So soon removed to another Gospel

tsk@Galatians:1:6 @ 1 marvel Mark:6:6; John:9:30

tsk@Galatians:1:6 @ 2 so Galatians:3:1-5; Galatians:4:9-15; Galatians:5:4 Galatians:5:7 Psalms:106:13; Isaiah:29:13; Jeremiah:2:12-13

tsk@Galatians:1:6 @ 3 that called Galatians:5:8; 1Corinthians:4:15; 2Thessalonians:2:14; 2Timothy:1:9; 1Peter:1:15; 2Peter:1:3

tsk@Galatians:1:6 @ 4 the grace Acts:15:11; Romans:5:2; 1Timothy:1:14; 2Timothy:2:1; Revelation:22:21

tsk@Galatians:1:6 @ 5 unto Romans:10:3; 2Corinthians:11:4

tsk@Galatians:1:7 @ 1 but Galatians:2:4; Galatians:4:17; Galatians:5:10-12; Galatians:6:12-13 Galatians:6:17 Acts:15:1-5 Acts:15:24 Acts:20:30; Romans:16:17-18; 2Corinthians:11:13

tsk@Galatians:1:7 @ 2 pervert Galatians:5:10-12; Jeremiah:23:26; Matthew:24:24; Acts:13:10; Acts:15:1-24; 2Corinthians:2:17; 2Corinthians:4:2; 1Timothy:4:1-3; 2Timothy:2:18; 2Timothy:3:8-9; 2Timothy:4:3-4; Titus:1:10-11; 2Peter:2:1-3; 1John:2:18-19 1John:2:26 1John:4:1; 2John:1:7 2John:1:10 ju Deuteronomy:1:4; 1:2:2 Revelation:2:6,14-15,20; Revelation:12:9; Revelation:13:14; Revelation:19:20; Revelation:20:3

tsk@Galatians:1:8 @ 1 though Galatians:1:9; 1Corinthians:16:22; 2Corinthians:11:13-14; 1Timothy:1:19-20; Titus:3:10; Revelation:22:18-19

tsk@Galatians:1:8 @ 2 let Galatians:3:10 Galatians:3:13 Genesis:9:25; Deuteronomy:27:15-26; Joshua:9:23; 1Samuel:26:19; Nehemiah:13:25; Matthew:25:41; 2Peter:2:14

tsk@Galatians:1:8 @ 3 accursed Mark:14:71; Acts:23:14; Romans:9:3; 1Corinthians:12:3; 1Corinthians:16:22

tsk@Galatians:1:9 @ 1 so 2Corinthians:1:17; 2Corinthians:13:1-2; Philippians:3:1; Philippians:4:4

tsk@Galatians:1:9 @ 2 than Deuteronomy:4:2; Deuteronomy:12:32; Deuteronomy:13:1-11; Proverbs:30:6; Revelation:22:18-19

tsk@Galatians:1:10 @ 1 do I now Acts:4:19-20; Acts:5:29; 2Corinthians:5:9-11; 1Thessalonians:2:4

tsk@Galatians:1:10 @ 2 persuade 1Samuel:21:7; Matthew:28:14; Acts:12:20; Romans:2:8; 1John:3:9

tsk@Galatians:1:10 @ 3 do I seek 2Corinthians:12:19; 1Thessalonians:2:4

tsk@Galatians:1:10 @ 4 for if Matthew:22:16; Romans:15:1-2; 1Corinthians:10:33; Ephesians:6:6; Colossians:3:22; James:4:4

tsk@Galatians:1:10 @ 5 the servant Romans:1:1

tsk@Galatians:1:11 @ 1 that Galatians:1:1; 1Corinthians:2:9-10; 1Corinthians:11:23; 1Corinthians:15:1-3; Ephesians:3:3-8

tsk@Galatians:1:13 @ 1 ye Acts:22:3-5; Acts:26:4-5

tsk@Galatians:1:13 @ 2 how Acts:8:1-3; 1:9:1-2 Acts:9:13-14,21-26; Acts:22:4-5; Acts:26:9-11; 1Corinthians:15:9; Philippians:3:6; 1Timothy:1:13

