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Jesus came to set captives free. kjv@Isaiah:61:1 kjv@Luke:4:18

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The language of both Old and New Testaments in the Bible is un-mistakably clear.

    Frequent themes such as:
  1. man's fall (see SetFreeFall)
  2. man's continual bondage,
  3. man's failing effort to deliver himself by his own means,
  4. Gods' eventual deliverance,

all these point to an overall bible context that's easy for us to understand. Bondage, I know a great many people that are smart enough to see this universal fact in everybody else around them, but, because of pure self justification are unable to see this within themselves.

Everyone alive today is either in bondage currently or in the early process of being freed.

You might not even realize at this time that you are being held captive. You can deny it all that you want, but, the situations and outcomes of your life are not going to change until you allow the chains of your bondage to be broken.

Anger, Abuse, Neglect, Backstabbing, Gosip, Fear, Lying, Cheating, Addiction, Perversion, Adultry, Incest, Over-indulgence, Idolatry, Envy, Jealousy, Pride.......The signs and symptoms are so immediately evident. And it's not just in some one elses house, the Holy Spirit can show you the depths of these things in your life if you want.

Now you may not think that most of these items listed are not strong enough to keep your soul tied down. Not until you place yourself in the context of your relationship to the Allmighty God will you realize their unbreakable binding effect; no matter how little or to what small extent you indulge in them (believer and non-believer alike).

What you really will need to know about these outward manifestations though are their root cause. Be aware though, the root cause will challenge everything you've known or believed, and very few are ever brave enough to actually search this out.

You might even be one that has already been set free, but, just aren't living it. A man that has truly been freed will immediately turn to free those chains binding the remainder of those around him. It would be a far greater sin for him to run away from them upon his liberation knowing from what he was saved.

Maybe you're even the one who right now is seeking to help free another but, just don't know how to do it, where to start, what resources are readily available.

Before I scare too many of you off however, let me state that the liberation of your soul is well worth this journey. The love of God far surpasses the love of this world or this self. His grace will move you to do so much that you never thought possible, and to be the kind of soul ready for the day of His glorious final return.

Freedom...there is only one person that is able to that for us...Jesus Christ.

The following pages are devoted to being a resource for you to use to prepare yourself and for the others that you will in turn present this to to be set free as well.

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