Dict: strongs - G139


G1390 @ δόμα doma dom'-ah From the base of G1325; a present: - gift.

G1391 @ δόξα doxa dox'-ah From the base of G1380; glory (as very apparent) in a wide application (literally or figuratively objectively or subjectively): - dignity glory (-ious) honour praise worship.

G1392 @ δοξάζω doxazō dox-ad'-zo From G1391; to render (or esteem) glorious (in a wide application): - (make) glorify (-ious) full of (have) glory honour magnify.

G1393 @ Δορκάς Dorkas dor-kas' gazelle; Dorcas a Christian woman: - Dorcas.

G1394 @ δόσις dosis dos'-is From the base of G1325; a giving; by implication (concretely) a gift: - gift giving.

G1395 @ δότης dotēs dot'-ace From the base of G1325; a giver: - giver.

G1396 @ δουλαγωγέω doulagōgeō doo-lag-ogue-eh'-o From a presumed compound of G1401 and G71; to be a slave driver that is to enslave (figuratively subdue): - bring into subjection.

G1397 @ δουλεία douleia doo-li'-ah From G1398; slavery (ceremonially or figuratively): - bondage.

G1398 @ δουλεύω douleuō dool-yoo'-o From G1401; to be a slave to (literally or figuratively involuntarily or voluntarily): - be in bondage (do) serve (-ice).

G1399 @ δούλη doulē doo'-lay Feminine of G1401; a female slave (involuntarily or voluntarily): - handmaid (-en).

G1741 @ ἔνδοξος endoxos en'-dox-os From G1722 and G1391; in glory that is splendid (figuratively) noble: - glorious gorgeous [-ly] honourable.

G139 @ αἵρεσις hairesis hah'ee-res-is From G138; properly a choice that is (specifically) a party or (abstractly) disunion. (heresy is the Greek word itself.): - heresy [which is the Greekord itself] sect.

G2755 @ κενόδοξος kenodoxos ken-od'-ox-os From G2756 and G1391; vainly glorifying that is self conceited: - desirous of vain-glory.

G3787 @ ὀφθαλμοδουλεία ophthalmodouleia of-thal-mod-oo-li'-ah From G3788 and G1397; sight labor that is that needs watching (remissness): - eye-service.

G3861 @ παράδοξος paradoxos par-ad'-ox-os From G3844 and G1391 (in the sense of seeming); contrary to expectation that is extraordinary (paradox): - strange.

G4888 @ συνδοξάζω sundoxazō soon-dox-ad'-zo From G4862 and G1392; to exalt to dignity in company (that is similarly) with: - glorify together.