StorylinesOT StorylinesNT
kjv@Genesis:1:1 Creation- StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:1:3-2:3 The Seven Days of Creation- StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:2:4-25 Adam and Eve - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:3 The Fall - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:4 Cain and Abel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:5 Geneology - Adam to Noah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:6-9 The Great Flood - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:10 The Table of Nations - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:11:1-9 The Tower of Babel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:11:10-32 Geneology - Shem to Abraham - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:12-14 Abraham is Called to the Holy Land- StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:15-17 God's Covenant with Abraham - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:18-19 Sodom and Gomorrah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:20-23 Abraham Sarah, and Isaac - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:24 Isaac and Rebekah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:25:1-11 The Death of Abraham - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:25:12-18 Geneology - Ishmael - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:25:19-27:40 Jacob Competes with Esau - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:27:41-28:22 Jacob Flees to Aram - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:29-30 Jacob in Aram - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:31-33 Jacob Returns to Face Esau - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:34 Dinah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:35 Jacob Returns to Bethel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:36 Geneology - Esau - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:37 Joseph Sold into Slavery - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:38 Judah and Tamar - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:39-41 Joseph in Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:42-45 Joseph's Brothers Come to Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:46:1-49:28 The Israelites live in Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Genesis:49:29-50:26 The Deaths of Jacob and Joseph - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:1:1-2:10 The Birth of Moses - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:2:11-4:17 Moses in Midian - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:4:18-6:12 Moses Returns to Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:6:13-27 Geneology - Moses - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:6:28-12:30 The 10 Plagues and the Passover- StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:12:31-13:16 The Exodus from Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:13:17-15:21 Crossing the Sea - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:15:22-18:27 From the Sea to Mount Sinai - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:19:1-20:21 The Ten Commandments - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:20:22-24:18 Various Laws Set Forth by God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:25-31 The Tabernacle Defined by God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:32:1-33:6 The Golden Calf - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:33:7-23 The Meeting Tent - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:34 The New Tablets - StorylinesOT
kjv@Exodus:35-40 The Tabernacle is Built - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:1 Burnt Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:2 Grain Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:3 Fellowship Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:4:1-5:13 Sin Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:5:14-6:7 Guilt Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:6:8-13 Burnt Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:6:14-23 Grain Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:6:24-30 Sin Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:7:11-21 Fellowship Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:7:1-10 Guilt Offering - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:7:22-27 Eating Blood Forbidden - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:7:28-38 Priests' Portion - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:8 Ordination of Aaron & Sons - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:9 Priests' Ministry Begins - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:10 Death of Nadab & Abihu - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:11 Clean & Unclean Food - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:12 Purification After Childbirth- StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:13 Skin Disease Regulations - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:14 Skin Disease Cleansing - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:15 Bodily Discharges - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:16 Day of Atonement - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:17 Eating Blood Forbidden - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:18 Unlawful Sexual Relations - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:19 Various Laws - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:20 Punishments for Law-breaking - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:21-22 Rules for Priests - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:23 Sabbath & Feast Days - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:24:1-9 Lamp Oil & Bread - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:24:10-23 A Blasphemer is Stoned - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:25 The Sabbath Year & Year of Jubilee - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:26 Reward or Punishment - StorylinesOT
kjv@Leviticus:27 Rules for Dedication & Redemption - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:1 1st Census (at Mt Sinai) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:2 Camp Arrangement - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:3 The Levite Clans - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:4 The Levite Duties - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:5 Various Laws - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:6:1-21 Nazarite Vows - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:6:22-27 Priests Bless the Israelites - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:7 Tabernacle Dedication (12 Days)- StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:8 The Levites are Set Apart to God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:9:1-14 2nd Passover (at Mt Sinai) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:9:15-23 The Cloud Over the Tabernacle - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:10:1-10: 2 Silver Trumpets - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:10:11-36 Israelites Leave Mt Sinai - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:11:1-3 Fire Sent Down at Taberah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:11:4-35 The Quail & the Plague - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:12 Miriam & Aaron Oppose Moses - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:13 The 12 Scouts Explore Canaan - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:14 Rebellion at Kadesh - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:15:1-31 Additional Offerings - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:15:32-36 A Sabbath-breaker is Stoned - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:15:37-41 Tassles on Garments - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:16 Korah's Rebellion - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:17 Budding of Aaron's Staff - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:18 Priests' Duties & Offerings - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:19 Ashes of the Red Heifer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:20:1-13 Moses Strikes the Rock at Meribah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:20:14-21 Edom Denies Passage - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:20:22-29 Death of Aaron at Mt Hor - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:21:1-3 Arad Defeated at Hormah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:21:4-9 Bronze Snake on a Pole - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:21:10-20 Journey to Maob - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:21:21-35 Sihon & Og Defeated - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:22 Balak Hires Balaam - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:23-24 Balaam's 6 Oracles - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:25 Moab Women Seduce Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:26 2nd Census (at Moab) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:27:1-11 Zelophehad's Daughters Appeal for an Inheritance - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:27:12-23 Joshua to Succeed Moses - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:28:1-15 Regular Offerings - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:28:16-29:40 Feast Offerings - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:30 Vows - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:31 Vengeance on the Midianites - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:32 Trans-Jordan Tribes - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:33 Summary of Israelites Journey - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:34 Canaan Boundaries - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:35 6 Cities of Refuge - StorylinesOT
