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Online: BCP profiles of historical Christians compliled from Anglican/Episcopal Book Of Common Prayer sources.
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Online: CHURCHRODENT Rich Tatum's Glossary of Christian History. Based in-part on Bruce Shelley's Christian History in Plain Language. © 1995-1998 by Richard A. Tatumhttp://tatumweb.com/blog/about/contact/ "
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Online: The Ecole Glossary (2007 Archive Edition) Copyright © 1995, Anthony F. Beavers. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents, including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact. Project Homepage ecole@evansville.edu
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Online: Wikipedia profiles of historical Christians Wikipedia List of Christians.
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Online: Wholesome Words Christian Biography Resources
Info @ Listing of Church Councils Throughout History fromhttp://www.biblequery.org/History/ChurchHistory/ChurchCouncils.htm

AAA Abbott, Lyman
AAA Abelard, Peter (1079-1142)
AAA Act of Toleration (1689)
AAA Addai
AAA Adolphus, Gustavus (Reformation)
AAA Aesculapius
AAA Alaric
AAA Albigenses
AAA Alcuin
AAA Alexander, Bishop of Alexandria
AAA Ambrose
AAA American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
AAA American Council of Christian Churches
AAA Anabaptists (See also "Schleitheim Confession")
AAA Anthony
AAA Anti-Semitism
AAA Apollinarius
AAA Apologists
AAA Apostle's Creed
AAA Aquinas, Thomas (1224-1274)
AAA Aristides
AAA Arius
AAA Arminius, Jacob (1560-1609)
AAA Arnauld II, Antonine
AAA Arnold (Abbot of Brescia, Italy)
AAA Arnold, Matthew
AAA Asbury, Francis
AAA Asceticism
AAA Athanasius
AAA Athenagoras
AAA Attila the Hun
AAA Augsburg Confession
AAA Augustine (354-430)
BBB Backus, Isaac
BBB Bainton, Roland
BBB Baptist Missionary Society
BBB Baptists
BBB Barbarians
BBB Barnabas (Apostle)
BBB Barth, Karl (1886-1968)
BBB Basil (?-379)
BBB Beecher, Lyman
BBB Benedict of Norsia
BBB Bernard of Clairvaux
BBB Bigg, Charles
BBB Blake, Eugene Carson
BBB Blaurock, George
BBB Bohemian Rebellion
BBB Boleyn, Anne
BBB Bonaparte, Napoleon
BBB Boniface
BBB Boniface VIII
BBB Book of Common Prayer
BBB Booth, William (1829-1912)
BBB Brent, Charles (1862-1929)
BBB British East India Company
BBB Bruderhof
BBB Bryan, William Jennings (1860-1925)
BBB Bucer, Martin (1491-1551)
BBB Bullinger, Heinrich
BBB Bultmann, Rudolf (1889-1996)
BBB Butler, Joseph
CCC Callistus
CCC Calvin, John (1509-1564)
CCC Camp Meetings
CCC Canon Law
CCC Carey, William
CCC Carter, Jimmy
CCC Cathari
CCC Catherine of Aragon
CCC Catholic Reformation
CCC Celibacy
CCC Celsus
CCC Celts
CCC Cerdo
CCC Cerinthus
CCC Cerularius, Michael
CCC Charismatic Renewal
CCC Charlemagne
CCC Charles I (1603-1642)
CCC Charles V
CCC Christian IV
CCC Christian Socialists
CCC Chrysostom, John
CCC Church Councils
CCC Church of England
CCC Church of Rome
CCC Cicero
CCC Clapham Sect
CCC Claudius
CCC Clement of Alexandria
CCC Clement of Rome
CCC Clement V
CCC Clement VII, Pope
CCC Clovis (481-587)
CCC Cold War
CCC Columbus, Christopher
CCC Communism
CCC Concordat (1801)
CCC Confessing Church
CCC Congregationalists
CCC Constantine
CCC Contextualization
CCC Cop, Nicholas
CCC Copernicus (1473-1543)
CCC Cornelius
CCC Cotton, John
CCC Council at Carthage (397)
CCC Council at Chalcedon (451)
CCC Council at Constantinople (381)
CCC Council at Ephesus (431)
CCC Council at Hippo (393)
CCC Counciliar Movement
CCC Council at Nicea (1st General) (325)
CCC Council at Nicea (7th General) (787)
CCC Council of Trent (1545-47, 1551-52, 1562-63)
CCC Coverdale, Miles
CCC Cranmer, Thomas
CCC Cromwell, Oliver (1599-1658)
CCC Crucifixion
CCC Crusades
