Dict: all - redemption


- Of persons or property kjv@Leviticus:25:25-34; kjv@Leviticus:27:2-13-14-33; kjv@Ruth:4:3-10
- Redemption money paid to priests kjv@Numbers:3:46-51
- Of the firstborn .
- Of land .

- OF OUR SOULS kjv@Psalms:111:9; kjv@Psalms:130:7; kjv@Matthew:20:28; kjv@Mark:10:45; kjv@Luke:2:38; kjv@Acts:20:28; kjv@Romans:3:24-26; kjv@1Corinthians:1:30; kjv@1Corinthians:6:20; kjv@1Corinthians:7:23; kjv@Galatians:1:4; kjv@Galatians:2:20; kjv@Galatians:4:4-5; kjv@Ephesians:1:7; kjv@Ephesians:5:2; kjv@Colossians:1:14 kjv@Colossians:1:20-22 kjv@1Timothy:2:6; kjv@Titus:2:14; kjv@Hebrews:9:12 kjv@Hebrews:9:15 kjv@1Peter:1:18-19; kjv@Revelation:5:9-10 .


Redemption @ Defined kjv@1Corinthians:6:20 kjv@1Corinthians:7:23
Is of God kjv@Isaiah:44:21-23 kjv@Isaiah:43:1 kjv@Luke:1:68
Is by Christ kjv@Matthew:20:28 kjv@Galatians:3:13
Is by the blood of Christ kjv@Acts:20:28 kjv@Hebrews:9:12 kjv@1Peter:1:19 kjv@Revelation:5:9
Christ sent to effect kjv@Galatians:4:4 kjv@Galatians:4:5
Christ is made, to us kjv@1Corinthians:1:30
Is from
The bondage of the law kjv@Galatians:4:5
The curse of the law kjv@Galatians:3:13
The power of sin kjv@Romans:6:18 kjv@Romans:6:22
The power of the grave kjv@Psalms:49:15
All troubles kjv@Psalms:25:22
All iniquity kjv@Psalms:130:8 kjv@Titus:2:14
All evil kjv@Genesis:48:16
The present evil world kjv@Galatians:1:4
Vain conversation kjv@1Peter:1:18
Enemies kjv@Psalms:106:10 kjv@Psalms:106:11 kjv@Jeremiah:15:21
Death kjv@Hosea:13:14
Destruction kjv@Psalms:103:4
Man cannot effect kjv@Psalms:49:7
Corruptible things cannot purchase kjv@1Peter:1:18
Procures for us
Justification kjv@Romans:3:24
Forgiveness of sin kjv@Ephesians:1:7 kjv@Colossians:1:14
Adoption kjv@Galatians:4:4 kjv@Galatians:4:5
Purification kjv@Titus:2:14
The present life, the only season for kjv@Job:36:18 kjv@Job:36:19
Described as
Precious kjv@Psalms:49:8
Plenteous kjv@Psalms:130:7
Eternal kjv@Hebrews:9:12
Subjects of
The soul kjv@Psalms:49:8
The body kjv@Romans:8:23
The life kjv@Psalms:103:4 kjv@Lamentations:3:58
The inheritance kjv@Ephesians:1:14
Manifests the
Power of God kjv@Isaiah:50:2
Grace of God kjv@Isaiah:52:3
Love and pity of God kjv@Isaiah:63:9 kjv@John:3:16 kjv@Romans:6:8 kjv@1John:4:10
A subject for praise kjv@Isaiah:44:22 kjv@Isaiah:44:23 kjv@Isaiah:51:11
Old Testament saints partakers of kjv@Hebrews:9:15
They who partake of
Are the property of God kjv@Isaiah:43:1 kjv@1Corinthians:6:20
Are first-fruits to God kjv@Revelation:14:4
Are a peculiar people kjv@2Samuel:7:23 kjv@Titus:2:14 kjv@1Peter:2:9
Are assured of kjv@Job:19:25 kjv@Psalms:31:5
Are sealed to the day of kjv@Ephesians:4:30
Are Zealous of good works kjv@Ephesians:2:10 kjv@Titus:2:14 kjv@1Peter:2:9
Walk safely in holiness kjv@Isaiah:35:8 kjv@Isaiah:35:9
Shall return to Zion with joy kjv@Isaiah:35:10
Alone can learn the songs of heaven kjv@Revelation:14:3 kjv@Revelation:14:4
Commit themselves to God kjv@Psalms:31:5
Have an earnest of the completion of kjv@Ephesians:1:14 kjv@2Corinthians:1:22
Wait for the completion of kjv@Romans:8:23 kjv@Philippians:3:20 kjv@Philippians:3:21 kjv@Titus:2:11-13
Pray for the completion of kjv@Psalms:26:11 kjv@Psalms:44:26
Praise God for kjv@Psalms:71:23 kjv@Psalms:103:4 kjv@Revelation:5:9
Should glorify God for kjv@1Corinthians:6:20
Should be without fear kjv@Isaiah:43:1
Israel kjv@Exodus:6:6
First-born kjv@Exodus:13:11-15 kjv@Numbers:18:15
Atonement-money kjv@Exodus:30:12-15
Bond-servant kjv@Leviticus:25:47-54


