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Random Quotes

The presentation facilities of our pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System along with the randomizing functions therein combined with the auto refresh abilities of HTML (currently set every 60 seconds) make for a wonderful way for us to present random quotes and artwork billboard style. I personally like to view these random bits on my computer desktop at work as I am working else at my bedside on my small ShepherPi display at night. Think of it as bible verse billboard or screen saver.

Try some of these files out to see which one's you like projecting nearby you the best. I will try to keep new and fresh ones rolling off the press as I can (or you can).

slidy:RandomJesusSaid - Random viewing of verses quoting "Jesus said"
slidy:RandomMemoryVerse - Random viewing of our memory verse list
slidy:RandomThyMercy - Random viewing of verses regarding God's mercy
slidy:RandomClarkPreciousPromise - Random viewing of promises from Clark's Precious Promises
slidy:RandomPsalms119 - Random viewing of Psalms 119
slidy:RandomPrayingPsalmsB - Random viewing of PrayingThePsalms mark up (What God has done/doing)
slidy:RandomPrayingPsalmsG - Random viewing of PrayingThePsalms mark up (What the servant is hoping for/expecting)

slidy:RandomArt1 - Random viewing of our Dore Art Gallery - Popular

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