kjv@Numbers:36 Zelophehad's Daughters Receive Their Inheritance - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:1:1-8 Leaving Horeb (recalled) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:1:9-18 Appointing Judges: (recalled) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:1:19-25 12 Scouts (recalled) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:1:26-46 Rebellion at Kadesh (recalled)- StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:2:1-23 Wandering in the Desert (recalled) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:2:24-3:11 Defeat of Sihon & Og (recalled) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:3:12-20 Division of Trans-Jordan (recalled) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:3:21-29 Moses Forbidden to Cross the Jordan (recalled) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:4:1-40 Call to Obedience & Reverence - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:4:41-43 3 Trans-Jordan Cities of Refuge - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:4:44-5:33 The 10 Commandments (recalled)- StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:6 Obey God's Laws - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:7:1-9:6 Call to Drive Out the Canaan Nations - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:9:7-10:11 The Golden Calf & 2nd Tablets (recalled) - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:10:12-11:32 Fear, Love & Obey God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:12 One Place of Worship Foretold - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:13 Reject the Worship of Other Gods - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:14:1-21 Clean & Unclean Food - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:14:22-29 Tithes - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:15 7th Year: Cancel Debts & Free Servants - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:16:1-17 Feasts - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:16:18-18:13 Various Laws - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:18:14-22 True Prophets of God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:19:1-14 3 Western Cities of Refuge - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:19:15-21 False Witnesses - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:20 Going to War - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:21-26 Various Laws - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:27-28 Curses & Blessings from Mt Ebal - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:29 Renewal of the Covenant - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:30 Offer of Life or Death - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:31:1-8 Joshua to Succeed Moses - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:31:9-13 Reading of Law Every 7 Years - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:31:14-29 Israel's Rebellion Predicted - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:31:30-32:47 Song of Moses - StorylinesOT
kjv@Deuteronomy:32:48-34:12 Death of Moses - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:1 The LORD Commands Joshua - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:2 Rahab and the Spies - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:3-4 Crossing the Jordan - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:5:1-12 Circumcision at Gilgal - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:5:13-6:27 The Fall of Jericho - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:7 Achan's Sin - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:8:1-29 Ai Destroyed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:8:30-35 The Covenant Renewed at Mount Ebal - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:9 The Gibeonite Deception - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:10:1-15 The Sun Stands Still - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:10:16-28 Five Amorite Kings Killed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:10:29-43 Southern Cities Conquered - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:11 Northern Kings Defeated - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:12 List of Defeated Kings - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:13:1-7 Land Still to Be Taken - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:13:8-33 Division of the Land East of the Jordan- StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:14:1-5 Division of the Land West of the Jordan- StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:14:6-15 Hebron Given to Caleb - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:15 Allotment for Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:16-17 Allotment for Ephraim and Manasseh - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:18:1-10 Division of the Rest of the Land - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:18:11-28 Allotment for Benjamin - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:19:1-9 Allotment for Simeon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:19:10-16 Allotment for Allotment for Zebulun - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:19:17-23 Allotment for Issachar - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:19:24-31 Allotment for Asher - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:19:32-39 Allotment for Naphtali - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:19:40-48 Allotment for Daniel: - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:19:49-51 Allotment for Joshua - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:20 Cities of Refuge - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:21 Towns for the Levites - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:22 Eastern Tribes Return Home - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:23 Joshua's Farewell to the Leaders - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:24:1-27 The Covenant Renewed at Shechem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joshua:24:28-33 Buried in the Promised Land - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:1 Israel Fights the Remaining Canaanites- StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:2:1-5 The Angel of the LORD at Bokim - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:2:6:3-6 Disobedience and Defeat - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:3:7-11 Othniel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:3:12-30 Ehud - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:3:31 Shamgar - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:4 Deborah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:5 The Song of Deborah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:6 Gideon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:7 Gideon Defeats the Midianites - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:8:1-21 Zebah and Zalmunna - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:8:22-27 Gideon's Ephod - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:8:28-35 Gideon's Death - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:9 Abimelech - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:10:1-2 Tola - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:10:3-5 Jair - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:10:6-11:40 Jephthah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:12:1-7 Jephthah and Ephraim - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:12:8-15 Ibzan, Elon and Abdon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:13 The Birth of Samson - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:14 Samson's Marriage - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:15 Samson's Vengeance on the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:16:1-22 Samson and Delilah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:16:23-31 The Death of Samson - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:17 Micah:'s Idols - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:18 Danites Settle in Laish - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:19 A Levite and His Concubine - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:20 Israelites Fight the Benjamites - StorylinesOT
kjv@Judges:21 Wives for the Benjamites - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ruth:1 Naomi's Husband & Sons Die in Moab - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ruth:2 Ruth Meets Boaz - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ruth:3 Ruth and Boaz at the Threshing Floor- StorylinesOT
kjv@Ruth:4:1-12 Ruth Marries Boaz - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ruth:4:13-22 The Genealogy of David - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:1:1-20 The Birth of Samuel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:1:21-28 Hannah Dedicates Samuel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:2:1-11 Hannah's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:2:12-26 Eli's Wicked Sons - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:2:27-36 Prophecy Against the House of Eli - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:3 The LORD Calls Samuel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:4:1-11 The Philistines Capture the Ark - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:4:12-22 Death of Eli - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:5 The Ark in Ashdod and Ekron - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:6:1-7:1 The Ark Returned to Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:7:2-17 Samuel Subdues the Philistines at Mizpah- StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:8 Israel Asks for a King - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:9 Samuel Anoints Saul - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:10:1-8 Samuel Anoints Saul - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:10:9-27 Saul Made King - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:11:1-11 Saul Rescues the City of Jabesh - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:11:12-15 Saul Confirmed as King - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:12 Samuel's Farewell Speech - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:13:1-15 Samuel Rebukes Saul - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:13:16-22 