Dict: strongs - G545


G1631 @ ἐκφύω ekphuō ek-foo'-o From G1537 and G5453; to sprout up: - put forth.

G1720 @ ἐμφυσάω emphusaō em-foo-sah'-o From G1722 and φυσάω phusaō (to puff; compare G5453); to blow at or on: - breathe on.

G1721 @ ἔμφυτος emphutos em'-foo-tos From G1722 and a derivative of G5453; implanted (figuratively): - engrafted.

G2019 @ ἐπιφωνέω epiphōneō ep-ee-fo-neh'-o From G1909 and G5455; to call at something that is exclaim: - cry (against) give a shout.

G2757 @ κενοφωνία kenophōnia ken-of-o-nee'-ah From a presumed compound of G2756 and G5456; empty sounding that is fruitless discussion: - vain.

G219 @ ἀλεκτοροφωνία alektorophōnia al-ek-tor-of-o-nee'-ah From G220 and G5456; cock crow that is the third night watch: - cockcrowing.

G3504 @ νεόφυτος neophutos neh-of'-oo-tos From G3501 and a derivative of G5453; newly planted that is (figuratively) a young convert (neophyte): - novice.

G400 @ ἀναφωνέω anaphōneō an-af-o-neh'-o From G303 and G5455; to exclaim: - speak out.

G4377 @ προσφωνέω prosphōneō pros-fo-neh'-o From G4314 and G5455; to sound towards that is address6 exclaim summon: - call unto speak (un-) to.

G4854 @ σύμφυτος sumphutos soom'-foo-tos From G4862 and a derivative of G5453; grown along with (connate) that is (figuratively) closely united to: - planted together.

G4855 @ συμφύω sumphuō soom-foo'-o From G4862 and G5453; passively to grow jointly: - spring up with.

G4859 @ σύμφωνος sumphōnos soom'-fo-nos From G4862 and G5456; sounding together (alike) that is (figuratively) accordant (neuter as noun agreement): - consent.

G5316 @ φαίνω phainō fah'ee-no Prolongation for the base of G5457; to lighten (shine) that is show (transitive or intransitive literal or figurative): - appear seem be seen shine X think.

G5338 @ φέγγος pheggos feng'-gos Probably akin to the base of G5457 (compare G5350); brilliancy: - light.

G5346 @ φημί phēmi fay-mee' Properly the same as the base of G5457 and G5316; to show or make known one´ s thoughts that is speak or say: - affirm say. Compare G3004.

G5402 @ Φοίβη Phoibē foy'-bay Feminine of Φοῖβος Phoibos (bright; probably akin to the base of G5457); Phaebe a Christian woman: - Phebe.

G5443 @ φυλή phulē foo-lay' From G5453 (compare G5444); an offshoot that is race or clan: - kindred tribe.

G5445 @ φύραμα phurama foo'-ram-ah From a prolonged form of φύρω phurō (to mix a liquid with a solid; perhaps akin to G5453 through the idea of swelling in bulk) mean to knead; a mass of dough: - lump.

G5449 @ φύσις phusis foo'-sis From G5453; growth (by germination or expansion) that is (by implication) natural production (lineal descent); by extension a genus or sort; figuratively native disposition constitution or usage: - ([man-]) kind nature ([-al]).

G5450 @ φυσίωσις phusiōsis foo-see'-o-sis From G5448; inflation that is (figuratively) haughtiness: - swelling.

G5451 @ φυτεία phuteia foo-ti'-ah From G5452; trans planting that is (concretely) a shrub or vegetable: - plant.

G5452 @ φυτεύω phuteuō foot-yoo'-o From a derivative of G5453; to set out in the earth that is implant. Figuratively to instil doctrine: - plant.

G5453 @ φύω phuō foo'-o A primary verb; probably originally to puff or blow that is to swell up; but only used in the implied sense to germinate or grow (sprout produce) literally or figuratively: - spring (up).

G5454 @ φωλεός phōleos fo-leh-os' Of uncertain derivation; a burrow or lurking place: - hole.

G5455 @ φωνέω phōneō fo-neh'-o From G5456; to emit a sound (animal human or instrumental); by implication to address in words or by name also in imitation: - call (for) crow cry.

G5456 @ φωνή phōnē fo-nay' Probably akin to G5316 through the idea of disclosure; a tone (articulate bestial or artificial); by implication an address (for any purpose) saying or language: - noise sound voice.

G5457 @ φῶς phōs foce From an obsoleteφάω phaō (to shine or make manifest especially by rays; compare G5316 and G5346); luminousness (in the widest application natural or artificial abstract or concrete literal or figurative): - fire light.

G5458 @ φωστήρ phōstēr foce-tare' From G5457; an illuminator that is (concretely) a luminary or (abstractly) brilliancy: - light.

G5459 @ φωσφόρος phōsphoros foce-for'-os From G5457 and G5342; light bearing (phosphorus) that is (specifically) the morning star (figuratively): - day star.

G5460 @ φωτεινός phōteinos fo-ti-nos' From G5457; lustrous that is transparent or well illuminated (figurative): - bright full of light.

G5461 @ φωτίζω phōtizō fo-tid'-zo From G5457; to shed rays that is to shine or (transitively) to brighten up (literally or figuratively): - enlighten illuminate (bring to give) light make to see.

G543 @ ἀπείθεια apeitheia ap-i'-thi-ah From G545; disbelief (obstinate and rebellious): - disobedience unbelief.

G544 @ ἀπειθέω apeitheō ap-i-theh'-o From G545; to disbelieve (wilfully and perversely): - not believe disobedient obey not unbelieving.

G545 @ ἀπειθής apeithēs ap-i-thace' From G1 (as a negative particle) and G3982; unpersuadable that is contumacious: - disobedient.

G880 @ ἄφωνος aphōnos af'-o-nos From G1 (as a negative particle) and G5456; voiceless that is mute (by nature or choice); figuratively unmeaning: - dumb without signification.