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Info @ The Faith of Jesus Daily Devotional - A one year passage by passage bible devotion and study through the four gospels with a specific focus on what man is believing/doing, what is influencing him to do that, what Jesus means to man in relation to that. Hosted at
December1 devotion:John:12:20-36 Jesus Predicts His Death
December2 devotion:John:12:37-50 The Jews Continue in Their Unbelief
December3 devotion:John:13:1-17 Jesus Washes His Disciples ' Feet
December4 devotion:John:13:18-30 Jesus Predicts His Betrayal
December5 devotion:John:13:31-38 Jesus Predicts Peter 's Denial
December6 devotion:John:14:1-4 Jesus Comforts His Disciples
December7 devotion:John:14:5-14 Jesus the Way to the Father
December8 devotion:John:14:15-31 Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit
December9 devotion:John:15:1-17 The Vine and the Branches
December10 devotion:John:15:18-16:4 The World Hates the Disciples
December11 devotion:John:16:5-16 The Work of the Holy Spirit
December12 devotion:John:16:17-33 The Disciples ' Grief Will Turn to Joy
December13 devotion:John:17:1-5 Jesus Prays for Himself
December14 devotion:John:17:6-19 Jesus Prays for His Disciples
December15 devotion:John:17:20-26 Jesus Prays for All Believers
December16 devotion:John:18:1-11 Jesus Arrested
December17 devotion:John:18:12-14 Jesus Taken to Annas
December18 devotion:John:18:15-18 Peter 's First Denial
December19 devotion:John:18:19-24 The High Priest Questions Jesus
December20 devotion:John:18:25-27 Peter 's Second and Third Denials
December21 devotion:John:18:28-40 Jesus Before Pilate
December22 devotion:John:19:1-16 Jesus Sentenced to be Crucified
December23 devotion:John:19:17-27 The Crucifixion
December24 devotion:John:19:28-37 The Death of Jesus
December25 devotion:John:19:38-42 The Burial of Jesus
December26 devotion:John:20:1-9 The Empty Tomb
December27 devotion:John:20:10-18 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
December28 devotion:John:20:19-23 Jesus Appears to His Disiples
December29 devotion:John:20:24-31 Jesus Appears to Thomas
December30 devotion:John:21:1-14 Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish
December31 devotion:John:21:15-25 Jesus Reinstates Peter

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