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Welcome to the mobile resource page of Calvary Reach in Aurora Colorado. This page can be accessed via our local intranet durring our worship services as a bulletin and lyric sheet or it can be reached outside of our services via the normal internet as a valuable study resource. It is designed to be mobile friendly for cell phones and tablets. These resources are hosted separately from our official website at http://calvaryreach.org

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Sunday Service 05/21/2017

Praise and Worship:

Today's worship leader is StaceyFox


  • WednesdayNightFellowship Wednesday 6:30pm at Halmark's house
  • MenBibleStudy - Tues 5:30-7:30pm Children's Hospital Cafeteria
  • WomensBibleStudy - Friday 6:30-8:00pm at Brewer's house
  • OpenDoor - Inner city outreach the third Sunday of every month
  • LendingLibrary - Calvary Reach Lending Library
  • Watch and Listen Online -http://calvaryreach.org

  • Praise and Worship (continued):

    Responsive Reading (as a Psalter from BCP) - psalter@Psalms:118:1-14

    1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; *his mercy endures for ever.

    2 Let Israel now proclaim, *"His mercy endures for ever."

    3 Let the house of Aaron now proclaim, *"His mercy endures for ever."

    4 Let those who fear the LORD now proclaim, *"His mercy endures for ever."

    5 I called to the LORD in my distress; *the LORD answered by setting me free.

    6 The LORD is at my side, therefore I will not fear; *what can anyone do to me?

    7 The LORD is at my side to help me; *I will triumph over those who hate me.

    8 It is better to rely on the LORD *than to put any trust in flesh.

    9 It is better to rely on the LORD *than to put any trust in rulers.

    10 All the ungodly encompass me; *in the Name of the LORD I will repel them.

    11 They hem me in, they hem me in on every side; *in the name of the LORD I will repel them.

    12 They swarm about me like bees; they blaze like a fire of thorns; *in the name of the LORD I will repel them.

    13 I was pressed so hard that I almost fell, *but the LORD came to my help.

    14 The LORD is my strength and my song, *and he has become my salvation.


    (open to all that call upon the Lord Jesus Christ with contrite and appreciative heart)

    The teachers and children may now be excused to their classes!

    Sermon - Galatians 2

    "Justified by Faith in Christ"

    Pastor Jeremiah Wheelersburg

    Praise and Worship (exit):

    There will be time to fellowship until around 12:00 noon. Please feel welcome to partake. We'll begin clean up and packing from then to 12:30. We would love for anyone cheerfully willing to help that possibly can.

    Have a blessed week in the Lord!

    BibleBenedictions - Today nkjv@Romans:15:5-6


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    kjv@Psalms:119:24 @ Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counsellors.

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    kjv@Psalms:86:15 @ But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.

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