Israel Without Weapons - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:13:23-14:14 Jonathan Attacks the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:14:15-23 Israel Routs the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:14:24-48 Jonathan Eats Honey - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:14:49-52 Saul's Family - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:15 The LORD Rejects Saul as King - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:16:1-13 Samuel Anoints David - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:16:14-23 David in Saul's Service - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:17 David and Goliath - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:18 Saul's Jealousy of David - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:19 Saul Tries to Kill David - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:20 David and Jonathan - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:21:1-9 David at Nob - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:21:10-15 David at Gath - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:22:1-5 David at Adullam and Mizpah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:22:6-23 Saul Kills the Priest of Nob - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:23:1-6 David Saves Keilah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:23:7-29 Saul Pursues David - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:24 David Spares Saul's Life - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:25 David, Nabal and Abigail - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:26 David Again Spares Saul's Life - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:27 David Among the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:28 Saul and the Witch of Endor - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:29 Achish Sends David Back to Ziklag - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:30 David Destroys the Amalekites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Samuel:31 Saul Takes His Life - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:1:1-16 David Hears of Saul's Death - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:1:17-27 David's Lament for Saul and Jonathan - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:2:1-7 David Anointed King Over Judah- StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:2:8-3:5 War Between the Houses of David and Saul - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:3:6-21 Abner Goes Over to David - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:3:22-39 Joab Murders Abner - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:4 Ish-Bosheth Murdered - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:5:1-5 David Becomes King Over Israel- StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:5:6-16 David Conquers Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:5:17-25 David Defeats the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:6 The Ark Brought to Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:7:1-17 God's Promise to David - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:7:18-29 David's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:8:1-14 David's Victories - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:8:15-18 David's Officials - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:9 David and Mephisbosheth - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:10 David Defeats the Ammonites - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:11 David and Bathsheba - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:12 Nathan Rebukes David - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:13:1-22 Amnon and Tamar - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:13:23-39 Absalom Kills Amnon - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:14 Absalom Returns to Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:15:1-12 Absalom's Conspiracy - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:15:13-37 David Flees - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:16:1-4 David and Ziba - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:16:5-14 Shimei Curses David - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:16:15-17:29 The Advice of Hushai and Ahithophel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:18:1-18 Absalom's Death - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:18:19-19:8 David Mourns - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:19:1-8 David Mourns - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:19:9-43 David Returns to Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:20 Sheba Rebels Against David - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:21:1-14 The Gibeonites Avenged - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:21:15-22 Wars Against the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:22 David's Song of Praise - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:23:1-7 The Last Words of David - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:23:8-39 David's Mighty Men - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:24:1-17 David Counts the Fighting Men - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Samuel:24:18-25 David Builds an Altar - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:1:1-27 Adonijah Sets Himself Up as King - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:1:28-53 David Makes Solomon King - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:2:1-12 David's Charge to Solomon - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:2:13-46 Solomon's Throne Established - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:3:1-15 Solomon Asks for Wisdom - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:3:16-28 A Wise Ruling - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:4:1-19 Solomon's Officials and Governors - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:4:20-28 Solomon's Daily Provisions - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:4:29-34 Solomon's Wisdom - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:5 Perparations for Building the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:6 Solomon Builds the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:7:1-12 Solomon Builds His Palace - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:7:13-51 The Temple's Furnishings - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:8:1-21 The Ark Brought to the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:8:22-61 Solomon's Prayer of Dedication - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:8:62-66 The Dedication of the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:9:1-9 The LORD Appears to Solomon - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:9:10-28 Solomon's Other Activities - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:10:1-13 The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:10:14-29 Solomon's Splendor - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:11:1-13 Solomon's Wives - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:11:14-25 Solomon's Adversaries - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:11:26-40 Jeroboam Rebels Against Solomon- StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:11:41-43 Solomon's Death - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:12:1-24 Israel Rebels Against Rehoboam - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:12:25-33 Golden Calves at Bethel and Daniel:- StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:13 The Man of God From Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:14:1-20 Ahijah's Prophecy Against Jeroboam - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:14:21-31 Rehoboam King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:15:1-8 Abijah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:15:9-24 Asa King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:15:25-32 Nadab King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:15:33-6:7 Baasha King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:16:8-14 Elah King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:16:15-20 Zimri King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:16:21-28 Omri King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:16:29-34 Ahab Becomes King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:17:1-6 Elijah Fed by Ravens - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:17:7-24 The Widow of Zarephath - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:18:1-15 Elijah and Obadiah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:18:16-46 Elijah on Mount Carmel - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:19:1-8 Elijah Flees to Horeb - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:19:9-18 The LORD Appears to Elijah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:19:19-21 The Call of Elisha - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:20:1-12 Ben-Hadad Attacks Samaria - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:20:13-34 Ahab Defeats Ben-Hadad - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:20:35-43 A Prophet Condemns Ahab - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:21 Naboth's Vineyard - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:22:1-28 Micaiah Prophesies Against Ahab- StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:22:29-40 Ahab Killed at Ramoth Gilead - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:22:41-50 Jehoshaphat King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Kings:22:51-53 Ahaziah King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:1 The LORD'S Judgment on Ahaziah- StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:2:1-22 Elijah Taken Up to Heaven - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:2:23-25 Elisha Is Jeered - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:3 Moab Revolts - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:4:1-7 The Widow's Oil - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:4:8-37 