסף 'ôseph o'-sef From H622; a collection (of fruits): - gathering.

H669 <STRHEB>@ אפרים 'ephrayim ef-rah'-yim Dual of a masculine form of H672; double fruit; {Ephrajim} a son of Joseph; also the tribe descended from {him} and its territory: - Ephraim Ephraimites

H672 <STRHEB>@ אפרתה אפרת 'ephrâth 'ephrâthâh {ef-rawth'} ef-raw'-thaw From H6509; fruitfulness; {Ephrath} another name for Bethlehem; once used in perhaps for Ephraim; also of an Israelitish woman: - {Ephrath} Ephratah.

H7019 <STRHEB>@ קיץ qayits kah'-yits From H6972; harvest (as the {crop}) whether the product (grain or fruit) or the (dry) season: - summer ({fruit} house).

H7225 <STRHEB>@ ראשׁית rê'shîyth ray-sheeth' From the same as H7218; the {first} in {place} {time} order or rank (specifically a firstfruit): - {beginning} chief ({-est}) first ({-fruits} {part} {time}) principal thing.

H7247 <STRHEB>@ רבלה riblâh rib-law' From an unused root meaning to be fruitful; fertile; {Riblah} a place in Syria: - Riblah.

H7416 <STRHEB>@ רמּן רמּון rimmôn rimmôn {rim-mone'} rim-mone' From H7426; a {pomegranate} the tree (from its upright growth) or the fruit (also an artificial ornament): - pomegranate.

H7921 <STRHEB>@ שׁכל shâkôl shaw-kole' A primitive root; properly to {miscarry} that {is} suffer abortion; by analogy to bereave (literally or figuratively): - bereave (of {children}) {barren} cast calf ({fruit} {young}) be (make) {childless} {deprive} {destroy} X {expect} lose {children} {miscarry} rob of {children} spoil.

H8081 <STRHEB>@ שׁמן shemen sheh'-men From H8080; {grease} especially liquid (as from the {olive} often perfumed); figuratively richness: - {anointing} X fat ({things}) X {fruitful} oil ({[-ed]}) {ointment} {olive} + pine.

H8256 <STRHEB>@ שׁקמה שׁקם shâqâm shiqmâh {shaw-kawm'} shik-maw' (The second form is feminine); of uncertain derivation; a sycamore (usually the tree): - sycamore ({fruit} tree).

H8384 <STRHEB>@ תּאנה תּאן ten tenâh {teh-ane'} teh-ay-naw' The second form being singular and feminine; perhaps of foreign derivation; the fig (tree or fruit): - fig (tree).

H8393 <STRHEB>@ תּבוּאה tebû'âh teb-oo-aw' From H935; {income} that {is} produce (literally or figuratively): - {fruit} {gain} {increase} revenue.

H8570 <STRHEB>@ תּנוּבה tenûbâh ten-oo-baw' From H5107; produce: - {fruit} increase.

H8598 <STRHEB>@ תּפּוּח tappûach tap-poo'-akh From H5301; an apple (from its {fragrance}) that {is} the fruit or the tree (probably including others of the pome {order} as the {quince} the {orange} etc.): - apple (tree). See also H1054.

H811 <STRHEB>@ אשׁכּל אשׁכּול 'eshkôl 'eshkôl {esh-kole'} esh-kole' Probably prolonged from H810; a bunch of grapes or other fruit: - cluster (of grapes).

G1081 <STRGRK>@ γέννημα gennēma ghen'-nay-mah From G1080; offspring; by analogy produce (literally or figuratively): - fruit generation.

G1636 <STRGRK>@ ἐλαία elaia el-ah'-yah Feminine of a presumed derivative from an obsolete primary; an olive (the tree or the fruit): - olive (berry tree).

G175 <STRGRK>@ ἄκαρπος akarpos ak'-ar-pos From G1 (as a negative particle) and G2590; barren (literally or figuratively): - without fruit unfruitful.

G2590 <STRGRK>@ καρπός karpos kar-pos' Probably from the base of G726; fruit (as plucked) literally or figuratively: - fruit.

G2592 <STRGRK>@ καρποφορέω karpophoreō kar-pof-or-eh'-o From G2593; to be fertile (literally or figuratively): - be (bear bring forth) fruit (-ful).

G2593 <STRGRK>@ καρποφόρος karpophoros kar-pof-or'-os From G2590 and G5342; fruitbearing (figuratively): - fruitful.

G2757 <STRGRK>@ κενοφωνία kenophōnia ken-of-o-nee'-ah From a presumed compound of G2756 and G5456; empty sounding that is fruitless discussion: - vain.

G3703 <STRGRK>@ ὀπώρα opōra op-o'-rah Apparently from the base of G3796 and G5610; properly even tide of the (summer) season (dog days) that is (by implication) ripe fruit: - fruit.