CCC Cyprian
CCC Cyril
DDD Damasus
DDD Darrow, Clarence
DDD Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)
DDD Decius
DDD Deism
DDD de la Casa, Bartholomew
DDD Demetrius
DDD Denominations
DDD de Tocqueville, Alexis
DDD Dickens, Charles
DDD Diderot, Denis
DDD Diet of Speyer
DDD Diet of Worms
DDD Diocletian
DDD Dioscorus
DDD Dixon, Amzi C
DDD Docetism
DDD Dominic, Saint
DDD Dominicans
DDD Donation of Pepin
DDD Donatism
DDD Donatus
EEE Eastern Orthodoxy
EEE Ebionites
EEE Eck, John
EEE Ecumenism
EEE Edict of Nantes
EEE Edward I
EEE Edwards, Jonathan
EEE Edward VI
EEE Elizabeth I (1558-1603)
EEE Emanuel II, Victor (1849-1878)
EEE Engels, Friedrich (1820-1895)
EEE English Bible
EEE English Reformation (See "Church of England")
EEE Enlightenment
EEE Episcopalians
EEE Erasmus
EEE Essenes
EEE Eusebius of Caesarea (AD 265-330)
EEE Eusebius of Nicomedia
EEE Eutyches
EEE Evangelical (See also "Evangelical Awakening")
EEE Evangelical Alliance
EEE Evangelical Awakening
EEE Evangelical Liberalism
EEE Evolution
FFF Fall of Jerusalem
FFF Farel, William
FFF Feast of Orthodoxy
FFF Federal Council of Churches
FFF Ferdinand II
FFF Feudalism
FFF Finney, Charles
FFF Forty-Two Articles (1553)
FFF Fosdick, Harry Emerson
FFF Fourth Lateran Council (1215)
FFF Foxe, John
FFF Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)
FFF Franciscans
FFF Francis I
FFF Francke, August Hermann
FFF Franklin, Benjamin
FFF Frederick V
FFF Frederick the Wise
FFF French Revolution (1789)
FFF Fuller, Andrew
FFF Fundamentalism
FFF Fundamentalist Fellowship
GGG Galerius
GGG Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642)
GGG Gamaliel
GGG Gandhi, Mahatma
GGG Geneva Bible
GGG German Christians
GGG Gladden, Washington (1836-1918)
GGG Gnosticism
GGG Gordon, A. J.
GGG Graham, Billy
GGG Great Awakening
GGG Great Schism
GGG Grebel, Conrad
GGG Gregory the Great (540-604)
GGG Gregory of Nazianzus
GGG Gregory of Nyssa
GGG Gregory VII
HHH Hampton Court Conference
HHH Hegesipus
HHH Hellenism
HHH Henry, Carl F. H.
HHH Henry IV, Emperor
HHH Hilary
HHH Hildebrand
HHH Hitler, Adolph
HHH Holiness Movement
HHH Huguenots
HHH Hus, John
HHH Hussites
HHH Hutter, Jakob (died 1563)
HHH Hutterites
III Ignatius
III Innocent III
III Innocent X
III Inquisition
III International Missionary Conference
III Irenaeus
JJJ James (brother of the Lord)
JJJ James
JJJ James I
JJJ Jansen, Cornelius (1585-1638)
JJJ Jansenism
JJJ Jerome (340-420)
JJJ Jesuits
JJJ Jesus
JJJ John
JJJ John the Baptist
JJJ John of Damascus
JJJ John Mark
JJJ Joseph of Arimathea
JJJ Judas Iscariot
JJJ Julian
JJJ Justinian
JJJ Justin Martyr
KKK Kappel, Battle of
KKK Kepler, Johann
KKK Ketteler, Wilhelm
KKK Kimbangu, Simon
KKK King James Version
KKK Knox, John
LLL Lactantius (240-320)
LLL Lateran Treaty (1929)
LLL Latitudinarians
LLL Laud, William
LLL Laws, Curtis Lee
LLL Leipzig Debate
LLL Lenin (Vladmir, Ilich Ulyanov) (1870-1924)
LLL Leo, Bishop of Rome
LLL Leo III, Emperor
LLL Leo III, Pope
LLL Leo XIII, Pope (1878-1903)
LLL Lewis, C. S. (1898-1963)
LLL Liberal Theology
LLL Lincoln, Abraham
LLL Livingstone, David (1813-1873)
LLL Locke, John
LLL Lollards
LLL Loyola, Ignatius (1491-1556)
LLL Luther, Martin (1483-1546)
LLL Lutheranism
MMM Machen, J. Gresham
MMM Manicheanism
MMM Manning, Henry Edward
MMM Manz, Felix
MMM Manzikert, Battle of (1071)
MMM Marcion
MMM Marshman, Joshua
MMM Martel, Charles
MMM Marx, Karl (1818-1883)
MMM Mary, Queen of Scots
MMM Mary Tudor
MMM Massachusetts Bay Company
MMM Matthew Bible
MMM Matthews, Shailer
MMM Matthijs, Jan
MMM Maxentius
MMM Maximilla
MMM McGready, James
MMM Melanchthon, Philip
MMM Melito
MMM Mennonites
MMM Methodist
MMM Millennialism
MMM Modernism
MMM Modernist-Fundamentalist Controversy
MMM Monasticism
MMM Monophysite Church
MMM Montanus
MMM Moody, Dwight L.