The Shunammite's Son Restored to Life - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:4:38-41 Death in the Pot - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:4:42-44 Feeding of a Hundred - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:5 Naaman Healed of Leprosy - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:6:1-7 An Axhead Floats - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:6:8-23 Elisha Traps Blinded Arameans - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:6:24-7:2 Famine in Besieged Samaria - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:7:3-20 The Siege Lifted - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:8:1-6 The Shunammite's Land Restored- StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:8:7-15 Hazael Murders Ben-Hadad - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:8:16-24 Jehoram King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:8:25-29 Ahaziah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:9:1-13 Jehu Anointed King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:9:14-29 Jehu Kills Joram and Ahaziah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:9:30-37 Jezebel Killed - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:10:1-17 Ahab's Family Killed - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:10:18-36 Ministers of Baal Killed - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:11 Athaliah and Joash - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:12 Joash Repairs the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:13:1-9 Jehoahaz King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:13:10-25 Jehoash King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:14:1-22 Amaziah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:14:23-29 Jeroboam II King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:15:1-7 Azariah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:15:8-12 Zechariah King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:15:13-16 Shallum King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:15:17-22 Menahem King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:15:23-26 Pekahiah King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:15:27-31 Pekah King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:15:32-38 Jotham King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:16 Ahaz King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:17:1-6 Hoshea Last King of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:17:7-23 Israel Exiled Because of Sin - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:17:24-41 Samaria Resettled - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:18:1-16 Hezekiah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:18:17-37 Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:19:1-13 Jerusalem's Deliverance Foretold - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:19:14-19 Hezekiah's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:19:20-37 Isaiah Prophesies Sennacherib's Fall - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:20:1-11 Hezekiah's Illness - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:20:12-21 Envoys From Babylon - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:21:1-18 Manasseh King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:21:19-26 Amon King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:22 The Book of the Law Found - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:23:1-30 Josiah Renews the Covenant - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:23:31-35 Jehoahaz King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:23:36-24:7 Jehoiakim King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:24:8-17 Jehoiachin King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:24:18-20 Zedekiah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:25:1-26 The Fall of Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Kings:25:27-30 Jehoiachin Released - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:1-4 To Noah's Sons - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:5-7 The Japhethites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:8-16 The Hamites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:17-27 The Semites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:28 The Family of Abraham - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:29-31 Descendants of Haggar - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:32-33 Descendants of Keturah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:34 Descendants of Sarah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:35-37 Esau's Sons - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:38-42 The People of Seir in Edom - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:1:43-54 The Rulers of Edom - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:2:1-2 Israel's Sons - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:2:3-9 To Hezron's Sons - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:2:10-17 From Ram Son of Hezron - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:2:18-24 Caleb Son of Hezron - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:2:25-41 Jerahmeel Son of Hezron - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:2:42-55 The Clans of Caleb - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:3:1-9 The Sons of David - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:3:10-16 The Kings of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:3:17-24 The Royal Line After the Exile- StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:4:1-23 Other Clans of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:4:24-43 Simeon - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:5:1-10 Reuben - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:5:11-22 Gad - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:5:23-26 The Half-Tribe of Manasseh - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:6:1-30 Levi - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:6:31-81 The Temple Musicians - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:7:1-5 Issachar - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:7:6-12 Benjamin - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:7:13 Naphtali - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:7:14-19 Manasseh - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:7:20-29 Ephraim - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:7:30-40 Asher - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:8 The Genealogy of Saul the Benjamite - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:9:1-34 The People in Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:9:35-44 The Genealogy of Saul - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:10 Saul Takes His Life - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:11:1-3 David Becomes King Over Israel- StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:11:4-9 David Conquers Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:11:10-47 David's Mighty Men - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:12:1-22 Warriors Join David - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:12:23-40 Others Join David at Hebron - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:13 Bringing Back the Ark - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:14:1-7 David's House and Family - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:14:8-17 David Defeats the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:15:1-16:6 The Ark Brought to Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:16:7-43 David's Psalm of Thanks - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:17:1-15 God's Promise to David - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:17:16-27 David's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:18:1-13 David's Victories - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:18:14-17 David's Officials - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:19 The Battle Against the Ammonites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:20:1-3 The Capture of Rabbah - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:20:4-8 War With the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:21:1-22:1 David Numbers the Fighting Men- StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:22:2-19 Preparations for the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:23:1-6 The Levites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:23:7-11 Gershonites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:23:12-20 Kohathites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:23:21-32 Merarites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:24:1-19 The Divisions of Priests - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:24:20-31 The Rest of the Levites - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:25 The Singers - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:26:1-19 The Gatekeepers - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:26:20-32 The Treasurers and Other Officials - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:27:1-15 Army Divisions - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:27:16-24 Officers of the Tribes - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:27:25-34 The King's Overseers - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:28 David's Plans for the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:29:1-9 Gifts for Buildings the Temple- StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:29:10-25 David's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@1Chronicles:29:26-30 The Death of David - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:1 Solomon Asks for Wisdom - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:2 Preparations for Building the Temple- StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:3 Solomon Builds the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:4:1-5:1 The Temple's Furnishings - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:5:2-6:11 