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Info @ mFaithOfJesus Finding and keeping the faith of Jesus - A one year daily devotional and journal.
October1 kjv@Luke:19:45-48 Jesus at the Temple search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October1
October2 kjv@Luke:20:1-8 The Authority of Jesus Questioned search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October2
October3 kjv@Luke:20:9-19 The Parable of the Tenants search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October3
October4 kjv@Luke:20:20-26 Paying Taxes to Caesar search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October4
October5 kjv@Luke:20:27-40 The Resurrection and Marriage search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October5
October6 kjv@Luke:20:41-47 Whose Son Is the Christ search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October6 ?
October7 kjv@Luke:21:1-4 The Widow search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October7 's Offering
October8 kjv@Luke:21:5-38 Signs of the End of the Age search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October8
October9 kjv@Luke:22:1-6 Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October9
October10 kjv@Luke:22:7-38 The Last Supper search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October10
October11 kjv@Luke:22:39-46 Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October11
October12 kjv@Luke:22:47-53 Jesus Arrested search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October12
October13 kjv@Luke:22:54-62 Peter Disowns Jesus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October13
October14 kjv@Luke:22:63-65 The Soldiers Mock Jesus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October14
October15 kjv@Luke:22:66-23:25 Jesus Before Pilate and Herod search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October15
October16 kjv@Luke:23:26-43 The Crucifixion search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October16
October17 kjv@Luke:23:44-49 Jesus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October17 ' Death
October18 kjv@Luke:23:50-56 Jesus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October18 ' Burial
October19 kjv@Luke:24:1-12 The Resurrection search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October19
October20 kjv@Luke:24:13-35 On the Road to Emmaus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October20
October21 kjv@Luke:24:36-49 Jesus Appears to the Disciples- StorylinesNT search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October21
October22 kjv@Luke:24:50-53 The Ascension search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October22
October23 kjv@John:1:1-18 The Word Became Flesh search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October23
October24 kjv@John:1:19-28 John the Baptist Denies Being the Christ search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October24
October25 kjv@John:1:29-34 Jesus the Lamb of God search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October25
October26 kjv@John:1:35-42 Jesus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October26 ' First Disciples
October27 kjv@John:1:43-51 Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October27
October28 kjv@John:1:1-11 Jesus Changes Water into Wine search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October28
October29 kjv@John:2:12-25 Jesus Clears the Temple search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October29
October30 kjv@John:3:1-21 Jesus Teaches Nicodemus search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October30
October31 kjv@John:3:22-36 John the Baptist search-journal:FaithOfJesus@October31 's Testimony About Jesus

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