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Battling Personal Destructive Traits:

An examination of the daily applications of "Like Precious Faith" toward the specific personal issues of anger abusiveness hostility rage temper wrath.

Companion series to the FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith

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kjv@2Peter:1:1 @ Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:


If the objective of this series is to prove to you the unsurpassed utility of the "like precious faith" upon the many destructive traits we hold, there is perhaps no better place for us to begin than with the destructive trait of anger/abusiveness/temper/rage. It essentially is to showcase the influence of God's righteousness upon all of the articles listed of Peter's "like precious faith" in view of you and your loved ones finding victory in your battle against these corruptions and personal destructions.

In this particular case I ask you to recall the lives of two important Old Testament kings Saul and David. Saul unfortunately will be our example of anger at it's worst, anger uninfluenced. David to be the example of the influence of God's righteousness upon the transformative articles of his exemplary faith. Both men were anointed by God to be king of young Israel one after the other. With the anointing came plenty of opportunity to be angry to the point of rage as you can imagine.

Saul, the first king, was prone to judge things by what was right in His own eyes. Even when God told him right, he would skew it to his own liking. We can say that he was uninfluenced by God's righteousness and very impressed with his own. It lead him down the path to his own destruction, to not trust the important people around his throne up to and including his own son Jonathan thus setting them to fear and constant watch, even exile. When the sanity of his decisions and actions fled as it often did he resorted to mere carnal impulse, javelins flung, fits of rampage, endlessly chasing those in exile, consulting with spirit mediums. All along Saul put the nation in much tension and jeopardy.

David on the other hand is the reason largely we know about the transformative influence of God's righteousness upon our faith and lives. Much like Peters, his pen brings to us a wealth of information of it's unsurpassed effect. David facing impossible odds, a nation wanting to split apart at the seams, people within his own court seeking to snare or destroy him, held firm relying on the strength found from God. God was able to influence upon him the very articles Peter centuries latter exhorted in the name of Christ Jesus.

Peter near the end of his life outlines for us what is to be planted and influenced to grow by God's righteousness. We look back on David and we see how he lived it and benefited tremendously (see: index:PSALMSBYTHEME PsalmsAuthor - David ). We look further back on Saul and see how his self righteousness fought against it tooth and nail. Both men anointed. Both men tested. One man with destructive unrighteous anger, the other with a much influenced form of righteous anger kept balanced by all things holy and profitable.

Our examination of this now leads us over to the system discussion boards where I will provide for you helpful links and commentary to get you started. Please click on the links and explore this "like precious faith" to your hearts content!

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