kjv@STRING:Arpad <HITCHCOCK>@ the light of redemption - HITCHCOCK-A

kjv@STRING:Iphedeiah <HITCHCOCK>@ redemption of the Lord - HITCHCOCK-I

kjv@STRING:Padon <HITCHCOCK>@ his redemption; ox-yoke - HITCHCOCK-P

kjv@STRING:Pedahzur <HITCHCOCK>@ strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption - HITCHCOCK-P

kjv@STRING:Pedaiah <HITCHCOCK>@ redemption of the Lord - HITCHCOCK-P


H1353 <STRHEB>@ גּאלּה gellâh gheh-ool-law' Feminine passive participle of H1350; redemption (including the right and the object); by implication relationship: - {kindred} {redeem} {redemption} right.

H3724 <STRHEB>@ כּפר kôpher ko'-fer From H3722; properly a {cover} that {is} (literally) a village (as covered in); (specifically) bitumen (as used for {coating}) and the henna plant (as used for dyeing); figuratively a redemption price: - {bribe} {camphire} {pitch} {ransom} {satisfaction} sum of {money} village.

H6304 <STRHEB>@ פּדת פּדוּת pedûth pedûth {ped-ooth'} ped-ooth' From H6929; distinction; also deliverance: - {division} {redeem} redemption.

H6306 <STRHEB>@ פּדין פּדיון פּדים פּדיום pidyôm pidyôm pidyôn pidyôn (1,2) {pid-yome'} (3,4) pid-yone' From H6299; a ransom: - {ransom} that were {redeemed} redemption.

G3083 <STRGRK>@ λύτρον lutron loo'-tron From G3089; something to loosen with that is a redemption price (figuratively atonement): - ransom.

G3085 <STRGRK>@ λύτρωσις lutrōsis loo'-tro-sis From G3084; a ransoming (figuratively): - + redeemed redemption.

G487 <STRGRK>@ ἀντίλυτρον antilutron an-til'-oo-tron From G473 and G3083; a redemption price: - ransom.

G629 <STRGRK>@ ἀπολύτρωσις apolutrōsis ap-ol-oo'-tro-sis From a compound of G575 and G3083; (the act) ransom in full that is (figuratively) riddance or (specifically) Christian salvation: - deliverance redemption.



Redemption @ the purchase back of something that had been lost, by the payment of a ransom. The Greek word so rendered is apolutrosis, a word occurring nine times in Scripture, and always with the idea of a ransom or price paid, i.e., redemption by a lutron (see kjv@Matthew:20:28; kjv@Mark:10:45). There are instances in the LXX. Version of the Old Testament of the use of lutron in man's relation to man kjv@Leviticus:19:20 kjv@Leviticus:25:51; kjv@Exodus:21:30; kjv@Numbers:35:31-32; kjv@Isaiah:45:13; kjv@Proverbs:6:35), and in the same sense of man's relation to God kjv@Numbers:3:49 kjv@Numbers:18:15). There are many passages in the New Testament which represent Christ's sufferings under the idea of a ransom or price, and the result thereby secured is a purchase or redemption (comp. kjv@Acts:20:28; kjv@1Corinthians:6:19-20; kjv@Galatians:3:13 kjv@Galatians:4:4-5; kjv@Ephesians:1:7; kjv@Colossians:1:14; kjv@1Timothy:2:5-6; kjv@Titus:2:14; kjv@Hebrews:9:12; kjv@1Peter:1:18-19; kjv@Revelation:5:9). The idea running through all these texts, however various their reference, is that of payment made for our redemption. The debt against us is not viewed as simply cancelled, but is fully paid. Christ's blood or life, which he surrendered for them, is the "ransom" by which the deliverance of his people from the servitude of sin and from its penal consequences is secured. It is the plain doctrine of Scripture that "Christ saves us neither by the mere exercise of power, nor by his doctrine, nor by his example, nor by the moral influence which he exerted, nor by any subjective influence on his people, whether natural or mystical, but as a satisfaction to divine justice, as an expiation for sin, and as a ransom from the curse and authority of the law, thus reconciling us to God by making it consistent with his perfection to exercise mercy toward sinners" (Hodge's Systematic Theology).



(1) God the Author of- kjv@Psalms:31:5; kjv@Psalms:119:9; kjv@Psalms:130:7; kjv@Isaiah:43:1; kjv@Luke:1:68; kjv@Luke:2:38; kjv@Ephesians:4:30 Salvation


(2) Through Christ- kjv@Romans:3:24; kjv@1Corinthians:1:30; kjv@Galatians:3:13; kjv@Colossians:1:14; kjv@Titus:2:14; kjv@Hebrews:9:12 kjv@1Peter:1:18; kjv@Revelation:5:9
See Blood

(1), CHRIST JESUS Atonement

(1), ATONEMENT Cross of Christ, CROSS OF CHRIST Salvation

(2), SALVATION Death


(3) Of Land and Persons- kjv@Leviticus:25:27; 49: kjv@Leviticus:27:19; kjv@Nehemiah:5:8