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Info @ mFaithOfJesus Finding and keeping the faith of Jesus - A one year daily devotional and journal.
February1 kjv@Matthew:8:5-13 The Faith of the Centurion search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February1
February2 kjv@Matthew:8:14-17 Jesus Heals Many search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February2
February3 kjv@Matthew:8:18-22 The Cost of Following Jesus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February3
February4 kjv@Matthew:8:23-27 Jesus Calms the Storm search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February4
February5 kjv@Matthew:8:28-34 The Healing of Two Demon-possessed Men search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February5
February6 kjv@Matthew:9:1-8 Jesus Heals a Paralytic search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February6
February7 kjv@Matthew:9:9-13 The Calling of Matthew search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February7
February8 kjv@Matthew:9:14-17 Jesus Questioned About Fasting search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February8
February9 kjv@Matthew:9:18-26 A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February9
February10 kjv@Matthew:9:27-34 Jesus Heals the Blind and Mute search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February10
February11 kjv@Matthew:9:35-38 The Workers Are Few search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February11
February12 kjv@Matthew:10 Jesus Sends Out the Twelve search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February12
February13 kjv@Matthew:11:1-19 Jesus and John the Baptist search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February13
February14 kjv@Matthew:11:20-24 Woe on Unrepentant Cities search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February14
February15 kjv@Matthew:11:25-30 Rest for the Weary search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February15
February16 kjv@Matthew:12:1-14 Lord of the Sabbath search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February16
February17 kjv@Matthew:12:15-21 God search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February17 's Chosen Servant
February18 kjv@Matthew:12:22-37 Jesus and Beelzebub search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February18
February19 kjv@Matthew:12:38-45 The Sign of Jonah: search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February19
February20 kjv@Matthew:12:46-50 Jesus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February20 ' Mother and Brothers
February21 kjv@Matthew:13:1-23 The Parable of the Sower search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February21
February22 kjv@Matthew:13:24-30 The Parable of the Weeds search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February22
February23 kjv@Matthew:13:31-35 The Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February23
February24 kjv@Matthew:13:36-43 The Parable of the Weeds Explained search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February24
February25 kjv@Matthew:13:44-46 The Parable of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February25
February26 kjv@Matthew:13:47-52 The Parable of the Net search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February26
February27 kjv@Matthew:13:53-58 A Prophet Without Honor search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February27
February28 kjv@Matthew:14:1-12 John the Baptist Beheaded search-journal:FaithOfJesus@February28

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