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Thinking of sin in the simple terms of magnetism.

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Most frequently we think of sin as the horrible things people do to each other. This line of thought, while beneficial in determining excesses and outwardly symptoms, does not lead to the root cause and more dangerously allows people without these obvious symptoms to excuse themselves; to justify themselves.

These responses are often heard in the course of field evangelism: "God will not judge sins are no greater than anyone else's" and/or "I am certainly not a saint, but I'm no Hitler".

Perhaps it would be more beneficial to think of Sin in terms of magnetism: Two objects whose polarities either physically attract or repel each other.

    Christian teaching then can best be explained:
  1. Since the fall of Adam, we are all born with our polarity reversed - Sin.
  2. This doesn't mean that we only go about seeking to shun God by purposely hurting each other. It means that in physical relation to God we are born in a condition pushing against God. We are all in this position. No human, except for Christ, has ever been born of any other polarity.

  3. Left to our own devices, the closer we try to move toward God, the more resistance/opposition one would measure.
  4. Many a sincere, ambitious person by means of intellect, self sacrifice, good deeds and other religious acts have attempted to flip their polar positioning in the hope of becoming detached from Sin; attached to God. They have all failed. If anything, they have merely increased the opposing friction between themselves and God.

  5. Being that we are so closely attached to so many other human beings, it is quiet easy to assume that the familiar mass of magnets, humanity, is in the correct phase and that God is actually that which is out of phase. Non-christian thought and philosophy attempts to explain our predicament as such. God must then either change to more closely resemble our image, or he must not judge us. Sin to us perceptually hides or minimizes itself of course within the normality of our common situation.

Note: Before you begin to think that the phrase "repelling to God" means that he is repulsed by our presence, let me clarify that I am speaking in terms of electrical or spiritual phase/physical relationship not of emotional desire. Much as a mother can be desirous of her wayward son, yet still be opposed to him positionally, God can be desirous, long-suffering, and merciful to us yet magnetically opposed, even angry to our current state.

What then is our hope as Christians?

Our hope is that Jesus Christ is in deed the promised Son of God, who was and is and will always be. That He came to earth in the form of a man to fulfill a long established covenant between God and man to provide an acceptable means of atonement (a positional shift/reversal).

When left to our own means we are incapable, in fact oblivious and obstinate, being blind to our relative position and phase. God has provided the means for individuals to reconnect first by the Law, which convicts us of Sin, and then by the faithful acceptance of His chosen mediator Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. It is only by God's grace - through Jesus Christ that this promised reconciliation can be made.

Though we do not individually "choose" to be born under Sin, none the less we are all born sinners (reversed in polarity). From birth onward we have each been separated from God and have incurred our own personal sin debt and injury.

Without Jesus, the closer God moves toward us, the further we are forced to move from Him. The closer we try to get to God, the more resistant pressure we feel from Him. These things happened regardless of our intentions and desires and actions, precisely because of natural laws similar to magnetism. Even if the two surfaces could be forced to touch together, they will never magnetically connect.

In the cross of Jesus Christ the polarizing effects of both the Adamic curse suffered by all and the individual debt of resultant actions and choice have been canceled. The only prerequisite on our part is the conscious decision to allow His Holy Spirit to cause us to turn/change phase/realign/rebirth/reposition/enter into the covenant.

Magnets. Turned. Aligned. Made one.

In short, Jesus is the sudden metallic object spiritually that comes between God and ourselves reuniting us one to the other.

This is our hope. Will you join us?

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