G5052 <STRGRK>@ τελεσφορέω telesphoreō tel-es-for-eh'-o From a compound of G5056 and G5342; to be a bearer to completion (maturity) that is to ripen fruit (figuratively): - bring fruit to perfection.

G5166 <STRGRK>@ τρυγάω trugaō troo-gah'-o From a derivative of τρύγω trugō (to dry) meaning ripe fruit (as if dry); to collect the vintage: - gather.

G5352 <STRGRK>@ φθινοπωρινός phthinopōrinos fthin-op-o-ree-nos' From a derivative of φθίνω phthinō (to wane; akin to the base of G5351) and G3703 (meaning late autumn) autumnal (as stripped of leaves): - whose fruit withereth.

G536 <STRGRK>@ ἀπαρχή aparchē ap-ar-khay' From a compound of G575 and G756; a beginning of sacrifice that is the (Jewish) first fruit (figuratively): - first-fruits.

G985 <STRGRK>@ βλαστάνω blastanō blas-tan'-o From βλαστός blastos (a sprout); to germinate; by implication to yield fruit: - bring forth bud spring (up).



Fruit @ a word as used in Scripture denoting produce in general, whether vegetable or animal. The Hebrews divided the fruits of the land into three classes:,

(1.) The fruit of the field, "corn-fruit" (Heb. dagan); all kinds of grain and pulse.

(2.) The fruit of the vine, "vintage-fruit" (Heb. tirosh); grapes, whether moist or dried.

(3.) "Orchard-fruits" (Heb. yitshar), as dates, figs, citrons, etc. Injunctions concerning offerings and tithes were expressed by these Hebrew terms alone kjv@Numbers:18:12; kjv@Deuteronomy:14:23). This word "fruit" is also used of children or offspring kjv@Genesis:30:2; kjv@Deuteronomy:7:13; kjv@Luke:1:42; kjv@Psalms:21:10 kjv@Psalms:132:11); also of the progeny of beasts kjv@Deuteronomy:28:51; kjv@Isaiah:14:29). It is used metaphorically in a variety of forms kjv@Psalms:104:13; kjv@Proverbs:1:31 kjv@Proverbs:11:30 kjv@Proverbs:31:16 ; kjv@Isaiah:3:10 kjv@Isaiah:10:12; kjv@Matthew:3:8 kjv@Matthew:21:41 kjv@Matthew:26:29 ; kjv@Hebrews:13:15; kjv@Romans:7:4-5 kjv@Romans:15:28). The fruits of the Spirit kjv@Galatians:5:22-23; kjv@Ephesians:5:9; kjv@James:3:17-18) are those gracious dispositions and habits which the Spirit produces in those in whom he dwells and works.



- UNFRUITFULNESS @ (A) FRUITFULNESS, Spiritual, enjoined- kjv@Matthew:3:8; kjv@John:15:16; kjv@Romans:7:4; kjv@2Corinthians:9:10; kjv@Philippians:1:11; kjv@Philippians:4:17; kjv@Colossians:1:10

(1) General References to Produced in All Periods of Life- kjv@Psalms:92:13,14 Perennial- kjv@Ezekiel:47:12 Grown only upon Good Ground- kjv@Matthew:13:8 Many Varieties of- kjv@Galatians:5:22,23 Without Defect- kjv@Ephesians:5:9; kjv@Philippians:1:11 The Product of Heavenly Wisdom- kjv@James:3:17
SEE 1336 Tree of Life, TREE OF LIFE

(2) Conditions of Fruitbearing Contact with Living Water kjv@Psalms:1:3 Spiritual Receptivity- kjv@Matthew:13:23 Death of the Old Life- kjv@John:12:24 Chastening, or Pruning- kjv@John:15:2 Abiding in Christ- kjv@John:15:5; kjv@Romans:6:22; kjv@Hebrews:12:11 Chastisement, AFFLICTIONS Afflictions


(3) Christian Graces exemplify- kjv@Romans:5:3,4; kjv@2Corinthians:6:6; kjv@2Corinthians:8:7; kjv@2Peter:1:5,6,7 (C) UNFRUITFULNESS, general references to- kjv@Isaiah:5:2 Divine Judgment Visited Upon- kjv@Matthew:3:10 Worldliness a Cause of- kjv@Matthew:13:22 Results in the Master's Disappointment- kjv@Luke:13:6 Failure to Invest Life's Resources- kjv@Luke:19:20; kjv@John:15:2 Ends in Spiritual Rejection- kjv@Hebrews:6:8 Indifference, INDIFFERENCE Neglect, INDIFFERENCE Israel a Vine, ISRAEL

- THE JEWS (D) SIN'S FRUIT Bitter- kjv@Deuteronomy:32:32 Natural- kjv@Isaiah:5:2 Selfish- kjv@Hosea:10:1 Deceitful- kjv@Hosea:10:13 Corrupt- kjv@Matthew:7:17 Fleshly- kjv@Galatians:5:19,20,21 Evil Works, WORKS, EVIL Sin's Harvest, REAPING