MMM Moravians
MMM Mott, John R. (1865-1955)
MMM Munster Rebellion
NNN Mussolini, Benito
NNN National Association of Evangelicals
NNN Nationalism
NNN Nazism
NNN National Council of Churches
NNN Nero
NNN Nestorian Church
NNN Nestorius
NNN Newman, John Henry (1801-1890)
NNN Newton, Isaac (1642-1727)
NNN Nicene Creed
NNN Niebuhr, H. Richard
NNN Novatian
NNN Novationists
OOO Oratory of Divine Love:
OOO Origen:
OOO Oxford Movement:
PPP Pachomius
PPP Palut
PPP Pantanaeus
PPP Paphnutius
PPP Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662)
PPP Passover
PPP Patrick
PPP Paul
PPP Paul III, Pope (1534-1549)
PPP Paul VI, Pope
PPP Peace of Augsburg
PPP Peace of God
PPP Peace of Westphalia (1648)
PPP Peasant's Revolt
PPP Pelagius
PPP Pelagius II, Pope
PPP Pentecost
PPP Pentecostalism (Charismatics)
PPP Pepin the Short (741-768)
PPP Persecution
PPP Peter
PPP Pharisees
PPP Philip
PPP Philip the Fair
PPP Philo
PPP Philosophes
PPP Pietists
PPP Pilate, Pontius
PPP Pilgrims
PPP Pius IX, Pope (1846-1878)
PPP Pius XI, Pope
PPP Pius XII, Pope
PPP Pizarro, Francisco
PPP Pliny
PPP Polycarp
PPP Premillennialism
PPP Presbyterians
PPP Prisca
PPP Prohibition
PPP Protestantism
PPP Puritanism
QQQ Quakers
RRR Rauschenbusch, Walter (1861-1918)
RRR Reform Act (1832)
RRR Reformation
RRR Reformed Christianity
RRR Renaissance
RRR Resurrection
RRR Revival
RRR Ricci, Matthew (1552-1610)
RRR Richard the Lion-Hearted
RRR Risorgimento
RRR Ritschl, Albrecht (1822-1889)
RRR Robinson, John
RRR Rogers, John
RRR Romanticism
RRR Royalist Party
RRR Russian Orthodox Church
SSS Sadducees
SSS Saladin
SSS Salvation Army
SSS Sattler, Michael
SSS Schall, Adam
SSS Schleiermacher, Friedrich (1763-1834)
SSS Schleitheim Confession
SSS Schmalkald League
SSS Scholasticism
SSS Schweitzer, Albert
SSS Scopes, John
SSS Second Great Awakening
SSS Secularism
SSS Separatism, English
SSS Serapion
SSS Servetus, Michael
SSS Seymour, Jane
SSS Simons, Menno (c. 1496-1561)
SSS Slavery
SSS Smyth, John
SSS Social Gospel
SSS Society of Jesus
SSS Soderblom, Nathan (1866-1931)
SSS Spener, Philip (1635-1705)
SSS Stalin, Joseph
SSS Statute of Six Articles (1539)
SSS St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
SSS Stephen
SSS Stowe, Harriet Beecher
SSS Supremacy Act (1534)
SSS Sylvester II
TTT Tatian
TTT Tertullian
TTT Tetzel, John
TTT Theodosius
TTT Theophilus of Antioch
TTT Third Lateran Council (1179)
TTT Thirty-Nine Articles (1563)
TTT Thirty Years War (1618-1648)
TTT Thomas
TTT Totalitarianism
TTT Trajan
TTT Trevelyan, G. M.
TTT Troeltsch, Ernst
TTT Truce of God
TTT Tyndale, William
UUU Ulfilas (Wulfila)
UUU United Nations
UUU Universities
UUU Urban II, Pope
UUU Urban VI, Pope
VVV Valentinians
VVV Valentius
VVV Valignani, Allessandro
VVV Vatican Council I (1870)
VVV Vatican Council II
VVV Victorinus
VVV Visser't Hooft, Willem Adolph
VVV Voltaire (1694-1778)
VVV Voluntaryism
VVV Voluntary Society
VVV Von Bora, Katherine
VVV von Holbach, Baron
WWW Waldenses
WWW Waldo, Peter (1140-1218)
WWW Ward, William
WWW World Council of Churches
WWW Wesley, Charles
WWW Wesley, John (1703-1791)
WWW Western Christianity
WWW Westminster Assembly (1642-1649)
WWW Westminster Confession of Faith
WWW Whitby, Synod of
WWW Whitefield, George
WWW Wilberforce, William (1759-1833)
WWW Williams, Charles
WWW William, The Silent
WWW Wilson, Woodrow
WWW Wolsey, Thomas
WWW Wycliffe, John
XXX Xavier, Francis (1506-1552)
ZZZ Zealots
ZZZ Zinzendorf, Count Nikolaus von (1700-1760)
ZZZ Zwingli, Ulrich (1484-1531)

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