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Simon Peter

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Simon Peter

It is written that the accounts of the men and women of the Bible are written for us as ensamples to learn by today; that is certainly true with one Simon Peter. The lesson written in his life story took him more than three years of dedicated obedience plus the death and resurrection of dear Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for Peter himself to understand. It may take us more than a casual reading to understand it for ourselves as well.

You see there is a discipleship that though costly exist mainly by our own self and manufacturing. I mean this in terms of the expectations we place upon things, the understanding of things as best we are able to make out of it, the calculations that we are able to project it into, the familiarity to common things that we are able collect the unfamiliar into. Peter for these three years was able to perform himself at a nearly exemplary level at this above many of his fellow disciples. Not only did he have awkward moments displaying the futility of such a mode of discipleship, but in the end he was brought to an emptiness few men will be brought to before receiving the truer Spirit filled intention. This first mode of discipleship is the mode most of us clearly prefer to operate in.

There is a very discernible change in Peter however after Pentecost, an alternative or superior mode we should be highly encouraged to examine for ourselves. The scriptures collected below should help us to discern what faith Peter gave himself over to become afforded him in the then completed work of Jesus Christ.

Contextual Anchors - Simon Peter

Note: There is an overwhelming amount of scripture needing to be provided here, so where appropriate key foundations have been broken off into digestible pieces. It will become more and more important to keep coming back to these foundations and explore each morsel's greater depth and individual context as they will become the fuel that ignites true spiritual productivity. These pieces then can be used as element specific study/meditation tools.

Before being a disciple:

Notes: There is a common or typical or worldly form of and operation in these items ( VirtuousFaith / KnowledgeableVirtue / TemperateKnowledge / PatientTemperance / GodlyPatience / BrotherlyGodliness / AgapeBrotherliness ) exhibited by Peter in this stage of his life. That is not to say that he is not religious mind you, it is to say that the complete influence of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are not required in him in order to produce this form or level.

Having become a disciple:

Note: Now we are beginning to see a large scale transformation in the life of Peter (Stone as his master Jesus now calls him). We can see marked increase in both the form and operation ( VirtuousFaith / KnowledgeableVirtue / TemperateKnowledge / PatientTemperance / GodlyPatience / BrotherlyGodliness / AgapeBrotherliness ) as would be expected following that closely to the earthly Jesus. It remains however a stumbling and confused form largely manufactured by his own private understanding and expectation of matters minus the heavy spiritual influence of death, ascension, resurrection and indwelling of Holy Spirit that we are yet to observe. It often comes to odds with Jesus and what the Father is leading Jesus to perform.

Having received the Holy Spirit:

Note: Now look at what is happening. There is a remarkable and observable difference in Peter especially in terms of ( VirtuousFaith / KnowledgeableVirtue / TemperateKnowledge / PatientTemperance / GodlyPatience / BrotherlyGodliness / AgapeBrotherliness ). It is by the complete influence upon him of the risen (at the right hand throne of God) Jesus Christ and the literal indwelling of the Holy Spirit that the truest transformation has been and is being made. This not by his own manufacture or doing, but by an atypical and most needed spiritual (God made) regeneration.

Doctrinal Context: Regeneration

(see: Topical study TorreyNewBirth or slidy:TorreyNewBirth )

  • The corruption of human nature requires
  • None can enter heaven without
  • Effected by God
  • Effected by Christ
  • Effected by The Holy Spirit
  • Through the instrumentality of The word of God
  • Through the instrumentality of The resurrection of Christ
  • Through the instrumentality of The ministry of the gospel
  • Is of the will of God
  • Is of the mercy of God
  • Is for the glory of God
  • Described as A new creation
  • Described as Newness of life
  • Described as A spiritual resurrection
  • Described as A new heart
  • Described as A new spirit
  • Described as Putting on the new man
  • Described as The inward man
  • Described as Circumcision of the heart
  • Described as Partaking of the divine nature
  • The washing of regeneration
  • All saints partake of
  • Produces Likeness to God
  • Produces Likeness to Christ
  • Produces Knowledge of God
  • Produces Hatred of sin
  • Produces Victory over the world
  • Produces Delight in God's law
  • Evidenced by Faith in Christ
  • Evidenced by Brotherly love
  • Connected with adoption
  • The ignorant cavil at
  • Manner of effecting - Illustrated

  • Practical Aspects

    We are forced to consider our present truth, everything that we have done and thought to do in the fight against our own or another's present situation by the light of this SimonPeter lesson of regeneration. To be carnally minded in this respect is to do more of the same as started the whole mess. There may be improvement in some cases, rarely though is there sustainable relief or victory.

    Men/Women can transform themselves in a certain respect. They can slightly alter their coarse. They can shed a few bad habits. They can squeeze a little more faith and/or effort out of themselves. They can even, as in the case of Peter, follow along with a holy teacher for a solely devoted period of three years, only to find however that they are still much as they were trapped by the same faulty intellectual calculations and personal expectations of the course such transformation was likely to follow. These are the transformations men and women of their own produce are likely to make. Different? yes! Better? Perhaps in a human sense.

    True regenerate faith, valor, knowledge, temperence, etc.. the things we will be asked to compound later, these we'll be exploring deeply in the remainder of series to follow. But for now let it suffice to examine ourselves, our plans and our present situations by what we are already sensing to be true along these measurable terms:

    Form/Operation/Resource: Self Generated Source? Spiritually Regenerated Source?

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