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Info @ The Faith of Jesus Daily Devotional - A one year passage by passage bible devotion and study through the four gospels with a specific focus on what man is believing/doing, what is influencing him to do that, what Jesus means to man in relation to that. Hosted at
May1 devotion:Mark:1:14-20 The Calling of the First Disciples
May2 devotion:Mark:1:21-28 Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit
May3 devotion:Mark:1:29-34 Jesus Heals Many
May4 devotion:Mark:1:35-39 Jesus Prays in a Solitary Place
May5 devotion:Mark:1:40-45 A Man With Leprosy
May6 devotion:Mark:2:1-12 Jesus Heals a Paralytic
May7 devotion:Mark:2:13-17 The Calling of Levi
May8 devotion:Mark:2:18-22 Jesus Questioned About Fasting
May9 devotion:Mark:2:23-3:6 Lord of the Sabbath
May10 devotion:Mark:3:7-12 Crowds Follow Jesus
May11 devotion:Mark:3:13-19 The Appointing of the Twelve Apostles
May12 devotion:Mark:3:20-30 Jesus and Beelzebub
May13 devotion:Mark:3:31-35 Jesus ' Mother and Brothers
May14 devotion:Mark:4:1-20 The Parable of the Sower
May15 devotion:Mark:4:21-25 A Lamp on a Stand
May16 devotion:Mark:4:26-29 The Parable of the Growing Seed
May17 devotion:Mark:4:30-34 The Parable of the Mustard Seed
May18 devotion:Mark:4:35-41 Jesus Calms the Storm
May19 devotion:Mark:5:1-20 The Healing of a Demon-possessed Man
May20 devotion:Mark:5:21-43 A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman
May21 devotion:Mark:6:1-6 A Prophet Without Honor
May22 devotion:Mark:6:7-13 Jesus Sends Out the Twelve
May23 devotion:Mark:6:14-29 John the Baptist Beheaded
May24 devotion:Mark:6:30-44 Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
May25 devotion:Mark:6:45-56 Jesus Walks on the Water
May26 devotion:Mark:7:1-23 Clean and Unclean
May27 devotion:Mark:7:24-30 The Faith of a Syrophoenician Woman
May28 devotion:Mark:7:31-37 The Healing of a Deaf and Mute Man
May29 devotion:Mark:8:1-21 Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand
May30 devotion:Mark:8:22-26 The Healing of a Blind Man at Bethsaida
May31 devotion:Mark:8:27-30 Peter 's Confession of Christ

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