The Faith Of Jesus Daily Devotional

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Today's Faith of Jesus 2 Devotional: August27

The FaithOfJesus2 Daily Devotion is perfect for new and mature believers alike. It is also recommended to those pursuing our FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith Series.

    Participants are encouraged to participate at any level they see fit:
  1. read a passage each day with specific focus, browse and study the many links provided in each day's on line study page.
  2. download and keep their own study page for notes and journaling
  3. listen to each passage related audio podcasts index:FAITHOFJESUSAUDIO .
  4. engage in online discussions (general Comment Board:FaithOfJesus2 or in each day's topics).
  5. share these many resources with whomever freely either with this site of by hosting their own site (ShepherdPupLinux ).

Other daily devotions are hosted on this site. If this FaithOfJesus2 Daily Devotional is not what you are interested in, perhaps one of these others is. (see: devotion:MyDevotions )

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