DaughterOfBabylonAmerica @ @ rRandyP comments:http://endofamericabook.com End Of America by John Price. I haven't read the book yet but have surveyed the site and listened to a lengthy youtube interviews. My initial concern is that several of the prophecies about Babylon used to make this case have already been fulfilled by the original Babylon; he is mixing old and new to prove America today to be what Babylon was then. kjv@Isaiah:21 refers to several burdens God then dealt with including Arabia/Dumah/Egypt/Syria and yes Babylon. How one segment could be re-fulfilled today and not the others is illogical. Likewise, kjv@Psalms:137 in context puts Israeli captives in Babylon unable to sing the Lord's song; not applicable to our present situation (we have naturalized exiles not captives). kjv@Isaiah:13:19 includes the description of Babylon as Chaldees' Excellency and kjv@Isaiah:47 also links Daughter of Chaldians, the only thing present that remotely resembles the Chaldians today is the Illuminate whom did not birth America. kjv@Revelations:14:8 and kjv@Revelations:16:19 both state that the end time Great Babylon is a city (think also Sodom Gomorah were cities) divided in three parts from which the cities of other nations fall. While I have yet to exclude a city in America from the list of candidates several of the so called 30 proofs John Price is using to build a case on are likely misapplied; if several then why not all. Not having the book, I can't determine where the need for a deep water port comes from. The hammer of the world I feel is the old Babylon, the golden head of Daniels prophecy unlike any other age to follow, we are but iron and cement. The armies from the north were the Mede-Persians just as history records therefore are being linked by him to what would later become "Islamic" counrties, in the future they will be Persians plus Gog and Magog (Europe/Russia). America may be the "Voice" of this present age, but has not the history to be a lasting Voice in the sense of Rome or Greece or Mede-Persia or Babylon. How Islam fits into this may well be transposition of the identifications back then with the author's supposition now. By first glance the author seems to omit pre-trib or mid-trib rapture which should be an alert to anyone preparing to run or not stand against any Babylonian rising in our city.

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