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Common Faith Questions

(thread begun by RandyP)

For those of you unfamiliar with or unsettled by the Christian faith, here are some commonly asked questions you might have along with some general answers and study links for you considerations.

What are the core essentials of what Christians believe?

While Protestant denominations tend to extend from the core in various (typically minor) directions, the most agreed to essentials are found in the Apostles Creed (see: ApostlesCreed ) or Nicene Creed (see: NiceneCreed ). The broader range of reformist beliefs for instance can be observed and studied in such documented collections as the early reformed Heidelberg Catechism (see: HeidelbergCatechismAll ), the Presbyterian's Westminister Confession of Faith (see: WestministerConfession ) or the Baptist Calvinist's Baptist Confession of Faith 1689 ( see: BaptistConfessionOfFaith1689) amongst others.

These various creeds and confessions were agreed upon by counsels of their day not only to train the younger believers in sound doctrine, but also to defend themselves from the frequent mis-representations of their beliefs by critics and religious maleficents. Most of our samples hosted on this site contain supporting scriptural evidences. These are not to be thought of infallible cannon of course, yet they do serve well as historical and doctrinal starting point for further discussion and scriptural inquiry.

Many of the questions you might have regarding the Christian faith have been attempted to be answered from the Protestant viewpoint in these cherished historical documents. Please survey and study them to your hearts content!

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Further Resources:
DoctrinalStudy - other Creeds and doctrinal statements/confessions.
media: pdf/WhenCriticsAsk.pdf - When Critics Ask "A popular handbook on bible difficulties" by Norman Geisler.

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