The Ark Brought to the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:6:12-42 Solomon's Prayer of Dedication - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:7:1-10 the Dedication to the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:7:11-22 The LORD Appears to Solomon - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:8 Solomon's Other Activities - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:9:1-12 The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:9:13-28 Solomon's Splendor - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:9:29-31 Solomon's Death - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:10:1-11:4 Israel Rebels Against Rehoboam - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:11:5-17 Rehoboam Fortifies Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:11:18-23 Rehoboam's Family - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:12 Shishak Attacks Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:13:1-14:1 Abijah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:14:2-15 Asa King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:15 Asa's Reform - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:16 Asa's Last Years - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:17 Jehoshaphat King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:18:1-27 Micaiah Prophesies Against Ahab - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:18:28-19:3 Ahab Killed at Ramoth Gilead - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:19:4-11 Jehoshaphat Appoints Judges: - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:20:1-30 Jehoshaphat Defeats Moab and Ammon - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:20:31-21:3 The End of Jehoshaphat's Reign - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:21:4-20 Jehoram King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:22:1-9 Ahaziah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:22:10-23:21 Athaliah and Joash - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:24:1-16 Joash Repairs the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:24:17-27 The Wickedness of Joash - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:25 Amaziah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:26 Uzziah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:27 Jotham King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:28 Ahaz King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:29 Hezekiah Purifies the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:30:1-31:1 Hezekiah Celebrates the Passover - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:31:2-21 Contributions for Worship - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:32:1-23 Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:32:24-33 Hezekiah's Pride, Success and Death - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:33:1-20 Manasseh King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:33:21-25 Amon King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:34:1-13 Josiah's Reforms - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:34:14-33 The Book of the Law Found - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:35:1-19 Josiah Celebrates the Passover - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:35:20-36:1 The Death of Josiah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:36:2-4 Jehoahaz King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:36:5-8 Jehoiakim King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:36:9-10 Jehoiachin King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:36:11-14 Zedekiah King of Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@2Chronicles:36:15-23 The Fall of Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:1 Cyrus Helps the Exiles to Return - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:2 The List of the Exiles Who Returned - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:3:1-6 Rebuilding the Altar - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:3:7-13 Rebuilding the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:4:1-5 Opposition to the Rebuilding - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:4:6-24 Later Opposition Under Xerxes and Artaxerxes - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:5 Tattenai's Letter to Darius - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:6:1-12 The Decree of Darius - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:6:13-18 Completion and Dedication of the Temple- StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:6:19-22 The Passover - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:7:1-10 Ezra Comes to Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:7:11-28 King Artaxerxes' Letter to Ezra - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:8:1-14 List of the Family Heads Returning With Ezra - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:8:15-36 The Return to Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:9 Ezra's Prayer About Intermarriage - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:10:1-17 The People's Confession of Sin - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezra:10:18-44 Those Guilty of Intermarriage - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:1 Nehemiah's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:2:1-10 Artaxerxes Sends Nehemiah to Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:2:11-20 Nehemiah Inspects Jerusalem's Walls - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:3 Builders of the Wall - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:4 Opposition to the Rebuilding - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:5 Nehemiah Helps the Poor - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:6:1-14 Further Opposition to the Rebuilding - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:6:15-7:3 The Completion of the Wall - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:7:4-73 The List of the Exiles Who Returned - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:8 Ezra: Reads the Law - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:9:1-37 The Israelites Confess Their Sins- StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:9:38-10:39 The Agreement of the People - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:11 The New Residents of Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:12:1-26 Priests and Levites - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:12:27-47 Dedication of the Wall of Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nehemiah:13 Nehemiah's Final Reforms - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:1 Queen Vashti Deposed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:2:1-18 Esther Made Queen - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:2:19-23 Mordecai Uncovers a Conspiracy - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:3 Haman's Plot to Destroy the Jews - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:4 Mordecai Persuades Esther to Help - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:5:1-8 Esther's Request to the King - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:5:9-14 Haman's Rage Against Mordecai - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:6 Mordecai Honored - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:7 Haman Hanged - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:8 The King's Edict in Behalf of the Jews- StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:9:1-17 Triumph of the Jews - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:9:18-32 Purim Celebrated - StorylinesOT
kjv@Esther:10 The Greatness of Mordecai - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:1:1-5 Prologue - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:1:6-22 Job's First Test - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:2:1-10 Job's Second Test - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:2:11-13 Job's Three Friends- StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:3 Job Speaks - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:4-5 Eliphaz - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:6-7 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:8 Bildad - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:9-10 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:11 Zophar - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:12-14 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:15 Eliphaz - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:16-17 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:18 Bildad - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:19 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:20 Zophar - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:21 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:22 Eliphaz - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:23-24 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:25 Bildad - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:26-31 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:32-37 Elihu - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:38-41 The LORD Speaks - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:42:1-6 Job - StorylinesOT
kjv@Job:42:7-17 Epilogue - StorylinesOT
kjv@Psalms:1-41 Book I - StorylinesOT
kjv@Psalms:42-72 Book II - StorylinesOT
kjv@Psalms:73-89 Book III- StorylinesOT
kjv@Psalms:90-106 Book IV - StorylinesOT
