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FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaith - Foundations of faith as outlined in kjv@2Peter:1

devotion:FaithOfJesus2 - Daily Devotional through the four gospels with study notes and companion podcasts.

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Child Threads:
NonBiblicalAccounts Non-Biblical accounts of New testament people and events.
HigherPurpose To be blessed with a higher purpose.
HopeInJesus What is is that so many see.in Jesus?
SinNature - The nature of sin from a different vantage point.
ReligiousNature - SinNature as it relates to our religious nature... the picture may be startling.
BibleTimeClock Punching in and out on the Bible's time clock.
ReprobateMind - Carnal Mind/ Fleshly Mind / The Vain Imagination / The Deceitful Heart - what is it and what does it have to do with my destructive traits
NewCreatureInChrist - What is it to be a "new" creature/man n Christ Jesus?
NewCreatureExodus - The development of the New Creature as observed in Exodus
ShepherdPupSettlingIn - Settling into your new Shep.

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