tsk@Galatians:1:14 @ 1 profited Isaiah:29:13; Isaiah:57:12

tsk@Galatians:1:14 @ 2 being Acts:22:3; Acts:26:5 Acts:26:9 Philippians:3:4-6

tsk@Galatians:1:14 @ 3 traditions Jeremiah:15:2; Matthew:15:2-3 Matthew:15:6 Mark:7:3-13; Colossians:2:8; 1Peter:1:8

tsk@Galatians:1:15 @ 1 it Deuteronomy:7:7-8; 1Samuel:12:22; 1Chronicles:28:4-5; Matthew:11:26; Luke:10:21; 1Corinthians:1:1; Ephesians:1:5 Ephesians:1:9 Ephesians:3:11

tsk@Galatians:1:15 @ 2 who Isaiah:49:1 Isaiah:49:5 Jeremiah:1:5; Luke:1:15-16; Acts:9:15; Acts:13:2; Acts:22:14-15; Romans:1:1

tsk@Galatians:1:15 @ 3 and Romans:1:5; Romans:8:30; Romans:9:24; 1Corinthians:1:9 1Corinthians:1:24 1Corinthians:15:10; 2Thessalonians:2:13-14; 1Timothy:1:12-14; 2Timothy:1:9; 1Peter:5:10

tsk@Galatians:1:16 @ 1 reveal Matthew:16:17; 1Corinthians:2:9-13; 2Corinthians:4:6; Ephesians:1:17-18; Ephesians:3:5-10

tsk@Galatians:1:16 @ 2 that Galatians:2:7-9; Acts:9:15; Acts:22:21; Acts:26:17-18; Romans:1:13-14; Romans:11:13; Romans:15:16-19; Ephesians:3:1 Ephesians:3:8 Colossians:1:25-27; 1Thessalonians:2:16; 1Timothy:2:7; 2Timothy:1:11

tsk@Galatians:1:16 @ 3 immediately Galatians:1:11-12; Galatians:2:1 Galatians:2:6 Deuteronomy:33:9; Luke:9:23-25 Luke:9:59-62 Acts:26:19-20; 2Corinthians:5:16

tsk@Galatians:1:16 @ 4 flesh Matthew:16:17; Matthew:26:41; 1Corinthians:15:50; Ephesians:6:12; Hebrews:2:14

tsk@Galatians:1:17 @ 1 went Galatians:1:18; Acts:9:20-25

tsk@Galatians:1:17 @ 2 returned 2Corinthians:11:32-33

tsk@Galatians:1:18 @ 1 I went up Acts:9:26-29; Acts:22:17-18

tsk@Galatians:1:19 @ 1 James Matthew:10:3; Mark:3:18; Luke:6:15; Acts:1:13

tsk@Galatians:1:19 @ 2 James the son of Alphaeus James:1:1;ju Deuteronomy:1:1

tsk@Galatians:1:19 @ 3 the Lord's Matthew:13:55; Mark:6:3; 1Corinthians:9:5

tsk@Galatians:1:20 @ 1 behold Romans:9:1; 2Corinthians:11:10-11-31

tsk@Galatians:1:21 @ 1 I came Acts:9:30; Acts:11:25-26; Acts:13:1; Acts:15:23-41; Acts:18:18; Acts:21:3

tsk@Galatians:1:21 @ 2 Cilicia Acts:6:9; Acts:21:39; Acts:22:3; Acts:23:34

tsk@Galatians:1:22 @ 1 the churches Acts:9:31; 1Thessalonians:2:14

tsk@Galatians:1:22 @ 2 in Romans:16:7; 1Corinthians:1:30; Philippians:1:1; 1Thessalonians:1:1; 2Thessalonians:1:1

tsk@Galatians:1:23 @ 1 he which 1:9:13 Acts:9:20,26; 1Corinthians:15:8-10; 1Timothy:1:13-16

tsk@Galatians:1:24 @ 1 And they glorified God in me. Numbers:23:23; Luke:2:14; Luke:7:16; Luke:15:10 Luke:15:32 Acts:11:18; Acts:21:19-20; 2Corinthians:9:13; Colossians:1:3-4; 2Thessalonians:1:10-12

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