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FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith - The foundations of Peter's "Like Precious Faith" discourse for new/near believers. 3 parts Foundation/Application/Justification (User Contributed)
DailyApplications - Collection of notes and articles about daily faith applications. (User Contributed)

The formative idea behind 'The Practical Christian Application Reference and Resource' (PCARR) is simple: Having a place to gather the types of resources that can truly be of use to ourselves and others in their practical daily lives.

Field Wise

There are so many Christian websites out there. There is a lot of duplication of effort, some good, some run of the mill. For the most part they attempt to centralize the hosting of their own copyrighted content. There are not so many resources existing however from the different types of people that have actually lived through and experienced the topics identified here. Our objective is to link both ourselves and others undergoing similar difficulties to these valuable field resources.

As big and broad as the Internet is, there are still resources that need to be written. So many Christian resources are just lists of Bible verses (helpful but obtainable from any standard computer software or a thousand other websites). What we are looking for is the human touch; the testimony, the proven process, the 'it worked for me it can work for you' inspiration of personal experience.

We are seeking not to duplicate these effort but to link to the better more practical efforts and then create our own where theirs is lacking; to find what works and then share it regardless of who is hosting it.

For that, we need your help.

Field Wise

You know what has been helpful to you. You know what would be useful for the people you are attempting to reach out to. Instead of some far distant soap box preacher or some book publisher or reseller, we are looking to point our audience to your "life lived" tried and true resources.

Many of the links here will remain empty until you pour your living experiences into them. You are invited to comfort others as you yourself have been comforted. You are invited to contribute to our communal efforts.

    Ways to contribute:
  1. Tags - bookmark your most useful/beneficial findings on our site's tag index. (see home:UserContribution and home:UserTags for details). Think quality of link not quantities.
  2. Create Content - author practical first hand accounts and "life lived" content that fill the need of readers. (see home:UserContribution and home:PbiblxCreateWikiContent for details).
  3. Comment - Content authors and editors can provide comment links as appropriate for others to discuss vital points being made. Share your experience. (see home:UserContribution for details).

There is no real teacher or moderator here other than God's word and His Holy Spirit, we are all traveling down the same pathway of daily investigation and daily application. We each learn from stepping outside of our comfort zones, our study and prayer closets, putting into practice the concepts we're considering for the benefit of others. Putting it all out on line some would say!

Remember that if you don't find the information or help that you were hoping to find, that this pBiblx2 server is just one of a growing number of server seeds organically growing their own resources and content. You can find a growing list of known servers at home:PbiblxCommunity locally or .

Main Threads:

FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith - 3 part foundations of Christian faith for new/near believers. (User Contributed)
DailyApplications - Practical daily ways of walking the Christian walk. (User Contributed)

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