kjv@Psalms:107-150 Book V - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:1:1-7 Prologue Purpose and Theme - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:1:8-19 Warning Against Enticement - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:1:20-33 Warning Against Rejecting Wisdom - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:2 Moral Benefits of Wisdom - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:3 Further Benefits of Wisdom - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:4 Wisdom is Supreme - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:5 Warning Against Adultery - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:6:1-19 Warnings Against Folly - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:6:20-35 Warning Against Adulter - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:7 Warning Against Adulteress - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:8 Wisdom's Call - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:9 Invitations of Wisdom and of Folly - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:10:1-22:16 Proverbs of Solomon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:22:17-29 Sayings of the Wise - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:23:1-24:22 Sayings of the Wise - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:24:23-34 Further Sayings of the Wise - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:25-29 More Proverbs of Solomon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:30 Sayings of Agur - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:31:1-9 Sayings of King Lemuel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Proverbs:31:10-31 Epilogue The Wife of Noble Character- StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:1:1-11 Everything is Meaningless - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:1:12-18 Wisdom Is Meaningless - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:2:1-11 Pleasures Are Meaningless - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:2:12-16 Wisdom and Folly Are Meaningless - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:2:17-26 Toil Is Meaningless - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:3 A Time for Everything - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:4:1-12 Oppression, Toil, Friendlessness - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:4:13-16 Advancement Is Meaningless - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:5:1-7 Stand in Awe of God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:5:8-6:12 Riches Are Meaningless - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:7:1-8:1 Wisdom - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:8:2-17 Obey the King - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:9:1-12 A Common Destiny for All - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:9:13-10:20 Wisdom Better Than Folly - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:11:1-6 Bread Upon the Waters - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:11:7-12:8 Remember Your Creator While Young- StorylinesOT
kjv@Ecclesiastes:12:9-14 The Conclusion of the Matter - StorylinesOT
kjv@Songs:1-8 Song 1-8- StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:1:1 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:1:2-31 A Rebellious Nation - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:2:1-5 The Mountain of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:2:6-22 The Day of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:3:1-4:1 Judgment on Jerusalem and Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:4:2-6 The Branch of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:5:1-7 The Song of the Vineyard - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:5:8-30 Woes and Judgments - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:6 Isaiah's Commission - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:7 The Sign of Immanuel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:8:1-10 Assyria, the LORD'S Instrument - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:8:11-22 Fear God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:9:1-7 To Us a Child Is Born - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:9:8-10:4 The LORD'S Anger Against Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:10:5-19 God's Judgment on Assyria - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:10:20-34 The Remnant of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:11 The Branch From Jesse - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:12 Songs of Praise - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:13:1-14:23 A Prophecy Against Babylon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:14:24-27 A Prophecy Against Assyria - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:14:28-32 A Prophecy Against the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:15-16 A Prophecy Against Moab - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:17 An Oracle Against Damascus - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:18 A Prophecy Against Cush - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:19 A Prophecy About Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:20 A Prophecy Against Egypt and Cush - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:21:1-12 A Prophecy Against Babylon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:21:13-17 A Prophecy Against Arabia - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:22 A Prophecy About Jersalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:23 A Prophecy About Tyre - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:24 The LORD'S Devastation of the Earth - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:25 Praise to the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:26 A Song of Praise - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:27 Deliverance of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:28 Woe to Ephraim - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:29 Woe to David's City - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:30 Woe to the Obstinate Nation - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:31 Woe to Those Who Rely on Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:32:1-8 The Kingdom of Righteousness - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:32:9-20 The Women of Jersalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:33 Distress and Help - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:34 Judgment Against the Nations - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:35 Joy of the Redeemed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:36 Sennacherib Threatens Jersalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:37:1-13 Jersalem's Deliverance Foretold - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:37:14-20 Hezekiah's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:37:21-38 Sennacherib's Fall - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:38 Hezekiah's Illness - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:39 Envoys From Babylon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:40 Comfort for God's People - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:41 The Helper of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:42:1-9 The Servant of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:42:10-17 Song of Praise to the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:42:18-25 Israel Blind and Deaf - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:43:1-13 Israel's Only Savior - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:43:14-28 God's Mercy and Israel's Unfaithfulness - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:44:1-5 Israel the Chosen - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:44:6-23 The LORD, Not Idols - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:44:24-45:25 Jersalem to Be Inhabited - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:46 Gods of Babylon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:47 The Fall of Babylon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:48:1-11 Stubborn Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:48:12-22 Israel Freed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:49:1-7 The Servant of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:49:8-26 Restoration of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:50 Israel's Sin and the Servant's Obedience- StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:51:1-16 Everlasting Salvation for Zion - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:51:17-52:12 The Cup of the LORD'S Wrath - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:52:13-53:12 The Suffering and Glory of the Servant - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:54 The Future Glory of Zion - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:55 Invitation to the Thirsty - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:56:1-8 Salvation for Others - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:56:9-57:13 God's Accusation Against the Wicked - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:57:14-21 Comfort for the Contrite - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:58 True Fasting - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:59 Sin, Confession and Redemption - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:60 The Glory of Zion - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:61 The Year of the LORD's Favor - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:62 Zion's New Name - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:63:1-6 God's Day of Vengeance and Redemption - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:63:7-64:12 Praise and Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:65:1-16 Judgment and Salvation - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:65:17-25 New Heavens and a New Earth - StorylinesOT
