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Adultery Agriculture Animals, Kindness to Kindness to Atonement, Day of Bestiality Blasphemy Blessings Obedience Blind Blood Eating Childrearing Cities of Refuge Clean and Unclean Clothing Corners of Field Covet Cursings, Disobedience Deaf Death Penalty - Adultery Death Penalty - Bestiality Death Penalty - Blasphemy Death Penalty - Defying the Law Death Penalty - Disobedient to Parents Death Penalty - Eating Fat or Blood Death Penalty - False Prophets Death Penalty - Homosexuality Death Penalty - Idolatry Death Penalty - Kidnapping Death Penalty - Murder Death Penalty - Rape Death Penalty - Sabbath Breaking Death Penalty - Sex during Menstruation Death Penalty - Wizards and Witches Death Penalty Divorce Enemy False Prophets Familiar Spirits Fat - Eating Fatherless - Orphans Firstborn Firstfruits Firstlings Fornication Gleanings Government Healing Health Holy Days Homosexuality Idolatry Incest Inheritance Interest Intermarriage Interracial Marriage Israel, Chosen People Jubilee Judges & Priestly Gvt Kings, Duty of Land Sabbath Lie Murder New Moons Obedience Occult One Law Pagan Holidays Parents - Honor Passover & Feast of UB Penalties - Civil Pentecost Pilgrimage Feasts Poor Requirements Sabbath Sabbatical Year Safety Sanitation & Cleanness Servants Sickness Slaves Steal Strangers - Aliens Swearing Tabernacles - Feast of Three Times a Year Tithing - First Tithing - Second Tithing - Third Trees - Kindness to Trumpets - Day of Usury Vows Warfare - Rules of Weeks - Feast of Weights & Measures Widows Witches & Wizards Year of Release Adapted from sources at
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