kjv@Isaiah:66 Judgment and Hope - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:1:1-3 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:1:4-19 The Call of Jeremiah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:2:1-3:5 Israel Forsakes God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:3:6-4:4 Unfaithful Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:4:5-31 Disaster From the North - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:5 Not One Is Upright - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:6 Jerusalem Under Siege - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:7:1-29 False Religion Worthless - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:7:30-8:3 The Valley of Slaughter - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:8:4-9:26 Sin and Punishment - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:10:1-16 God and Idols - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:10:17-22 Coming Destruction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:10:23-25 Jeremiah's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:11:1-17 The Covenant Is Broken - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:11:18-23 Plot Against Jeremiah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:12:1-4 Jeremiah's Complaint - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:12:5-17 God's Answer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:13:1-11 A Linen Belt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:13:12-14 Wineskins - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:13:15-27 Threat of Captivity - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:14:1-15:21 Drought, Famine, Sword - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:16:1-17:18 Day of Disaster - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:17:19-27 Keeping the Sabbath Holy - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:18:1-19:15 At the Potter's House - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:20:1-6 Jeremiah and Pashhur - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:20:7-18 Jeremiah's Complaint - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:21 God Rejects Zedekiah's Request - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:22 Judgment Against Evil Kings - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:23:1-8 The Righteous Branch - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:23:9-32 Lying Prophets - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:23:33-40 False Oracles and False Prophets - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:24 Two Baskets of Figs - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:25:1-14 Seventy Years of Captivity - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:25:15-38 The Cup of God's Wrath - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:26 Jeremiah Threatened With Death - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:27 Judah to Serve Nebuchadnezzar - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:28 The False Prophet Hananiah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:29:1-23 A Letter to the Exiles - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:29:24-32 Message to Shemaiah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:30:1-31:40 Restoration of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:32 Jeremiah Buys a Field - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:33 Promise of Restoration - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:34:1-7 Warning to Zedekiah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:34:8-22 Freedom for Slaves - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:35 The Recabites - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:36 Jehoiakim Burns Jeremiah's Scroll- StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:37 Jeremiah in Prison - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:38:1-13 Jeremiah Thrown Into a Cistern - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:38:14-28 Zedekiah Questions Jeremiah Again- StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:39 The Fall of Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:40:1-41:15 Jeremiah Freed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:41:16-43:13 Flight to Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:44 Disaster Because of Idolatry - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:45 A Message to Baruch - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:46 A Message About Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:47 A Message About the Philistines - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:48 A Message About Moab - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:49:1-6 A Message About Ammon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:49:7-22 A Message About Edom - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:49:23-27 A Message About Damascus - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:49:28-33 A Message About Kedar and Hazor - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:49:34-39 A Message About Elam - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:50:1-51:64 A Message About Babylon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:52:1-30 The Fall of Jerusalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jeremiah:52:31-34 Jehoiachin Released - StorylinesOT
kjv@Lamentations:1-5 Lamentations- StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:1 Daniel's Training in Babylon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:2:1-23 Nebuchadnezzar's Dream - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:2:24-49 Daniel Interprets the Dream - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:3 The Image of Gold and the Fiery - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:4:1-18 Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of a Tree- StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:4:19-27 Daniel Interprets the Dream - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:4:28-37 The Dream Is Fulfilled - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:5 The Writing on the Wall - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:6 Daniel in the Den of Lions - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:7:1-14 Daniel's Dream of Four Beasts - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:7:15-28 The Interpretation of the Dream - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:8:1-14 Daniel's Vision of a Ram and a Goat - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:8:15-27 The Interpretation of the Vision- StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:9:1-19 Daniel's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:9:20-27 The Seventy "Sevens" - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:10:1-11:1 Daniel's Vision of a Man - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:11:2-35 The Kings of the South and the North- StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:11:36-45 The Kings Who Exalts Himself - StorylinesOT
kjv@Daniel:12:1-13 The End Times - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:1 The Living Creatures and the Glory of the Lord - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:2:1-3:15 Ezekial's Call - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:3:16-27 Warning to Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:4:1-5:17 Siege of Jersalem Symbolized - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:6 A Prophecy Against the Mountains of Israel- StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:7 The End Has Come - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:8 Idolatry in the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:9 Idolaters Killed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:10 The Glory Departs From the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:11:1-15 Judgment on Israel's Leaders - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:11:16-25 Promised Return of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:12 The Exile Symbolized - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:13 False Prophets Condemned - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:14:1-11 Idolaters Condemned - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:14:12-23 Judgment Inescapable - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:15 Jersalem, A Useless Vine - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:16 An Allegory of Unfaithful Jersalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:17 Two Eagles and a Vine - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:18 The Soul Who Sins Will Die - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:19 A Lament for Israel's Princes - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:20:1-29 Rebellious Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:20:30-44 Judgment and Restoration - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:20:45-49 Prophecy Against the South - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:21 Babylon, God's Sword of Judgment - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:22 Jersalem's Sins - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:23 Two Adulterous Sisters - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:24:1-14 The Cooking Pot - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:24:15-27 Ezekiel's Wife Dies - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:25:1-7 A Prophecy Against Ammon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:25:8-11 A Prophecy Against Moab - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:25:12-14 A Prophecy Against Edom - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:25:15-17 A Prophecy Against Philistia - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:26 A Prophecy Against Tyre - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:27 A Lament for Tyre - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:28:1-19 A Prophecy Against the King of Tyre - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:28:20-26 A Prophecy Against Sidon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:29 A Prophecy Against Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:30 A Lament for Egypt - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:31 A Cedar in Lebanon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:32 A Lament for Pharaoh - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:33:1-20 Ezekiel a Watchman - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:33:21-33 Jersalem's Fall Explained - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:34 Shepherds and Sheep - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:35 A Prophecy Against Edom - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:36 A Prophecy to the Mountains of Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:37:1-14 The Valley of Dry Bones - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:37:15-28 One Nation Under One King - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:38-39 A Prophecy Against Gog - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:1-4 The New Temple Area - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:5-16 The East Gate to the Outer Court - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:17-19 The Outer Court - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:20-23 The North Gate - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:24-27 The South Gate - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:28-37 Gates to the Inner Court - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:38-43 The Rooms for Preparing Sacrifices - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:44-47 Rooms for the Priests - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:40:48-41:26 The Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:42 Rooms for the Priests - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:43:1-12 The Glory Returns to the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:43:13-27 The Altar - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:44 The Prince, the Levites, the Priests - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:45:1-12 Division of the Land - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:45:13-46:24 Offerings and Holy Days - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:47:1-12 The River From the Temple - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:47:13-23 The Boundaries of the Land - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:48:1-29 The Division of the Land - StorylinesOT
kjv@Ezekiel:48:30-35 The Gates of the City - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:1:1 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:1:2-2:1 Hosea's Wife and Children - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:2:2-23 Israel Punished and Restored - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:3 Hosea's Reconciliation With His Wife- StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:4 The Charge Against Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:5 Judgment Against Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:6:1-7:16 Israel Unrepentant - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:8 Israel to Reap the Whirlwind - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:9:1-10:15 Punishment for Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:11:1-11 God's Love for Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:11:12-12:14 Israel's Sin - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:13 The LORD'S Anger Against Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Hosea:14 Repentance to Bring Blessing - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:1:1 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:1:2-12 An Invasion of Locusts - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:1:13-20 A Call to Repentance - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:2:1-11 An Army of Locusts - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:2:12-17 Rend Your Heart - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:2:18-27 The LORD'S Answer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:2:28-32 The Day of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:3:1-16 The Nations Judged - StorylinesOT
kjv@Joel:3:17-21 Blessings for God's People- StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:1:1-2 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:1:3-2:5 Judgment on Israel's Neighbors - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:2:6-16 Judgment on Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:3 Witnesses Summoned Against Israel- StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:4 Israel Has Not Returned to God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:5:1-17 A Lament and Call to Repentance - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:5:18-27 The Day of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:6 Woe to the Complacent - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:7:1-9 Locusts, Fire and a Plumb Line - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:7:10-17 Amos and Amaziah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:8 A Basket of Ripe Fruit - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:9:1-10 Israel to Be Destroyed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Amos:9:11-15 Israel's Restoration - StorylinesOT
kjv@Obadiah:1 Obadiah- StorylinesOT
kjv@Jonah:1 Jonah Flees From the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jonah:2 Jonah's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jonah:3 Jonah Goes to Nineveh - StorylinesOT
kjv@Jonah:4 Jonah's Anger at the LORD's Compassion- StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:1:1-2 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:1:3-7 Judgment Against Samaria and Jersalem- StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:1:8-16 Weeping and Mourning - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:2:1-5 Man's Plans and God's - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:2:6-11 False Prophets - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:2:12-13 Deliverance Promised - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:3 Leaders and Prophets Rebuked - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:4:1-5 The Mountain of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:4:6-13 The LORD'S Plan - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:5:1-5 A Promised Ruler From Bethlehem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:5:6-15 Deliverance and Destruction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:6:1-8 The LORD'S Case Against Israel - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:6:9-16 Israel's Guilt and Punishment - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:7:1-7 Israel's Misery - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:7:8-13 Israel Will Rise - StorylinesOT
kjv@Micah:7:14-20 Prayer and Praise - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nahum:1:1 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nahum:1:2-15 The LORD'S Anger Against Nineveh- StorylinesOT
kjv@Nahum:2 Nineveh to Fall - StorylinesOT
kjv@Nahum:3 Woe to Nineveh - StorylinesOT
kjv@Habakkuk:1:1 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Habakkuk:1:2-4 Habakkuk's Complaint - StorylinesOT
kjv@Habakkuk:1:5-11 The LORD'S Answer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Habakkuk:1:12-2:1 Habakkuk's Second Complaint- StorylinesOT
kjv@Habakkuk:2:2-20 The LORD'S Answer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Habakkuk:3 Habakkuk's Prayer - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:1:1 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:1:2-3 Warning of Coming Destruction- StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:1:4-13 Against Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:1:14-2:3 The Great Day of the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:2:4-7 Against Philistia - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:2:8-11 Against Moab and Ammon - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:2:12 Against Cush - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:2:13-15 Against Assyria - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zephaniah:3 The Future of Jersalem - StorylinesOT
kjv@Haggai:1 A Call to Build the House of the LORD- StorylinesOT
kjv@Haggai:2:1-9 The Promised Glory of the New House - StorylinesOT
kjv@Haggai:2:10-19 Blessings for a Defiled People - StorylinesOT
kjv@Haggai:2:20-23 Zerubbabel the LORD's Signet Ring - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:1:1-6 A Call to Return to the LORD - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:1:7-17 A Man Among the Myrtle Trees - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:1:18-21 Four Horns and Four Craftsmen - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:2 A Man With a Measuring Line - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:3 Clean Garments for the High Priest - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:4 The Gold Lampstand and the Two Olive Trees - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:5:1-4 The Flying Scroll - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:5:5-11 The Woman in a Basket - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:6:1-8 Four Chariots - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:6:9-15 A Crown for Joshua - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:7 Justice and Mercy, Not Fasting - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:8 The LORD Promises to Bless Jersalem- StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:9:1-8 Judgment on Israel's Enemies - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:9:9-13 The Coming of Zion's King - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:9:14-17 The LORD Will Appear - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:10-11 The LORD Will Care for Judah - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:12:1-9 Jersalem's Enemies to Be Destroyed - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:12:10-14 Mourning for the One They Pierced - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:13:1-6 Cleansing From Sin - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:13:7-9 The Shepherd Struck, the Sheep Scattered - StorylinesOT
kjv@Zechariah:14 The LORD Comes and Reigns - StorylinesOT
kjv@Malachi:1:1 Introduction - StorylinesOT
kjv@Malachi:1:2-5 Jacob Loved, Esau Hated - StorylinesOT
kjv@Malachi:1:6-14 Blemished Sacrifices - StorylinesOT
kjv@Malachi:2:1-9 Admonition for the Priests- StorylinesOT
kjv@Malachi:2:10-16 Judah Unfaithful - StorylinesOT
kjv@Malachi:2:17-3:5 The Day of Judgment - StorylinesOT
kjv@Malachi:3:6-18 Robbing God - StorylinesOT
kjv@Malachi:4 The Day of the LORD - StorylinesOT

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